Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weaving and weaving some more

It would be redundant to post pictures of the endless curtain warp, we're over halfway through curtain two. The plain weave goes very quickly when I actually do sit down for some weaving time. Curtains three and four will be for a shorter window so I need to measure where I want the sparse pattern element. The saddle blanket is in the center body of the blanket at present, the one color section. I did finally get the new Toika metal temple and it is much nicer to use than limping along with the old LeClerc one that I managed to break three teeth off of. The Toika is literally hunter orange. Got me to thinking what I could weave in that color for riding in the woods during hunting season. A vest of some sort, or it would be fun to weave a bright orange rump rug.

It is a fact of life that the nicest season for riding IMHO is fall and that is the same time the weekend warriors come up from CA and the valley and are in the woods with their 4 wheelers, their beer and their guns. I apologize to all the hunters who may be reading this that always look twice before they shoot, that never hunt on posted land, that don't feel the need to try to shoot deer from the road from the back of the pick-up or come out at night to jack deer, the ones that manage to take all their garbage and beer cans with them,don't feel the need to fire a gun when there is a horse and rider within 50 feet of you, pick up their spent casings, kill the animal instead of leaving it to wander wounded and do a good job of field dressing the animal they have killed. Needless to say, I limit my riding time in the fall. I stick to broad trails, I wear bright colors and the horses have bells on their saddles always. In fact I don't ride on the fall weekends, it's simply too dangerous.

Which brings me back to something orange to weave. I think it would be a good summer challenge for myself to weave something pretty and bright for hunting season. I'll have to think on it some more. Suggestions and ideas welcome!

So, lets backtrack to the here and now. Spring popped out yesterday. I don't know how long she'll stay but it was a glorious Monday for sure. What we call "Impossibly" blue skies. The high elevation and lack of valley smog allow for a really deep blue sky.
The breeze was steady and cool but all the birds and bugs where out and about doing spring time things. Robins have arrived, some unknown song birds and there is movement in the woods, the does are starting to move up. It will be fun to see how many twins there are this year. We had 3 sets of them last year and they were awfully fun to watch. The horses were enjoying the warmer day, lots of snoozing on the sunny spots on the hill and goat chasing, always a fun activity. ;-)


  1. I have seen blaze orange yarn somewhere....can't remember where exactly, but I was a little surprised!

    We have assorted blaze orange fashions - mostly vests so we can wear them over whatever jacket we have on. Plus blaze orange caps. And Bailey has a blaze orange vest that attaches to his collar with velcro. (Not that you should weave for your dogs!)

    Luckily it's a while til hunting season yet....so we don't need to break out the blaze orange for a few more months. (Ours tends to get muddy, so I'm not sure I'd weave anything orange - although maybe if it was handwoven I'd take better care of it!)



  2. The pictures are great! I love the fuzzy, thick winter coats. As far as orange - how about a cape like superman! hee -hee - it would add movement to the bright color!

  3. Sue, Bartlett yarns makes a blaze orange and I believe an almost local yarn store carries the line. I can't be sure but some form of hunting season starts as early as August, could be turkey's could be bow hunters.

    Jennifer, yes, they have wonderful winter pelts, of course if you were actually to pet one right now, you would have GOBS of that hair all over you. It's the hours of daylight that dictate shedding, not the temps. I always feel bad for them when we have April and May snowstorms. Hmm, a cape eh? I could ride out in the wilds, bells scaring everything within a half a mile and bright orange cape flying out behind us. Has possibilities!

  4. I was sitting here literally chuckling at my computer screen as I read. So much of that sounds all too familiar. Autumn would be such a perfect time of year if only it didn't include hunting season!

    And I love the cape suggestion. The mental image from that got me fully laughing at the computer. Just think what an image you would cut, Theresa!! You must share pictures of you wearing your blaze orange cape once you have it made ;-)