Sunday, January 29, 2017

Dear World - John Pavlovitz

Dear World, From America

Dear World,
We felt we needed to say something while saying something is still allowed.
We know many of you have lived under malevolent, unhinged Dictators before, but this is new for us. For its history our nation has been led by men who, despite their varying flaws and deficiencies, some of which were quite disturbing—were by and large, normal human beings. Whatever darkness in them, they had at the very least, a baseline of humanity and decency that more often than not insured rational behavior.
This man is not normal.
He is unstable, malignant, devoid of integrity—and he does not speak for us.
Please understand that nearly three million more people voted for his opponent Hillary Clinton than for him. (Yes, we realize this is completely screwed-up). Millions more voted for other candidates, and sadly nearly 90 million of our people did not vote at all. The point is, the vast majority of Americans are not with him. He does not speak for us. His America is not our America.
Over the past week, we’ve watched long erected pillars of our Republic bulldozed in the stroke of a madman’s pen. We’ve seen the very hallmarks of who we are as a nation tossed in the garbage; the celebration of diverse coexistence, the open welcome to the oppressed, the guarantee of unalienable rights for every person, the same access to health and opportunity and safety afforded to everyone, the freedom to speak without censor or restraint. At this moment these are all in great jeopardy.
Things we took for granted in our leadership: things like goodness, wisdom, and basic truthfulness are no longer in play, and as things are eroding quickly we wanted to let you know that we’re sorry.We’re sorry that our apathy and laziness have yielded such a reckless, impulsive, small man to steward this nation.
We’re sorry for the jagged, bitter ugliness that is characterizing us in these moments.
We’re sorry to those suffering greatly, who have braved such peril to seek refuge here and who’ve now been turned away based on the faith they profess.
We’re sorry to our Mexican neighbors who’ve been fashioned into convenient villains for erecting a grandiose, wasteful display of false protection that we do not want.
We’re sorry to Muslims everywhere who’ve been used as pawns to generate irrational fear among those already susceptible to bigotry and discrimination.
We’re sorry to the leaders of the world, who instead of being met by level-headed, measured, intelligent dialogue, are now greeted with the social media rantings of a furious child.
We’re sorry to those who now experience the Christian faith as a racist, Nationalistic bully pulpit wielded with malice toward the very diverse Humanity Jesus lived and died for.
We’re sorry to people everywhere whose lives are made more tenuous, more violent, less safe, less secure than it has been before.
We want you to know that this is not who we are. It may be who this man is. It may be who those sharing power with him are. It may even be the tens of millions who originally voted for him (though that support is vanishing quickly among those who not among the religious zealots and extremists).
But this is not America. It is not the steady, strong beacon of freedom that it was intended to be. It is not the America our people have fought and died for. It is not the one first formed in the crucible of oppression and cast into the words of our ever-disregarded Constitution.
This is not our America. Our America affirms the inherent, priceless beauty of every human being. Our America declares that no person is ascribed less value because of their skin color, religion, gender, financial means, sexual orientation, nation of origin, or any other variable. Our America is home for those seeking hope and joy and rest.
And we are going to fight for this America. Through political channels and through grassroots activism, through the use of our Press and of our personal voices, we’re going to expose this man’s incompetence, call out his heart sickness, and condemn every violent, reckless, vicious act when it does not reflect our hearts and our will. Please do your best to disregard anything that comes from his mouth or those loudly and continually parroting his propaganda. They have proven themselves mortally allergic to the truth.
And we hope that in whatever way you can, that you will stand with us. We know that we have made this mess ourselves. We understand that you have your own problems to contend with, some far more urgent and pressing than this, but we believe that we are a single community; that we are tethered together in our Humanity, that we are in real-time crafting the life our children and their children will inherit.
Dear World, we’re sorry and we hope you’ll endure these days with us.
With Despair and Hope in equal measure, in Peace and Unity with you,

The American Majority 

Friday, January 27, 2017


I really should know better than to visit some of the cute little gift shops in Ashland after the holidays. It's exceedingly dangerous wallet-wise. A week or so ago I had reserved an awesome hat kit from the Web-sters and it had come in on Tuesday. On my way up the plaza I had to pass FlowerTyme and just couldn't resist a peek inside. Needless to say, I came home with this fun thing.

 Right now I put it up in the kitchen but this is slated for the loom room. I have just the spot and will make a note to get a much nicer pic of it.

And here is the beautiful hat kit that started the whole thing!

January used to usher in the big Fabric of Vision sale and I miss it, but while the purchases are not as large there are still some fun fabrics coming into the salon.

Hedgies and dogs both in a lighter weight linen/cotton blend.

 Not much coming out this week. I started on something and then hated the pocket placement, removed them and now it is all waiting to be reattached before I can move on.

Nick the Macomber though has seen some action. The blue linen towel has been complete and a dark pink one started. This is Louet linen color way "Crabapple" and quite pretty it is!

The give-away items all left here Wednesday. Enjoy everyone!

Over last weekend Gene was tasked with acquiring a new cell phone for my Mom. My Dad, who was computer savvy, had one of the plans where you buy minutes as needed. This just wasn't going to work
for my Mom, who won't use a computer and is easily daunted by the newer electronics. Her ancient Motorola flip phone was on its last legs. She wanted a monthly bill, set price.  It is hard to find simple phones but we did (a flip one!), and it was easier and cheaper to add her to our plan. Rather than have her pay us every month (how silly) we agreed a dinner out at least once a month all together. We drive, she buys. Win,win. She gets out someplace different, and we have a date all can look forward to. Gene often misses our lunch after shopping or quick breakfasts out.

Did that just happen?
Holy crap batman, it's like someone turned on a fire hose with a steady stream of something bad this week. It's hard to pick. There is so much. Gag orders, Mexico, ACA, real facts going missing and being replaced with those alternative facts. I'm flooded, or should I say .... swamped!

Words do matter. An excellent op-ed piece by Eugene Robinson.

Six journalists charged with felony rioting for covering the rioting during the inauguration.
NYT article here.
Second article here

Black sites and torture making a comeback for the USA.  And  Trumps calls for taking the oil have certainly put our troops in harms way working in unstable oil producing countries like Iraq.

But the one that has me freaking out is the A block piece by Rachel Maddow last night, coupled with the news that Comrade Tillerson will be appointed, career officers in the State Department being let go with no replacements and the call to Putin on Saturday. Buffalo Springfield had it right, there's something happening here.

Parting shot: Chillin on a Sunday Afternoon.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Audacity of Snow

Our driveway
Well no sooner had I parked my new Subaru and let the engine cool than it started to snow and snow and snow.

What was predicted to be more of an event above 4500 feet was changed mid storm to above 3500 feet.  But new car or not, snow pack is snow pack and we'll take it, gladly for the most part.

This will be my first and last winter car purchase. Holy crap it was a white knuckle ride on ice covered roads with the old one and home with the new one. Maybe come spring I can get some real beauty shots!

Besides being a Subaru there are two things I already adore about the car, the heated seats (I had them in the last one), and the hands free Starlink. I can tell my car who to call and it will dial them and put them on speaker. Those that know me know my car is often really my office. Cell phone on the mountain kind of bites so I often do a lot of my calling on the road. The heated seats, heaven on a cold morning.

Thursday I managed to get off the mountain and do shopping, with my Mom like always and back to Ashland to do mine. Gene had just finished doing a little grooming on my spot when I pulled in for my one Jeep plow motorcade.

Friday and yesterday saw some fun in the sewing room. I must have had springtime on the brain. ;-)
Two Mississippi Ave tops made it out.

 I think there are still two tunics and a pair of pants in the cut pile. I'll grab something to start on after I'm done here at the computer.

A grey linen long sleeve T shirt made it out into the world too.

The fabric was leftover from the pants cut, paired with recycled fabric from a top years ago I ended up not liking. THAT had been made from a vintage tablecloth, much loved because of the dogwoods.

Between the two fabrics I managed a complete shirt.

Friday ended up being a radio day. We have a great NPR classical radio station. But you  can bet my TV was turned on all day yesterday watching the Women's March events around the world. Wow! Women know how to do marches (and likely presidency's) right, not a speck of violence, anywhere I could tell.  Awesome stuff. Friend Cindie made it down to our local Ashland one, complete with hat. Check it out.

There will be a new section to my blog. "Did That Just Happen?" will have some links to what is going on in our new administration. The new president and the houses bear constant scrutiny regardless of party affiliation.

The Women's March around the world.

Did both the President and his Press Secretary lie about CIA comments, the media and crowd sizes? Oh yes they did. Bigly!

The White House Official website pages for climate change, civil rights and LGBT rights disappeared.

But don't worry, we can find out all about Melania's jewelry line on QVC via the White House web site.

Two words that we should all become more familiar with. Gaslighting and Gerrymandering

Parting shot: Comfy Chair Takeover. :-)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Oh Why Not!

Because we can all use a fun a musical number don't you think?

Springtime For Hitler - The Producers 2005 by HolleyGoss

Did That Just Happen?

Did Betsy DeVos just use the old Grizzly Bear defense in a guns in school debate?

Did Tom Price buy not one or two but over 6 medical company stocks and then submit laws specifically aimed at improving their value?

Did Rick Perry really think he was going to be an ambassador for the oil and gas industry instead of maintaining our nuclear arsenal?

Just how many lawsuits has Scott Pruitt brought against the EPA, an agency he is being nominated to run?

Yes, all this just happened and more. It's downright frightening at the scope of ignorance the new cabinet is going to have and the power.  Not to mention the delegitimizing of our free press and the crown jewel of our safety net, our intelligence services. I have to say I think the latter two are a well planned ploy so that when the president elect is found to have been in collusion with Russia he can say it is all a lie. That is, of course, assuming any information gets to us. I wonder if dissidents will be thrown in jail? Do we have a Siberia or will we just send them to the gulags in Russia? USSA? Health care will be a thing of the past, as will SS and Medicare and Medicaid. It's all in jeopardy. Oh yes, we'll have access, but that doesn't mean affordable access does it? Breathe deep folks, this may be the last time in the next four years that you feel safe. A man of dignity and ethics is leaving us to ourselves with the new president elect. It is up to us to safe guard democracy because it looks like the new administration can't be bothered with that pesky little detail. The congress is too busy gleefully dismantling any program that helps the poor, women, children, minorities and the disabled. Mitch McConnell is wearing hypocrisy like a well tailored suit and Paul Ryan is pumping up his racist talking points on black men like so many bullets. So, so many bullets.

Yes, this is all just happening. None of this is normal. None of it and tomorrow, the nuclear codes will be handed off to the most unqualified president in history. We're all in this together and no matter what your persuasion it is all our jobs to defend our freedoms for each and every one of us, press included, press especially. Remember that. Peace.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Days of Snow and Ice

We have had some pretty sustained cold and that has made for lots of ice on the roads and around the house.  I bought a heavy duty pair of Yaktraks this past December and I am so glad I did. Bogs are great boots for keeping warm and dry but they have pitiful soles for traction on ice. The Yaktraks do a good job and have been staying put on the boots pretty well. Crossing the ice sheet on our driveway to get to the barn at dark o'clock on any given morning has been made much safer.

The roads however have been a crap shoot. Snow covered,

ice covered

and in the valley, the weird and chilling freezing fog.

It's downright spooky when you enter it.

 Cue the organ music please....

To all who won in the give-away. I think I have all of your addresses and hopefully, stuff will get stuffed and shipped this week. Free is not always fast and this past weekend with spillover (our way of saying a holiday weekend), is turning out to be busier than I had expected. I am trading in my trusty Outback for another trusty Subaru Outback.

I had racked up the miles on my car over the summer and into the fall with daily trips to see my Dad and then almost daily trips well into December to help my Mom out. Things have calmed down and at 4 years old I figured it was a good time to trade in while the car was at a good point in value.  So today I rob the bank and head over to Klamath Falls Subaru and switch cars. I love the Subaru dealership there. They pay their guys a true salary, not a draw and commission. It's a pretty painless process and no one descends on you like Weeping Angels or strong arms you into anything.

On the creative side of things, a new band is in process but other than that, the looms have been silent.

The sewing room has not. A few things got made up and two with fabrics that had aged in the stash for a while. The other two with newer acquisitions.

First up is a funky wool and cotton top. This fabric acts like a waffle weave.

It has been washed and dried. I paired it with a skinny jean pattern in a painted stretch denim. Both these fabrics are way out of my comfort zone but they it made for a fun and funky outfit I think.

This is some linen blend vintage fabric that had been marinating for a few years. It has a lot of drape and might have a fair amount of rayon in it. It worked up into a nice tunic and I do love those hot colors of pink and orange. My flash back to the 70's maybe. ;-)

 Last up a little Mississippi top in some recently purchased lawn.

 Right now it serves as a little under layer or paired with a cardi but come summer it will be a light and cool option for a hot day.

A few gift card purchases have been arriving.

The first one a nifty band/tape weaving book (Amazon), a lovely crafted little shuttle from Etsy seller Toplyfibers. Some beautiful things for weavers in that shop! And lastly, from one of the many Etsy purveyors of fabric, some cute cotton mushroom fabric. Some people like florals, me, toadstools!  I have 3 different mushroom print fabrics in stash right now, maybe 4.

Parting shot: Hanging out.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

So, Who Won What?

This is a quick post to announce the lucky winners!

Anna H: Lime Green Needle Case

Wendy: Donegal Tweed

Michelle: Blue Isager

Martha: Cream Isager

Peg: Manos Yarn

Kim: Pale Grey Isager

Anita: Brown Isager

Yvonne: Colinette

Unknown: Eggplant Needle Case

Please to all of the winners, send me your snail mail addresses via my e-mail:

runamuckweaving at gmail dot com


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Four Then, Eight Now and a Giveaway

It took just about an hour and a half for Schacht Wolf Pup Shrek to go from 4 shafts to 8. I like that. No drama. Holes lined up, instructions were adequate, it all fit nicely back together after expansion and it was just challenging enough I felt I had accomplished doing it.

Truth told it took longer to put all the treadle ties on for those 4 new shafts. Now I can have a little fun planning the next warp, but as I think I said, pillowcases are calling me and Lunatic Fringe has some nice organic naturally colored cotton at a price I think I can afford.

We've had a number of snow days this week. In fact the whole week so far has just about been snow filled.

 We got about 3 feet of the fluffy white stuff.

Gene spent at least 8 hours plowing yesterday and my car still wears a two plus foot covering. I suppose I'll have to broom it off sometime this morning and get it moved so he can clean up around where I was parked.

The snow has made time for a good amount of sewing and weaving and football.

yes, this is a gratuitous shot of the Pats killing the Fins.
Some pretty makes up in the salon. One a fine white linen tunic of which I didn't get a picture of but I will, and the other, also in linen and using one of the small half meters of Japanese fabric I bought from Fabric of Visions little pop up sale before Christmas.

 I have some fun things cut out since the grey and silver top was the last of my pre-cut projects. More on those as they get sewn up.

Weaving galore, well at least for me. The band is coming along, but since it pretty much looks the same start to finish, I'll wait until it's off the loom to show you. Fiona has an all wool warp on, weaving a  winter runner.

 I bought the yarns from the Web-sters with my gift certificate, along with a cute little Erda wristlet.

You can see the inspiration for the pattern in the back.

The neon green towel has been completed and I'm on to a navy blue linen.

You can really see the block pattern now.

Sorting my knitting stuff is what brings me to the give-away. I got frustrated trying to find a certain size circular knitting needle I wanted and thought there must be a better way to store them There is and here it is. 

 I managed to get all my circs in there and have room for a gauge and the cables to the sets of interchangeables. That of course leaves two very nice storage cases from Namaste, which sadly, is no longer in business.

Stella is not included in the giveaway

 But these are up for grabs and some yarns.

4 different colors of  Isager 50/50 alpaca and wool lace/fingering weight.

 Each drawing winner will get two skeins of the one color. There are two skeins of a Colinette yarn. This is a dk weight.

3 skeins of Manos del Uruguay yarn, one is variegated.

 And lastly is 4 skeins of Donegal Tweed Homespun.

The rules are simple, the yarn and cases are free, I pay for shipping. This is first come, first serve. State your preferences when you comment....I pick names randomly out of a hat, usually with some canine help. I only ask that what it is worth to you,  you pay it forward. Give to a charity of your choice, work a day in an animal shelter or a soup kitchen, help a neighbor, donate some unused towels or blankets, pay the adoption fee for a cat or dog that has been at the shelter way too long. It might help them get a home. Anyway YOU pick that random act of kindness. I'll announce the winners next Wednesday.  PLEASE make sure I have some way of contacting you and I'll need addresses. You have been fore warned! ;-)

Parting shot: Feathering the nose!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looms and Other Fiber Tools 2017 Edition

I haven't done this in a few years, so let's take a quick inventory.

Looms changed a fair amount over the last year or so. The AVL PDL left, the Gilmore Gem II and the Murphy loom all found homes. One more loom will leave early this year (fingers crossed), and that is Nora, the 32" Macomber.

Fear not though, I am certainly NOT loom poor.  Behold! The Wall of Schacht!

Complete with covert undercover dog.....

There is Fiona the Wolf Pup LT and Shrek the Baby Wolf 4 Now 4 Later, (the 4 later kit will be installed today), and the lovely Matchless spinning wheel.

The Glimakra band loom, which is quiet and easily moved around the house and likely outside come warmer weather.

Downstairs in the studio proper is 12 shaft Lout Spring, my late father's loom.

 It has history, a lot of history. It's also a great loom. I'm lucky to have such a beautiful legacy to use, create and admire. He shares space with the 12 shaft 40" Macomber, dubbed " St. Nick", since his gotcha day was right at Christmas time two years ago.

Tucked into the guest/yoga room is also the Schacht Sidekick wheel.

 I drag this little guy all over the house to use and parts elsewhere too! Did I mention I like Schacht products? ;-)

Now onto fabric handling and the stable of sewing machines, 1 Brother sewing/embroidery machine, 2 Brother sergers (D1034's), and 4 Pfaff's of varying ages.

Look Cindie, floor before weekly vacuuming!
 What you don't see is the little Singer Genie, the heavy duty 158 series Kenmore, the Bernina, and the Morse Fotomatic IV.  Sewing machines are obviously easier to store than looms! ;-)

I'm pretty darn happy with the loom assortment and I might wager that come 2018 the array will not have changed much. There might be some shake-ups in the sewing salon and much as I hate to say it, there are a couple of machines that are completely stored away and haven't been used in years. Might be time to move them along so they can be adopted and loved.

So, how did everyone else do with the fiber tools in 2016?  Today seems like the perfect time to flash the beauties!
Happy New Year everyone, may 2017 be good to us all.

Parting shot: The butt warming zone.