Monday, March 1, 2010


As you all probably have figured out by now, I spend a lot of time acquiring, organizing and culling. If there were only two categories of people, tossers and savers, I would be in the former, Gene would be the latter. With spring on the horizon, the yarn purging past and the book purging ongoing, I am also taking a hard look at my true equipment needs. The two Louet looms I have are simply wonderful. I love them both and plans are always in the works for weaving projects for them. They are keepers.

The Woolhouse Carolyn has not been put to use at all and while it is a fine and lovely loom, it's a piece of equipment that might be sold for something for which there is a steady and compelling need, so too the Murphy loom.
I have dedicated Murphy to doing prayer flags but while a wonderful friendly loom, I am doing 10-12 inches of weaving width on a 42" loom. Do I NEED that width at all for what it has been earmarked for? No, I don't. It was my first loom though....

So, while I wrestle with equipment changes,( sell one, sell both, sell neither) and hope for some words of wisdom or an equipment epiphany, I'll leave you with this.

Decisions for Smoochie are very easy; eat, sleep, love and Oh, second breakfast is always welcome.


ladyoftheloom said...

Aww Smoochie!

The package arrived! Yay yarn! Thanks so much Theresa, glad to help with the purge.

Restless Knitter said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

Susan Harvey said...

Pricelss picture of Smoochie!
Our Connor got his spring hair cut a bit early as he's been panting with the heat of the coat. Now he looks like piglet and needs a blanket.

Equipment: I spent a good decade trying one loom and such after another until I hit on the right combination. We seem to get attached to our tools, but they are just that, 'tools'. When they don't serve a need, then they must move on. I would say that Murphy is safe if its dedicated to prayer flags for now. Carolyn is a great loom but her crime is she's slow. I would put short warps on her and weave things like guest towels, card inserts and use for workshops.

Now that I'm having to rebuild my Jane loom after one warp, it had better shape up or it will be shipped out!


Theresa said...

LOL! Restless Knitter, Yes, today IS my birthday and I'll update on festivities tomorrow. Thank you for the birthday wishes!
LOTL, glad the package made it there safe and sound. Have fun!
Susan, Your Jane fell apart????!!! What happened?
Actually I'm leaning towards selling both. The Carolyn is slow but small, the Murphy is fast but big, there has GOT to be something that is a happy medium. Small and fast. Short listed are a Schacht BW or WP, Gilmore Gem or...Glimakra's new Julia loom. The Little wolf looms would meet portability standards, the Glimakra won't, but my bet is the jacks don't have as nice a shed. As I said, still mulling all of this over.
Give your little curly piglet a hug from me, and a treat!

Susan Harvey said...

With the Jane, the front levers never really worked right and it got worse as it went on. Ended up cutting the warp off and now must rebuild with replacement levers and start over. Nice loom but a bit lightweight...

Take a good look at Woolhouse Tools mini me loom, the smaller version of the Gertrude, The Kirsten" 36" weavable, small footprint, floating lamms so full treadles underneath, can get 20+ for it... nice little loom!

Just sayin'....

:) Susan
PS Piglet is snoring right now, with cookie and ball by his side.

Susan Harvey said...

PPS... Happy Birthday!!!

Life Looms Large said...

Glad I waited a bit to comment, because then I found out that your birthday really is today!! (I knew it was this week, just not quite sure when this week.) Pisces rule!!

Hope you're having a great birthday and that it's the start of a great year for you!!

Being the owner of a Baby Wolf myself, I like that loom a lot and don't have any complaints about the shed. I prefer the quietness and bulk of my Toika (quiet due to Texsolv heddles). I have an 8 shaft Baby Wolf, and it's portable enough that the two of us can easily carry it around the house, up and down stairs, and such. Not so portable for taking it to workshops. (People do, but it's kind of daunting.)

Not that any of my comments should affect your loom decisions! I get very attached to mine and am slow to take on new looms!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!


Cindie said...

Happy Birthday Theresa!

Ok, on the looms - are you ever going to take workshops? If so, keep the table loom, if not then sell it. I think mine is a Carolyn, I've had it for a number of years and this loom's one purpose is to use it for workshops, table looms are way too slow for 'real' weaving. I've used it occasionally for demos but not often enough to keep it for that purpose, but for workshops it's easy to tote, small and light enough not to be a bother.

Sharon said...

Smoochie is one smart cookie. I appreciate your equipment discussion since my exposure is limited. I did email Ed Jenkins as you suggested.

Happy Birthday!!

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday!

Smoochie looks so sweet!

While slower, you could make the prayer flags on a pipe loom, or rigid heddle... But yes it's hard looking at your first loom...