Monday, February 11, 2019

Hiding Out in Elan and the Grishaverse

What can I say, dead of winter and there are so many good books to listen to.

A couple of afternoons have even found me with the pot of soup already made and knitting in the comfy chair on an adventure with Hadrian and Royce. While sewing up some goodies, Alina and Mal have escaped across the Fold. For those that feel a mid winter armchair adventure might be in order, let me highly recommend any of the Riyria series by Michael J. Sullivan. You can start with either the Riyria Revelations or the Riyria Chronicles. For a first rate YA trilogy try Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse series that starts with Shadow and Bone. Either series is time well spent, but out of the two, The Riyria books are going to be read and re-read.

So now that I am sort of up to speed on the new computer, let me share some pics. Here is a new batch of towels for Justone the LeClerc in process on the warping board. Using up some not so pretty 8/2 yarn from my Dad's old stash.

A wee bit of sewing has been going on.

 I made a second Wiksten kimono pattern, lengthened this one quite a bit. It might still get some embellishment. Haven't decided. The blue side is Brussels Washer, a linen rayon blend with lovely drape, and the lining is a cotton I got direct from India.. I am very pleased with it.

A little patterned denim skirt was made from 1.5 yards of fabric from the $5.00 sale table on one of my forays to Top Stitch in Medford. The shirt is the latest button down in process.

Little Mandy received a lovely green blanket from her Auntie Susan. She shares, a little.

 Jack also likes it. Speaking of Susan over at Little Lucky Farm, I also received a book I had actually won at a her blog drawing. It broke a long standing non winning streak and what a beautiful book to boot!

A couple of other titles have made it into the fiber library this winter too.

Dandy seems right as rain and it's a good thing. We are in the throes of a true winter weather pattern.

A foot of snow over the weekend and another foot or so expected between today and Wednesday. It is sorely needed too. Before the storms we were about at 60% for moisture this season. We need the snow pack.

I'm leaving you with a Jackson Browne song, just seems appropriate for the times right now.

Parting shot:Turn off the light....please!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

A Pictureless Post

You would think I would have scads of pics after all this time between posts, but alas, I am getting to know a new computer and the recent pics are on the old computer. The pics will be transferred by the local computer wiz along with some other crap. I am likely in the minority. I have gone from having a Mac computer for the better part of 20 years to a PC. I simply couldn't stomach the cost of a Mac Pro laptop decked out as I would wish combined with an almost ancient operating system. Over the years I have grown to dislike Mac's security BS and changes to my favorite part of Mac ownership, the photo program. So for under a grand I have a brand new Dell laptop with a decent HD 15.6 inch screen, an SSd card, 8GB memory, lighted keyboard and more USB outlets than 3 Macs put together.
So far, so good. As the years have gone by, OS system and Windows have sort of met in the middle.

In other news, a little nice sewing has gone on, some blanket weaving and I have taken one of my mother's cats back to her to enjoy since she keenly missed him and he was making a jerk of himself in his new home. Sigh....cats.

And bigger sigh...horses. Dandy decided to turn up a week ago last Friday 3 legged lame. I could see no swelling nor feel any heat in his leg but he would barely put weight on his left rear foot. The vet did a hoof test and said she thought it might be an abscess working it's way out on the hoof. Soaking, poultice packing and stall rest so by Monday he was walking comfortably. Tuesday was our scheduled farrier appointment. Steve couldn't find anything. We can only guess he might have bruised himself on a rock or ice but he was put out to let nature take its course.

I of course, will be tuning in to all the Superbowl TV festivities. Wishing my Dad was here so we could take bets, drink beer and collectively swear and/or cheer during the game. I'm glad a young team made it, and had the Patriots NOT been the AFC winner I would probably be rooting for the Rams, but once a Pat fan, always a Pat fan, and all you haters can just stuff it! ;-)

I'm hoping to catch up with you all next week with a MUCH better post than this one, but for now...