Friday, January 31, 2014

Coast to Coast

Yes, finally I made it out of Oregon and hopped the country to Massachusetts. I even had a Samsonite moment having to run through Denver for a connecting flight. Just made it too with about 90 seconds to spare before the cabin door was closed and we shoved off.

I have no pictures to post since I traveled light and camera-less. Mostly this post is to take the time to thank EVERYONE for their kind words of sympathy and comfort. It helps more than you know. Thank you so much. I miss Bea and knowing that everyone shared a little in the grief and understanding gave much comfort.

It's been cold here in New England, but not as bad as a lot of the country. To my friends in the south and midwest, bundle up and geez, tell those southern officials to buy some snow and salt equipment for gosh sakes. Stay safe and warm one and all.

That's all for now, but I'll be back home after 2/14 and we'll catch up then!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

It All Happens for a Reason

Yes, I am still in Oregon and have been rebooked several times. I am hoping to get out of dodge tomorrow morning. Flights did make it out this morning so I am hopeful. But that's not really the issue. The delays for all the inconvenience they have caused, had one silver lining. They gave me time.

Miss Bea has simply been failing for a long time. We knew the diagnosis of renal failure meant we didn't have infinite amounts of time and no one expected her to make it through last summer, let alone through the fall and into the winter. You know this doesn't end well, it never does. I spent Monday with my favorite little blond and yesterday morning we made the final drive down to the vet. Bea, who never liked to be held snuggled quietly into my arms and went to sleep. She barely noted the shot which would put her into a deeper sleep and of course the second final injection was a forgone conclusion It was as simple and dignified as that. No regrets. My little bombshell has joined all her friends, Dennett, Fat Sam, Angel, Lexie and Sammie-bug. She is at peace and in a way so I am. I got Bea when she was 4 months old and we have had 17 wonderful years together. She has given me a lifetime of happy memories, of her silly bark, her winsome smile and her dry sense of wit. Bea was a quiet, unassuming little thief. She use to bark to send the other dogs off to the front door or window and then she would sneak that bone or toy she wanted or commandeer a particular dog bed she coveted (or both!). It was always worth sticking around to see what she was up to. So Miss Bea, good-bye for now. I love you and I miss you and most of all, I thank you for all the joy you have brought to me.

Truly parting shots:

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Well, Dang It!

Despite my best efforts I have absolutely no power over the weather, no matter what Gene thinks! I should be at the Medford International Airport checking in for my flights to Boston, but as of last night at 5:30pm, the first leg of my journey, Medford to Denver, is cancelled. It was cancelled on Friday too, so I had an inkling and looking at the flight stats site, there are a lot of other flights cancelled too. I think that blows my conspiracy theory that the Denver Broncos are controlling the airport so that out of towners can't come in and root for the other team. The real culprit is a freezing layer of inversion, or freezing fog. Dense, cold and almost impossible for small planes and airports to manage, especially since the FAA has deemed they can't seed the fog after dark at smaller airports. In any event, I have kindly been rescheduled for Monday and they even corrected the problem of having me leave from Cincinnati. :) I have nothing against Cincinnati (they have a first rate zoo), but it is a hell of a drive to get to from here.

Sewing wise, after a week of company and then trip prep, stuff has been sorely neglected. I tried a quick new pattern, Burda 7203 and it was a wadder.
Some companies and patterns do cut on sleeves well, others, not so much. This one fell to not so much. I"ll take the fabric apart and use it elsewhere. The Grainline Scout T is always a winner.

 Like the orange version, I lengthened this down to a long tunic, added pockets and have a garment I love in a wonderful cream double cloth fabric.

 Last year I embraced lighter colors in my sewing and I am so glad I did. Whites, creams and some pastels dot my wardrobe now at least in tops. The lighter color slacks for the most part, didn't work out quite so well. They just fall prey to dirt and stains too easily. Red mud on little paws does stain.

And remember that skull top, it is for a Bruins hockey game in Boston colors of black, white and gold. Thankfully that treat is at the end of my visit. :)

I did not get any further on Big Sal. I decided I didn't want to leave her apart with her beater and front beam off for weeks while I was in Massachusetts so have opted to commence threading when I return home and can do it in one shot and get her back together. Those are both big parts to store elsewhere and a bit of a pain in the butt to take on and off.

So, I have these couple of extra days to cuddle with critters and write Gene more cautionary notes and instructions to tape around the place. The lobsters of New England can breath a sigh of relief and make a break for deep water.

Parting shot: You're leaving me and Timmy. How could you?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I've been quiet about the fall and now winter sports season, but it is no secret that I am a football fan (Go Patriots!!). These days I even have a basic understanding of the game! But football, alas, is a short season with limited play. There is another sport which I also follow. In fact I am told we have tickets to one of those games during my visit to Massachusetts. If you think about it, this just completed tunic will make sense.

 The colors, spot on for my home team. Skulls, perfect for this hard hitting sport. It was a very quick sew. I know this pattern by heart.

 Raise your hand if you have guessed the sport and the team?

I followed it up with another 2 hour long sleeve T shirt. I simply needed it. I don't always want or need a turtleneck under a tunic, but I want a light layer of something with long sleeves. Black is pretty basic and while it is not a favorite color of mine, like most people I can always use it in my wardrobe.

 For some relief from the dark and somber I couldn't resist playing with some of the bits and pieces of the leftover Flash Tattoo lining fabric.

Other than cleaning and organizing, errand running and other must do's ( yes, I have wasted a good number of hours watching football this past weekend too!), there is not too much to report. On the outside of things, the horses and goats have been enjoying some dry sunny weather for a few weeks. That is about to change as we get back into a more seasonal pattern and we really need the moisture. The fox has got himself a mate again this year. I have seen the pair a number of times around the property in the wee hours of the morning. And once in a while we have a deck sighting. The black tom cat has not been seen since early last spring and raccoons and skunks have been absent too from the landscape as far as I can tell. I can't decide if the foxes themselves are a deterrent or if there is another bigger predator that has our farm in their territory. Some snow might allow for a few answers with tell tale (tail?) tracks.

Parting shot: Truce kiss didn't work. Play must go on into overtime.....;)

Friday, January 3, 2014

One Slow Step at a Time

It was a relaxing entry to 2014. No celebrations other than a nice easy quiet one at home.

Big Sal is now proudly displaying a warp.

 It may be worlds homeliest warp, but a warp none the less. I did a modified warping, measuring out 8 bouts and running them onto the sectional beam through a raddle. It wasn't until I was on the third bout that I noticed that all the leaders weren't the same length.

They are close enough,as I'll even it up at the breast beam and it is unlikely I will actually weave this whole 8 yard warp so shouldn't pose too much of a problem. This is all about adjusting (need to put on new leaders!) and learning and practicing, not about weaving something usable, although it would be nice to get a few towels off to do duty around the house. I keep a large tub of old towels for stuff you wouldn't want to use your kitchen towels on. It keeps our paper towel use down to a minimum too.

I solved the bench problem by ordering an adjustable drafting stool.

 This had the height range I needed and it was cute, inexpensive and comfortable especially now that I have my sheepskin thrown on it to avoid butt slide!

 It provides a wee bit of support on the lower back, the legs just fit between the treadles and it doesn't have wheels so it doesn't roll around. The bonus of course is that the seat turns so no contortions getting out from the loom like you would have with a bench. A good workable solution for this loom.

January 1 found me heading out the door for a ride on my trusty, rusty and chubby steed Cooper. He was very mellow and relaxed and certainly enjoyed the attention. The ride itself was awful. The ground has suffered from some major frost heaving. He would fall through the lifted ground. In some spots it was so evident it sounded hollow under his hooves. Needless to say we made it a very short slow ride. It just wasn't worth putting his legs in harms way and it makes for tedious going for both of us having to micro manage where he puts his feet. Not one to complain, he was happy to receive treats at the end, a second quick brushing and some hugs. I saved treats aside for the one left behind with the goats and he too got some enjoyment from our ride. :)

Little sewing has gone on over the holidays.  I am heading out for a 3 week visit to my folks on the 18th and have a fair amount of prep before I hand the household reins over to Gene. But I managed to get one thing done from start to finish.

 This dogwood print tunic in a lightweight canvas with some white linen sleeve and pocket details.

 I have pants cut that I would like to get finished for the trip too. It's somewhere on the "To Do" list

For those feeling the bitter cold and/or mounting snow, stay safe and warm. Snuggle in with a good book and hot cup of coco if you can.

Parting shot: The comfy chair, it's not just for sleeping!

A truce starts with a friendly kiss on the nose!