Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Where DID I Put My Dunce Cap?

Okay, I publicly complained about a draft in a book and now I am going to do the same to retract that. The finger needs to be pointed directly at yours truly. The one with the dunce cap. My tie-up was good, my weft/color sequence was good, my threading...
good gosh, it was  not a straight draw. Everything I have done on both looms for the past month has been, but this bound rosepath weave that was the first blanket, noooooo.
So after running in circles and rechecking "everything" I happened to decide to go look at that other draft. The minute I did the egg hit the face or maybe something hitting a fan. I will now go back under my loom where a red face seems pretty normal.


  1. Well, I'm just really glad you didn't burn that loom! Sometimes you have to go over and over everything and then say it out loud a few times to both yourself and then to others. Glad to hear you are happy and back on the blanket bus!

  2. Glad you figured it out!!!!

    For future reference, if you're not feeling like getting out the graph paper, you can download Fiberworks PCW for free and play around with it. You just need to buy it if you're going to save files or print things.....so I think it would be fair game to give it a try for an occasion like this. (It's bound to make you want to buy it!!) (Of course, I haven't read what their copyright says....so do check before taking my word for it! I know you can download and start playing with it for free though as part of your evaluation process)

    Sue - of the long parenthetical comments!

  3. Sue, wish I could but I have a Mac and am waiting and hoping they come out with an Apple program.