Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Her Cups

But not the way you may think! Of course today is St. Paddy's Day and there is nothing like green beer ( or Irish whiskey or both!) to put you in your cups so to speak. Nope,
the cups I am referring to are coffee cups. At my local market they occasionally have a
kitchen doo-da that catches my eye. So it was with the half price sale on these sleek colorful tea mugs.

Now I don't drink tea. I've tried and once in a while I enjoy it, but I am a coffee drinker through and through, even if it's instant.
Anyway, back to the mugs. So here I am with all these strainers and little saucers and wondering just what I can do with them. I'm thinking wee little pots for something or other. Maybe an herb, maybe a single little flower? They are just too cute to hide away.

Now, since you all suffered through the Ides, I would come clean. The lovely head gear
is the Anti-Firework Dog Balaclava from one of my favorite knitting books, Pet Projects: The Animal Knits Bible. It was the silly surprise knit as Sue guessed.

( It's the same book the mouse mat came from if anyone remembers). This was the pattern that dictated I buy the book and am so glad I did. The Ides, not so much so (the pugs in the picture sure looked like they enjoyed the balaclava), but I am sure we will be knitting more from this book that will inspire them in a good way. Maybe the turtle toy? Terriers like toys better than pugs like head gear and they all like treats which is what everyone got for sticking a sit and a stay with the AFDB on. Come to think of it, I bet those pugs are having treat envy in that photo too. No animals were harmed in the making and wearing. Honest...

Oh, and Sue, I never even thought of torturing...ah.. showcasing a goat in it. Thank you
for the great idea. ;-)

The Deadliest Crab is on the needles, not much done on it yet, but hopefully by the weekend we'll have something crabby. Weaving goes slowly on the blanket but there has been some progress. Basically, I've been goofing off.


Jennifer said...

The cups are precious - I can see why you could not leave them behind. I could see many things adorning them. One friend I know puts a handful of violas or violets in a small teacup - very English!

Julie said...

I love all the cups! I can't believe that I missed your last post those are such funny pictures.

Happy St. Patricks Day!

LA said...

I'm looking forward to seeing that crab! Will you let the dogs have "at-it" as payback????

Cindie said...

the cups are wonderful! give tea another chance, loose tea is so much better than teabags. I love tea but I've always been a coffee drinker - just have whichever suits my mood at the time.
But if you don't want to give tea a try they would be adorable with flowers or plants - have you ever seen those mini african violets??? They'd be perfect for those

bspinner said...

The pictures of the dogs are adorable!!!!!!!

The cups are cute and colorful. I like everyones idea of mini african violets even if I can't grow them.

Sharon said...

I have a cabinet of just cups and I'm so glad it's you who found those and not me, because I would have had to have them. My dogs would just hate you but what fun things to knit. I remember Sue's knitted crab and was scratching my head. Now it's me that's knitting crazy stuff - glad I'm not alone. Isn't it fun?!

Theresa said...

I like the min African violets idea too, hope they really are mini. Of course a little pansy in each might be sweet too...
The crab for the dogs, NO WAY. It would be destuffed in mere seconds. The crab might make it to the pile for the shelter auction, for some sweet dog that knows how to care for his/her toys. That excludes mine.
I'll save one strainer out and give loose tea a try. :-)

Long Ridge Farm said...

What a lovely scene! Lovely dotted little things that would hold violets perfectly or pansies even.

These hats are a hoot! My shelties would be fearful if I came at them with one but your pugs are the best!

Life Looms Large said...

Aha - anti-firework headgear. I would never have guessed. Partly because our Brittanys love fireworks. Seriously.

We were at a party for the 4th of July last summer, and the host had his own pretty serious firework show. Bailey was thrilled and enthralled. He kept watching the fireworks like "birds, on fire, that make noise....this is the coolest!"

Our last Brittany would actually try to chase them, even at a town-wide fireworks show.

It might be a sign that I'm demented, by my first thought about the cups was that they'd be great for my next dye project. (Of course, you shouldn't use them for food or drink after using them for dye.)

Sue - running to the kitchen because I'm burning dinner!

Life Looms Large said...

I have the goof-off version of spring fever right now too! Today is was over 60 here - unheard of in March. All of the snow is gone from our yard already!! (Last year it was at least a month later).

I even wore capris and sandals today!! (I was pushing it a feet are a little cold still!)

Glad I'm not the only slacker!