Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Full in All the Good Ways

Oh heavens yes, there is another loom stuffed into my studio. If Imelda Marcos had a loom closet this is what it might look like.

 Actually, hers would probably be much bigger, amazing what stolen millions will do. .......

I am blaming friend Cindie, for letting me sit at her Macomber for a few minutes on a recent visit. Who knew a jack loom could be so smooth and have such big shed? And lets not forget my proclivity for wanting to try out as many looms as I can.

Anyway, this one appeared magically (don't they always?) and DH only had to travel down to Ashland to get it. It was delivered into the studio the Tuesday before Christmas and has been dubbed St. Nick.

He has 12 shafts, 14 treadles, 2 back beams ( plain and sectional), and weighs about 300 lbs. This is an old B5 with the production number 786, so guessing here as a late 1940's or early 50's model.

He was pretty grimy and dusty but rust free and has been kept in good weaving condition.  I spent a little time with the wood portions and a lot of time cleaning the jacks and lams. I have a ton of extra flat steel heddles for him and will need to put some bundles on that were taken off some shafts. There was also a very generous amount of the tie up hooks. Now that will be a learning process using those.

And of course over Christmas my parents gave me a new dog!

Isn't he cute? Made completely out of newspaper. I think it is an amazing little piece of sculptural art.
Shaggy dog and I are smitten. Doesn't eat much either and not a barker. He just rustles.....

Christmas was wonderful BTW, good food, fun gifts (lots of nylabones and new dogs beds too.),
and most importantly, family nearby. Wow, what a difference a few thousand miles makes! ;) We certainly had a lovely white Christmas morning.

The trees heavy with snow. By the 26th of course, where ever the sun hits and it gets warm, the snow slides off.

 I forget what it is like to see snow on a barren landscape with just deciduous trees. I'll take our forest of fir and pine any day.

And this year, we will all get to celebrate with my Mother on her birthday, New Years Eve!
Of course in true Imelda fashion, I will have new shoes to wear.

Thanks Mom, love them. :) The shoes are resting on one of the new plush dog beds made by Tiger Dreamz. Mink I think.

Parting shot:Stella not quite ready to share the chair with the newcomer. But close is okay.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

No Dreaming Here!

We Got Our White Christmas!

Eat, drink, laugh and Merry and Happy to All!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Santa Has Left the Building

No matter if you are naughty

 or nice,

it is likely the jolly fellow is heading your way to offer some cheer. Here is hoping that you are spending your holiday touched by all things that bring peace, joy and happiness.

Merry Christmas from all of us (Woof, Meow, Baa and Neigh), to all of you!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Uneventful Holidays, We Scoff at You!

I really have tried to post more often, but last week and the beginning of this week have been super busy.  Hazel Rose, which many of you asked about is a two year old, Jack/Chi/ Lhasa X. She is actually a half sister to Stella and Robin via their sire Cracker. She had not been working out in her present home due to some life changes there. She is learning the ropes here, settling in and finding her niche.

Her tub mate is Robin, who actually wanted to be a tub thief but settled with sharing instead.
 We have some training to do as far as pack manners and leash walking, but all in all she is an easy, sweet girl with a quick mind, a willingness to please and a love of cuddling. She is certainly making friends here.

Marigold has had her share of problems this past week, endoscopic surgery to remove a few rocks in her gut, and a dime! She also had two tumors removed from her side.

T shirt is to protect the 30 staples that are in her side from the tumor removal. She wears it well we think.
 Both appear to be non cancerous but they are being biopsied and lastly a diagnosis of mild Vestibular Syndrome. So we are all adjusting to the new reality of a large and wobbly dog. There is a good chance she will improve over time and from the first episode Sunday night to this point, there has been some improvement already.

The "Bar of Gold" arrived for Big Sal and was installed.

 I had sent a couple of pics to AVL showing the bolt configuration and they got it spot on.

 I even found a place to store the old fly shuttle beater bar.

 I need to get this gal warped and weaving on that pillowcase fabric.

The sewing room has seen scant action. I am in process with a jacket and skirt but have not snapped any pics up there. There has also been some nice end of year fabric acquisitions which I should document. Presents got wrapped up there and the ones that needed shipping, shipped. Fingers are crossed that a few last minute selections will arrive here on time.

The house has not been decorated yet for the holidays. I am so behind in that it might just not get done at this point, but there is the holiday book to feature, a couple actually and the tree outside is done and is festive enough to carry the season. We've had a little snow, a little ice and a lot of rain. I wish I had snapped a pic when the tree had its "done by nature" flocking on it, but I didn't.

 This will have to do with the reflection of the lights on the wet rainy deck.

And so, time marches on to the holiday ready or not!

Parting shot: The Faithful Dog at my feet.

Charlotte sleeping under the sewing table while I wrap gifts. I am never alone

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's All Happening at the Zoo

You knew it was bound to happen at some point.  We lost three much loved family members this year but that would never keep me from opening up my home to another needy animal. In fact Miss Bea, Rodger the cat and Peter were all rescues and the heart is as expansive in love and kindness as you let it be. Without further ado, please let me introduce Hazel Rose and please forgive the terrible picture.

Hazel is at that clingy stage and if I move, so does she and if she moves, everyone else has to come see too.  Life at the zoo. :)

Up in the sewing room some good useful sewing has been happening. A lovely linen Liberty blouse has been completed.

 I used a small piece of a past Heather Ross pattern that was given to me because it had dancing foxes on it. I've had it up on my wall for a number of years, just waiting for the perfect something to use it on.  Just enough for two much needed pockets.

The color was spot on with the linen, and since it is a light canvas weight it matches the linen perfectly that way too. The back detail shows the cute dancing frogs that are also on this fabric.

Dancing rabbits round out the whimsy. I sure wish I had more of this fun fabric, but this little bit was certainly enough to make the top special.

I finally attacked the Jocole Skinny Pant pattern I had cut out in a cotton twill/spandex blend teal fabric.

 I really needed that skinny leg in my wardrobe and while I like leggings, this is a better option for many of my tops.

While it is a perfectly wearable muslin it needs a bit of tweaking going forward. I do not have the hips that this pattern will accommodate, so a bit of grading and a little shortening between the waist and the crotch curve will make this a perfect fit next round.

There are some fun new patterns I've added to my stash for a try out in 2015. Two from Merchant & Mills in the UK.

 A few places in the United States are on their stock list although not all carry their patterns. I got mine from Gather Here, a nifty little store in Cambridge MA. I won't be able to visit them, but they have launched an online store too. Shipping was fast and reasonable and the packaging clever and sweet. I won't hesitate to order from them again and it sure beats the mailing costs from the England. I have one more new indie pattern I've ordered to try, not a Merchant & Mills pattern, but it has yet to arrive.

Outside the weather has been pretty crappy. Lots of rain, lots of mud and cloudy grey days. But still we manage to have some spectacular sunrises here, certainly not a traditional one, but the clouds on this morning where breathtaking in their own unique way.

Parting shot: Unsure and hopeful all at once. Worry not Hazel R, we'll pretty good at making a home for shy, wayward dogs. :)

Monday, December 1, 2014

Move It On Over

The big dog is moving' in!

Yesterday Gene and I just had too much fun breaking down Big Sal and moving her into a room of her own. Having four hands and two minds on the project made for a surprisingly easier job than I had anticipated. I doubt we burned our full share of excess Thanksgiving Day meal calories, but it wasn't without its share of a few bits of cursing and heated discussion.....

This is Big Sal before the tear down.

In mid process, pieces of her scatted around the house like a gruesome weaving crime scene

and then finally back together, shoe horned under the light and fan and just barely allowing for the back door to be opened.

 The problem with Sal has always been those fly shuttle boxes. They add about 14" to either side of her. The beater bar/race is all one piece so even if you remove the box assembly you still have the full length. It has to go. I have two choices, order a new standard beater bar or saw this one down. Now I have no problem modifying a tool like a loom but I hate to ruin a piece to do it and some day, I or another weaver might want and need those fly boxes. You would certainly want them if you were weaving a full width warp. So really only one choice and that is to part with some cash and order a new standard beater from AVL. It is worth noting that I asked AVL if the new beater bar /race had gold inlay because for what is basically a piece of wood I feel like I am paying for some. My initials at least would be nice.....

Of course the Louet had to be moved out of the back room and into the main studio. Seems like the studio grew trading out BS for the Spring doesn't it?

On the sewing and weaving fronts there hasn't been a lot done. I did mean to share the cute bright corduroy tunic I made before the blog was interrupted with mattress testing pups!

This piece is getting a lot of wear.

I like corduroy much better than flannel and the baby wale I get at Fabric of Vision wears like iron
and is a staple in my winter wardrobe. Fun colors and patterns too!

Now if you are suffering an ear worm from this blog title, you have two choices to slide on over to.
The original version by Hank Williams or the version I grew up on (and played with a garage band for a number of years), by George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Either way I guess we can call it a musical Monday!

Parting shot: An intent Cooper (doing his best Tippi Hedren imitation), watching turkeys. They are viewed as possible horse eating monsters.

Thursday, November 27, 2014