Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Kitchen Reveal

Okay, you've waited long enough. I haven't finished the china cabinet, but it is not in the kitchen proper. I'll post pics when that's done.

For those that are just joining us, a run down of the colors. The walls are a bright sunny yellow, the upper cabinets and island a very pale lemon yellow and the lower bank of cabinets are a jadeite green. Not a color for the shy. It's such a change from my stately shades of grey/sage greens and I am loving the vibrancy of it all. These pics where taken yesterday morning before it was light out. It seems easier for the camera to handle colors without the window light distorting the contrasts.

Paints are all oil because it is exceptionally durable. I'm told they are working on a latex that will be just as durable but so far, nothing comes close to good old fashioned oil based paints. I used satin finish on all the cabinets.

The stools will be painted a cherry red, because I just love those 40's colors. One of these days I might have to scare up myself a set of Fire King, Syracuse or some other vintage restaurant ware dishes.

Parting shot: Tiny Toadies Squeezed in Tightly

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stop the Madness

I am thoroughly sick of painting, but the kitchen proper is almost complete and the last bank of built-ins on the china cabinet (lower) just needs its two coats and it's DONE! It will be nice to wake up in the morning and not have to smell oil paint fumes all day. The stuff takes days to really gas out. I couldn't have done this in the winter like I had planned that's for sure.

Now all work and no play make me a dull girl. I have had some play time between coats. Unlike latex this paint takes a full 24 hours before you can do the next coat. The silk scarf is almost done and needs to get gone. I have decided to gift it and the event is coming up quickly. The wool overshot has also seen some action and with luck, that might free up loom Hollandia quite soon.

In other off painting time news, Jack, in his infinite doggy wisdom decided to eat gravel. It made him sick Saturday and after a long afternoon at the vet doing x-rays feeding him some food and then re-xraying him, it was decided he was going to pass them. He had thrown up so much he required additional fluids, so we hooked him up for spell to rehydrate, took home potassium pills and did small amounts of water/salt/ pills every half hour for a good portion of the night. I was just happy we didn't have to open him up like we had to do five years ago. It was almost deja' vu so close to the same date. We don't call him the Gold Brick for nothing

Along with weaving there has been some sewing. I wanted to make curtains for the kitchen and settled on this fabric made into lined valances.

Just need some curtain rods. I also made a very sweet little blouse from Colette's Violet pattern. I made long sleeves for mine since I prefer them and it extends the wearing season to almost all year.

There is a lot of other news but it will have to wait until another post. Off to start painting.

Parting shot: Queen of the Rock

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Or Maybe....

a full fold-over!

I can assure you, he is not covering any bald spots though. :)
Stella has done a fine job of keeping those little boy ears good and clean too.

Kudos Stella! You're a good big sister.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

So, What's it Gonna Be Boy?

Ears up, down

or both?

Robin just gives me the raspberry when I ask.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The State We're In

Literally, Oregon, or if you are politically inclined, a real hot mess, but I'm referring to my kitchen. After a week of having all the top cabinets torn apart with food, dishes, glasses and other sundry stuff scattered from here to there we're finally putting shelves (painted) back in and putting the "there" back here. I'm taking a break from now until Monday, when I start all the lower cabinets. Oh..... Joy.

In 10 years I had forgotten how truly awful oil paint smells, how slow it dries and how thin those coats need to be. I ended up having to do 3 coats to bring my light green cabinets to cream color with a slight hint of lemon. They look great too and I am pleased although I was ready to pack it in after one coat it looked so crappy. The weather has been warm and sunny and that has helped everything dry as quickly as possible between coats. No humidity here to speak of during the days. Cool at night for airing out. For all the hassle oil is to use, nothing lasts as well. To it's credit after we cleaned all the cabinets off and such Gene asked me again why I was painting them. They looked still fresh and you would have never known the use and abuse the finish had taken.

In other news, no sewing, weaving, knitting, riding or anything that might be considered remotely fun except of course playing with Robin and company. Daily walks have been maintained as has poop patrol. There is always time to put a brush down and have a little game of ball or tug outside, to pick someone up for a cuddle or go racing after a puppy with a contraband packing peanut in his mouth. The little bugger is getting fast.

And of course, there is football! Everyone got their act together (Congress take note, the art of compromise does still exist), and tonight the first of the pre-season games start. Oh heart be still! :) Fall is almost here.

Parting shot: Look! Up in the sky! It's a ......?