Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Saddle Blanket Beginning

The warp got tied on and the shuttles all loaded and we began. I love this pattern using
the cream color as a solid, but the reality is horses are usually rather grubby unless
just washed and all horse owners know there is nothing that makes a horse want
to find that dust or mud to roll in more than a bath. Sweat also conspires to turn white to a permanently stained dingy beige. I'll be using the natural brown as a solid through the body of the blanket since it is covered by the saddle. The parts at the front and rear that show will get the fancy pattern. It has been challenging to keep 3 shuttles straight using a four treadle sequence but I think the results are well worth the slowness. I'm sure I'll get a bit faster. It's odd 
to have the Barbara loom only tied up on 4 treadles and 4 shafts.
It's always a reach for me using this loom and I have to be honest. I am not loving the commuter bench as much as I think I should. I may see if my Harrisville bench will adjust high enough to try with BV. There is always the phone book option!
I have another scarf warp ready to go on the Murphy loom and as I take a break from saddle blanket weaving I might get this warped on and start threading.
Winter arrived back last night with some sustained snow, looks
like about 4 inches out there this morning so far and it's still coming down. Gene has to trek over to the apartments in Shady Cove so it will be a quiet day around here. Oh, and I finally found a nice little used trailer to replace the one I sold. This one is a Thuro-bilt Spirit 2 horse slant load. Looks like spring will include some remedial trailer loading lessons for the guys. Boo and Imp have never been in a slant load and it's been 4 plus years since the older guys have had to negotiate a step up. I suspect Dandy and Nick will step right in, Cooper always needs a little more coaxing but even though small it is nice and open.


  1. That pattern is cool - one of these days I need to try rosepath for something. Every time I see it I like it!!

    Thanks for the temple picture.....for my weaving equipment order inspiration!!

    Enjoy your snow! (jokes the woman who yearns to see her lawn again sometime this month I hope!)


  2. I'm enjoying the information about BV. There is one for sale in my neighborhood but it's a bit overpriced so I will probably muddle on with my Baby Wolf. Anyway, your blog is the only place that I could find a picture so thanks!

  3. I look forward to seeing the saddle blanket finished. How are you going to treat your edges? Some fancy fringe or just pulled under? I did a saddle blanket a few years ago and since there is no horse in my life, it lives at the front door, greeting my friends and neighbours!

  4. Rosey,
    The BV is quite the loom, a little fussy but when she's right, she's right on. I saw a Cassnadra for sale recently, which is a smaller version of the BV and without the tapestry change out.

    Lynette, these blankets will get a hemmed edge. I'll probably add a tassel at each corner, but that's it.

    Sue, Thanks for the kind words. I am having a bit of trouble with the temple and have been fussing with it. I think I've got it adjusted well at
    this point. It's a great tool but mine is old and rather decrepit.