Sunday, January 31, 2010

And the Bag is Still Packed

Someday I really will get to unpacking it but it has been really, REALLY busy here with studio changes.

Thursday I hit home and started right in cleaning. Trust me, it had to be done and done then in prep for an exciting day Friday. A little before Christmas I decided to sell the BV loom, while I love the loom itself and it has enormous sentimental value, it simply was too tall for me to ever weave at comfortably with her 40" high breast beam. If she wasn't so large I would have found a place for her, but the reality is she's huge and deserves to be used and loved. Surprisingly I found a buyer for her, a tall young man with the weaving bug who has no qualms about monkeying with her and has gobs of room. Gene had also found another used Louet, this one an older Hollandia, 8 shafts and 14 treadles in mint condition and at a fair price. It was my big Christmas gift, I got to see pictures Christmas day. Lets also add some serendipity into it, the buyer of the BV and the seller of the Louet both lived in the greater Seattle area. Morgan the BV buyer was willing to pick the Louet up on his way down to retrieve the Barbara loom.
I happily took some cash off the price and paid for the Uhaul. It saved Gene a two day trek and that had everyone happy about playing musical looms.
So Friday was out with the old and in with the new.

The studio underwent an overhaul and it looks like I gained a more spacious studio again.

To those in the Seattle area, keep on the look out for a fine ( and terribly handsome and polite I might add) weaver. I'll end with this hutch piece I've deconstructed in yet another configuration. And there are batches of yarns there just waiting for the next post! :-)

Friday, January 29, 2010

Losses and Gains

I've missed my blog and fellow bloggers and it's good to be on the home computer!
It's just good to be back.

The trip to MA was not what I would have planned for my back east trip but I can't complain at all. My Dad went in for bypass surgery the beginning of the first week I was there and by the time I left he was back doing some weaving and getting around quite well. He drove me to the airport (although I lifted the bag in and out of the car), and looks like he is well on his way to a full and speedy recovery.

The highlight of the trip obviously was a successful outcome of surgery, but you can add a wonderful meeting with Sue from Life Looms Large for a museum day and of course, a little yarn shopping. Thank you so much Sue, I needed that day away. Oh and let's not leave out lobster and seafood, of which I had a lot of.

As life is never ever static and every happy time gives way eventually to a time of sadness. Angel passed quietly away in her sleep Sunday night or early Monday morning at home. Gene gave me the news when I made my usual morning call. It was hard for him having to deal with it all on his own. We have always dealt with this together and I don't think I've ever felt so far away as I did Monday morning.
Angel has her own special place and we'll get a prayer flag out there soon. Gene will add a little something for me to weave in.

There are some fun changes coming and I have a busy day today. I haven't even opened my bag to unpack and I promise pictures of the goings on this weekend and some of my beautiful finds in New England. I also have a Blogoversary (sp?) coming up and hope to get a special post up for that.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

In Search of Winter

Well, winter seems to have abandoned us here in Southern Oregon, looks more like April out there. So far the 3rd driest winter on record, which is bad news for summer and fire season. At this rate they may call the beginning of fire season in May!

Of course my wish for snow has been fulfilled in a different way this year. I am flying the friendly skies ( tongue in cheek) to MA for an early annual visit. In fact I leave Sunday. Some family health issues precipitated the early trip.
Needless to say, it has been a frenzy around here. How to stuff everything that needs to be done in 6 short days, but we're getting there.

Gene's scarf is off the loom and came out quite nicely. Of course I haven't been able to get a snap of Gene in it, since he has been in a rush out the door every time he's worn it ( he likes it). I figured the scarf looked just as nice on this silver haired gent and he's rarely in a hurry these days unless a leash is in hand.

I'll be pulling the rugs off the BV before I go, I hope. The Louet has been cleaned and the back folded up and will await my return patiently when I get back and weaving a blanket or two.

Angel is doing okay on the Prednisone. She is eating and active but pitifully thin no matter how much food I give her. Gene will keep a watchful eye on her and I have every hope she will be here to greet me when I get back on the 28th.

Things are pretty quiet on the farm front. Mud, mud and more mud. While the lack of snow and real cold is a pain to me, for Gene it makes care easier, he won't have to worry about plowing on top of all the farm duties.

As always when I travel, I will be reading all my favorite blogs but not updating mine,
so to everyone stopping by, have a great January! I'll be back in full blogging force in February.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Weaver's Library

I can literally trace my hobbies through my library. There are still some quilting books, ones that held good directions on techniques and those that were simply just so beautiful I couldn't part with them. In fact there seems to be so many quilt books published today, I wonder how anyone chooses among them!

There are the horse books, some I've had since I was a kid, most newer. Many things have improved in regards to care and training for our equine friends. There are decent veterinary references for all of the species we have in the household. There are titles on decorative and faux painting, building, wildlife and hundreds of books with foxes in them, which I have collected for many many years. There are the knitting books, a healthy dose of them I might add. There are even some classics that I revisit once in a great while. That area needs work. There are ones I've missed, but that is a post for another day.

Finally, there are the weaving books. It's a small section. I am surprised at really how little is out there compared to many other fiber arts. So I thought I would share the few books I absolutely love, either for patterns, inspiration or techniques. There is no particular order. All listed are treasured and I think well worth their purchase price. Some, are out of print. I'm not going to do links, I'm sure you can all go to Amazon or e-bay on your own if you are interested.

The Big Book of Weaving by Laila Lundell (techniques, patterns, inspiration)
A Handweaver's Pattern Book by M. Davison (P)
Doubleweave on Four to Eight Shafts by U. Arn-Grischott (P,T)
8,12,20 An Introduction to Multishaft Weaving by K. Wertenberger (P,T)
Mastering Weave Structures by Sharon Alderman (T)
Weaving Overshot by D. Sullivan (P,T,I)
Rep Weave and Beyond by J.Tallarovic (P,T)
Weaving Designs by Bertha Gray Hayes (P, I)
Weave a Weave by M. Selander (P,I)
Swedish Rag Rugs 35 New Designs & Happy Weaving both compiled by Vavmagasinet
(P, I)

This list is by no means complete. I have some wonderful books in Swedish and some of the standard 8 shaft draft books, but these books always seem to offer me something delightful every time I open them, which is a lot!
What are some of your favorite weaving books?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Flashing the Looms 2010

Okay, this is fun! Meg over at Unraveling might have just started a nifty New Year's Day tradition.

Here's what's in the weaving stable as of today. I did not take photos of the Woolhouse Carolyn or the little tapestry pipe loom, but you've got the workhorses
The Louet Delta, with Gene's scarf on it.

The Thought Products Barbara V with a run of rag rugs

and last but not least the Murphy Counterbalance loom with a little bit of prayer flag warp left on that I've decided to weave off.

It all would have been up on the eve of the 1st but blogger was being fussy about downloading pictures.