Thursday, March 4, 2010

So, Has There Been Progress?

Well, the sweater cables on. By now I can do this pattern in my sleep. Good thing too since I have two more of the same pattern requested. This is all that stands between me and getting it together for finishing the neck band.

Then washing, blocking and off into the mail. I will be taking a break to knit a few little fun things for me. I have wanted to do a couple of toy patterns and by gum, I'm going to do it.

The blanket warp is threaded and sleyed. I am getting the 12 ends (6 per side) of fishing line in for folds and selvages. The weekend should see the start of some actual weaving. Triple width=magic. Woohoo!

Some math and putting planning to paper has happened on the pillowcase warp for Hannah Hollandia. While the original uses a 10/2 natural cotton at 20 epi, I will be using a 20/2 sett at 30 epi for a total of 736 ends over 24 inches. Four selvage ends are doubled, hence some additional ends.

I just started spinning some bright colored merino top. Surf & Seaweed by Frabjous Fibers.

I love the colors, cobalt blue and acid greens, but honestly, I don't enjoy spinning merino. It's just too soft. I like wool with some body, some texture, some...umami.

On the equipment front I have made some decisions and as always, your suggestions helped me to clarify my goals. I have listed and sold the Carolyn loom already, the Murphy loom is also listed and going with a lot of goodies as a beginners package. I don't think he'll move quickly because a lot of people are afraid of both an older loom and unfamiliar with the charms of a counterbalance loom, but hopefully some enthusiastic new weaver will come along and make a nice home for Murph sooner or later.

So, the age old question you probably want to know is, what am I going to get to replace those two wonderful looms? The short answer is a Glimakra Julia.
They now have a number of different configurations, either CB or CM, but I'm looking at a straightforward 4s/6t, in bright red...of course!
Now that could change, I am fickle gal but for right now, that's what's under investigation. In the meantime, I need to break down and pack up Carolyn, give her a good polish and pep talk to ready her for her new home and say my good byes to a lovely loom that I never really utilized as I should have. Through no fault of her own I might add!

On farm news, really it's all about the weather. We've had the norm for this winter, some snow and then within 24 hours, melting. This winter of mud has made me pretty grumpy. I feel cheated out of a whole glorious season, my favorite I might add. Not much can be done about it. Shaking my fist at the sky and stomping my feet has had little effect. It did make all the outside critters give pause, wondering if I had finally gone round the bend. You could almost see a train of thought as they looked at each other and back at me. "Did you do something?" "No, not me, I was thinking maybe your daily roll in the mud right as she's bringing up the hay could be the cause..."


Julie said...

Isn't it nice when you get it into your head so you don't have to follow the pattern so much!

I love the fiber what great colors! I really must get back to my spinning.

I got my package thanks for all the beautiful skeins!

Life Looms Large said...

Great colors that you're spinning!!!

And tons of great projects going on. Blankets,'re brave! (Although that red warp I just painted is for pillow shams and is a lot of threads.) Hopefully I'll follow the trail that you're blazing!!

Glad you've decided on a loom. Have you tried a Julia out already???

The sun is finally shining here, so I need to go enjoy it while I can!


Sharon said...

I'm amazed that you are able to move a loom that quickly. It must have something to do with your locale. I do love that fiber. Is your wheel a Kromski?

BTW, my friend Toni, an SPCA foster parent, was here today to pick up her alpaca judging samples. She's going to take Charlie's picture and the donation directly the Charlie's foster mom. That's even better! Thanks for the nudge~

Sharon said...

Whoa! I just looked at the Julia. What in the heck in the world?! It's science fiction in weaving~

charlotte said...

TWo more sweaters to go, that's a lot of knitting! You're a really fast knitter. The yarn you're spining looks exciting, what are you going to use it for?

Theresa said...

Juliie, Glad the package arrived to you. Some nice sock yarns in there for sure.

Charlotte, it IS a lot of knitting, and I never thought of myself as quick, although 3 months for a full sized sweater isn't too bad. The next two probably won't go as quickly. Same pattern, smaller needles to accommodate the yarn. AS to what I am spinning the yarn for, no clue....just like spinning.

Sharon, really, science fiction. It is a bright red though, I think it would look nice with some rosemaling down the sides.....
The Carolyn loom sold to a gal in Western MA. I think the fact that it's a really well made table loom with 12 shafts may make it much more sellable than 42" wide Murphy.
The spinning wheel is a Timbertops Leicester. She's a beauty. Yipee for the donation and a big hug.

Sue, I can hardly wait until we see those hand dyed warps on the loom. I am sure your shams will be wonderful! No, haven't tried a Julia. In fact I don't think I've ever had the pleasure of trying before buying when it comes to looms.

Life Looms Large said...

I bought my baby wolf without trying it, and I wove briefly on my Toika in the process of purchasing. The Toika wasn't set up very well when I tried it. The shed wasn't great, but I figured I could fix that. (And that was true!) After my experience weaving on something ill-fitting at Vavstuga, I'd be more careful in the future....although I'm hoping to just stick to two looms!

Thanks for the quick answer on my fuzzy feet slippers. I'm relieved that mixing yarns won't automatically result in bumpy weird slippers. From the part I knit since I posted, I can see that I wouldn't have had enough even if I had made the cuff shorter. Toes are kind of long!! I have to frog though. I had my markers in the wrong place and my decreases aren't working out. Oh well!


Jennifer said...

ARGGGG! Yes the mud would drive me nuts as well. Did the rant and rave amke you feel better though???

Life Looms Large said...

Just saw your note about having your March colors ready to go. Of course it's fine to do it early. Whenever I see a post like that it helps me keep on track with getting the challenge up!!

If you want to add the pups, you should!! I had hoped to post my challenge on the Ides of March, but that was the day it really started flooding, so it seemed too "Ide-ish" around here, if that makes any sense.

Happy weekend!