Tuesday, October 25, 2016

No Matter What, the Sun Comes Up.

And that's the truth. Dogs, horses, husbands, goats, friends and even cats all need attention and give back freely. The sun comes up, you laugh, you cry, you dust yourself off and go on with the business of living. To do otherwise would be an insult to those who no longer can.  I want to thank each and every one of you, Carol, Kim, LA, Cindie, Diane, Michelle, Janine, Coco, Sharon, Louise, Valerie, Mary, Elle, Peg, Leigh, Elizabeth, Linda, Susan, Nadine and LOTL. Thank you so much for those cyberhugs, condolences, words of kindness and strength and prayers. It was so appreciated and needed. Thank you all so very, very much.

While it has been a sad time, it has not been an idle one. I cleared my Dad's loom of the 12 yard cottolin towel warp we put on so many months ago. He did get to see the 11 lovely towels that were woven. Pics next post.  It is only fitting that his prayer flag warp be put on his loom. Gene and a friend moved it back down for me since I decided to give this special loom the best weaving space in the house. The two little wolf looms are upstairs now.

 This pic was taken in process, but now everything is all tied on and up and it's ready to weave.

 The pattern is going to be a twill and plain weave on 6 shafts and treadles. Something different and while this warp is shortish, if I like the pattern it might be recycled to the next warp. I had forgotten how time consuming tying up a countermarche loom can be!

The sewing salon has seen some action in the last weeks. I needed the absorption sewing can provide. The picking and choosing of pattern and fabric. I implemented my idea of using the Grainline Scout Tee pattern but changing the neckline to mimic some of the other patterns I like. It worked out well and I have my different necklines with the nicely drafted armhole and sleeve. Yeah!
First up is a fun sheep linen cotton print. I grabbed the neckline from an Indygo Junction pattern, the Urban Tunic. I only had two yards of each fabric and that collar is wide and on the bias.

Next up I used the Esme neckline. I love this Scandinavian print. Foxes!

 Dark blue has been showing up a bit more in my wardrobe, so a pair of navy linen pants made it out of the sewing room too.

leg detail

 I ordered some organic cotton knit fabric since the Phoebe Pants pattern (Tina Given) worked out so well for knit PJ's. I was able to get two bottoms, one tee and two tanks cut out for sleepwear. in 3 different knit patterns.

The Baby Wolf has seen it's share of weaving also.

 The birch runner run is 3/4 done. I found some ombre wool in stash for the second one. It goes from cream to grey to beige and a deeper brown and then fades back to light again. Kauni was the name of the yarn, light sock weight and is working perfectly.

I think that's all I have for right now, but it is good to be back and blogging and catching up with everyone else's blogs! At some point at the beginning of October, Blogger dropped all of my watched blogs. I have tried to reassemble them all back, but honestly, I am sure there may be a few I have forgotten. If you remember seeing a blog here that is no longer present PLEASE let me know. I know Margaret & Helen isn't added back yet.

Parting shot: Cuddler's extraordinaire.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Sadness and Relief

I've been gone a good while from this blog, but other matters where much more important. This is not going to be a happy post nor a long one. Yesterday, October 13, 2016 at 7:30 in the morning my dad died of stomach cancer.  I spent the last few weeks, putting his estate in order under his directive, watching football, talking politics and doing for him whatever earthly assignment I could to make his last days meaningful and letting him know how much he was cherished and loved. The nurses of both the Rogue Valley Health Center and from hospice made his last days comfortable. It was sadness and relief I went through yesterday. Grieving for my loss and at the same time so relieved he is not in pain any more.

Richard Conover Chamberlain III 8/5/1937 - 10/13/2016

Today I'm going to take stock of my sewing room, pick through some fabric, think about life, cry some, sleep without worry of the phone ringing, watch the rain. Tomorrow I'll again pick up the reins and start stewardship of my mother. She'll be moving into a smaller place right in the main manor building, there are finances to see to, belongings to pare down. It's all pretty clean and tidy, bless you Dad, for that final gift, I'll get her through it. Promise.