Wednesday, January 11, 2017

So, Who Won What?

This is a quick post to announce the lucky winners!

Anna H: Lime Green Needle Case

Wendy: Donegal Tweed

Michelle: Blue Isager

Martha: Cream Isager

Peg: Manos Yarn

Kim: Pale Grey Isager

Anita: Brown Isager

Yvonne: Colinette

Unknown: Eggplant Needle Case

Please to all of the winners, send me your snail mail addresses via my e-mail:

runamuckweaving at gmail dot com


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Four Then, Eight Now and a Giveaway

It took just about an hour and a half for Schacht Wolf Pup Shrek to go from 4 shafts to 8. I like that. No drama. Holes lined up, instructions were adequate, it all fit nicely back together after expansion and it was just challenging enough I felt I had accomplished doing it.

Truth told it took longer to put all the treadle ties on for those 4 new shafts. Now I can have a little fun planning the next warp, but as I think I said, pillowcases are calling me and Lunatic Fringe has some nice organic naturally colored cotton at a price I think I can afford.

We've had a number of snow days this week. In fact the whole week so far has just about been snow filled.

 We got about 3 feet of the fluffy white stuff.

Gene spent at least 8 hours plowing yesterday and my car still wears a two plus foot covering. I suppose I'll have to broom it off sometime this morning and get it moved so he can clean up around where I was parked.

The snow has made time for a good amount of sewing and weaving and football.

yes, this is a gratuitous shot of the Pats killing the Fins.
Some pretty makes up in the salon. One a fine white linen tunic of which I didn't get a picture of but I will, and the other, also in linen and using one of the small half meters of Japanese fabric I bought from Fabric of Visions little pop up sale before Christmas.

 I have some fun things cut out since the grey and silver top was the last of my pre-cut projects. More on those as they get sewn up.

Weaving galore, well at least for me. The band is coming along, but since it pretty much looks the same start to finish, I'll wait until it's off the loom to show you. Fiona has an all wool warp on, weaving a  winter runner.

 I bought the yarns from the Web-sters with my gift certificate, along with a cute little Erda wristlet.

You can see the inspiration for the pattern in the back.

The neon green towel has been completed and I'm on to a navy blue linen.

You can really see the block pattern now.

Sorting my knitting stuff is what brings me to the give-away. I got frustrated trying to find a certain size circular knitting needle I wanted and thought there must be a better way to store them There is and here it is. 

 I managed to get all my circs in there and have room for a gauge and the cables to the sets of interchangeables. That of course leaves two very nice storage cases from Namaste, which sadly, is no longer in business.

Stella is not included in the giveaway

 But these are up for grabs and some yarns.

4 different colors of  Isager 50/50 alpaca and wool lace/fingering weight.

 Each drawing winner will get two skeins of the one color. There are two skeins of a Colinette yarn. This is a dk weight.

3 skeins of Manos del Uruguay yarn, one is variegated.

 And lastly is 4 skeins of Donegal Tweed Homespun.

The rules are simple, the yarn and cases are free, I pay for shipping. This is first come, first serve. State your preferences when you comment....I pick names randomly out of a hat, usually with some canine help. I only ask that what it is worth to you,  you pay it forward. Give to a charity of your choice, work a day in an animal shelter or a soup kitchen, help a neighbor, donate some unused towels or blankets, pay the adoption fee for a cat or dog that has been at the shelter way too long. It might help them get a home. Anyway YOU pick that random act of kindness. I'll announce the winners next Wednesday.  PLEASE make sure I have some way of contacting you and I'll need addresses. You have been fore warned! ;-)

Parting shot: Feathering the nose!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looms and Other Fiber Tools 2017 Edition

I haven't done this in a few years, so let's take a quick inventory.

Looms changed a fair amount over the last year or so. The AVL PDL left, the Gilmore Gem II and the Murphy loom all found homes. One more loom will leave early this year (fingers crossed), and that is Nora, the 32" Macomber.

Fear not though, I am certainly NOT loom poor.  Behold! The Wall of Schacht!

Complete with covert undercover dog.....

There is Fiona the Wolf Pup LT and Shrek the Baby Wolf 4 Now 4 Later, (the 4 later kit will be installed today), and the lovely Matchless spinning wheel.

The Glimakra band loom, which is quiet and easily moved around the house and likely outside come warmer weather.

Downstairs in the studio proper is 12 shaft Lout Spring, my late father's loom.

 It has history, a lot of history. It's also a great loom. I'm lucky to have such a beautiful legacy to use, create and admire. He shares space with the 12 shaft 40" Macomber, dubbed " St. Nick", since his gotcha day was right at Christmas time two years ago.

Tucked into the guest/yoga room is also the Schacht Sidekick wheel.

 I drag this little guy all over the house to use and parts elsewhere too! Did I mention I like Schacht products? ;-)

Now onto fabric handling and the stable of sewing machines, 1 Brother sewing/embroidery machine, 2 Brother sergers (D1034's), and 4 Pfaff's of varying ages.

Look Cindie, floor before weekly vacuuming!
 What you don't see is the little Singer Genie, the heavy duty 158 series Kenmore, the Bernina, and the Morse Fotomatic IV.  Sewing machines are obviously easier to store than looms! ;-)

I'm pretty darn happy with the loom assortment and I might wager that come 2018 the array will not have changed much. There might be some shake-ups in the sewing salon and much as I hate to say it, there are a couple of machines that are completely stored away and haven't been used in years. Might be time to move them along so they can be adopted and loved.

So, how did everyone else do with the fiber tools in 2016?  Today seems like the perfect time to flash the beauties!
Happy New Year everyone, may 2017 be good to us all.

Parting shot: The butt warming zone.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Presents and Pet Peeves

Hoping everyone had a wonderful holiday!

 It was a bit subdued here, but I think we managed to focus on the important things we still have in our lives rather than those that are lost to us. The news of my Mother getting the apartment she wanted buoyed us all through the holiday.  She loved the table and it will fit perfectly in the  designated space. She even picked out a very girlie crystal chandelier to hang over. Her first foray into decorating on her own!  I had downloaded a few different possibilities and she picked from those. I'll order it for her today. Woohoo!

Gene and I stayed home Christmas Day, padding around in sweats and PJ's. I got a Glimakra band loom which we put together, together!

 Here is the start of the first effort and the color inspiration.

 It's a fun loom but it also brings me to my pet peeve. I'm a fit and finish girl. I would rather pay a bit more for an item that is made well than one that's so-so, especially with a tool like a loom. It works, there is no issue with that, but it is cheaply made of a light pine.

 I could hear wood splitting when I was assembling a piece. Gene glued it. The pre-drilled holes where poorly done and the stick shuttle supplied is simply crap.

 Having said all that the band is weaving up beautifully and it is a lot easier than an inkle loom IMHO. I love the treadles. Wouldn't it be pretty painted though?

This bag from Cheerio Textiles is a work of art!

A beautiful gift from a friend made locally out of cloth handwoven in Mexico.

 It's called a Maker's Bag and right now it has the start of a shawl in it from Swan's Island Ikat Firefly yarn.  The little fox bag on the band loom was also a gift from the same dear friend.

Gift certificates and the 4 Later kit for the Schacht Baby Wolf rounded out the day. I know Gene missed the fun gadgets that my Dad would get for him. He got some wonderful stuff regardless and got some gadget fixes installing stroller wheels on BW and a new fancy Delta hand held shower. We had Chicken Parmesan for dinner and a roaring fire in the fireplace. Dogs played with new balls and Nylabones.

Before the holidays I found the most perfect Etsy seller and visited her shop often both for things for myself (shameful I know), and gifts for friends and family. LadyBaaBaa1 (Lorrie actually), does all her work using recycled sweaters and the quality I've seen far surpasses others who do the same. Here are my three purchases,

 two recycled cashmere cowls (one reversible), and a pair of warm lined felted wool sweater mittens.

There are fingerless gloves, infinity scarves and hats all from recycled cashmere and wool and the prices are excellent!  The pretty little bird (partridge maybe?), phone case that provided color ideas for a band was a surprise gift from the shop. I really did frequent it quite a lot this season. Check it all out here.

A little sewing happened too while I lounged around post holiday.

 More spring than winter but I enjoyed working with the cute fox fabric Cindie surprised me with in the fall.

 The green linen pants really needed a press but that color will get a lot of use in my wardrobe.

Nick's warp is on and being woven.

 I am loving this fun one shuttle block weave. First towel up is neon green linen!

New Year's Eve is also my Mom's birthday. She'll be 79. We're taking her out for dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate. Some things never change! ;-)

Wishing you all a good and safe New Year's Eve. Let's hope that 2017 is better than our expectations....

Parting shot: An exhausted Santa Paws tucked in for a long winter's nap!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Organic Flocking

You know...SNOW! It's going to be a white Christmas here in the Greensprings.

Mother Nature and Old Man Winter are working together to bring beauty and serenity to my special place in the world. The woods are beckoning to me today to take a quiet walk among whispering giants, to sit until my own shoulders gather a snowy shawl, my nose and cheeks become rosy and my hair is ruffled in all directions by gusts both gentle and strong.

I might even have to stomp out a reindeer landing pad. I'm sure Jack and Robin and Spike and Smoochie and Pogo would all be willing to mark out the perimeter! ;-)

It is almost time to track Santa. You know it is with childhood joy I give you this link each year.
It's always fun checking in, spiked eggnog in hand, to watch his progress.

To all my friends, far and near, hold loved ones close,

and for gosh sakes, have a very Merry Christmas, A Happy Hanukkah, a Joyful Kwanzaa, or a Festive Festivus. Let love and kindness shine no matter what flavor your holiday is.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ho Ho Humbug

It really isn't the best of holiday seasons. My Dad was the master orchestrator of Christmas and we have all missed him in our own special way. This is one holiday season we just want to get to the other side of. Simple as that.

That's not to say we have been completely cheerless, we haven't. There are good friends to visit with while shopping or dining out. There are gifts to wrap and give, holiday music, snowflakes, cookies and crackling fires. Memories to make and others to revisit. Most of my gifts this year were handmade by me, others by someone else. Etsy was my stomping ground this year for almost everything that didn't come from my two hands. Friends got a lot of jam!

I also treated myself this season. maybe more than I normally would have but, but no one is counting.
I have long been trying to wean my household away from plastic. We went to old fashioned Pyrex glass containers, good for storing and baking in.  Cindie and I met last Saturday in Grants Pass for a little shopping, gift exchanging and some lunch. We started at the Kitchen Store and I snagged some fun items for storage. First up is Bee's Wrap.

I bought two large pieces and cut them down to sizes I would use. Frankly, as time goes on I'll buy more and slowly change most things stored in the fridge to this. We always keep many
different cheeses on hand and it represents a lot of wasted plastic. This is made in Vermont, my favorite state, hands down.

These little silicon cloches expand.

The base is a cutting surface, the top forms an airtight seal for cut onions, tomato, or what have you that will fit. The little tab on top is for grabbing because squeezing the silicone cloche will allow it to be opened. These are made by Prepara. Certainly better than wrapping the half of a ? in plastic wrap or a sandwich bag.

I love honey and this is so much prettier to keep it in than the jar our local honey producers used.

I was really just looking for a wood honey dipper, but who could resist the set? Not me!

Oh and the sparkle sugar on the cookies rounded out my finds

along with some replacement stirrers and such in bright colored melamine.

 I was GOBSMACKED at the beautiful shawl Cindie made

 and competed with a fox shawl pin.

 How beautiful and special. Cindie, I have worn it everyday since. It's like a continuous hug from a good friend. Thank you.

As you can see, little sewing has gone on. That's it for the week.

Nick has been threaded with his linen warp and is being sleyed, slowly.  Cookies baked, a lovely cauliflower and potato curry

made for grabbing on busy nights, with rice, or a bit of baked fish or a sandwich. I might turn the rest into samosas.

My Mom got the apartment she wanted. The manor works on a first come first serve basis and we were particular as to what she desired. Today I will go work with renovations as I did for my folks when they moved from MA to OR. Flooring, cabinets, countertops, lighting and paint will all be selected. The 10th floor apartment with a view will be ready for her in 45-60 days. She will only have to go down an elevator to be with friends and have access to all the activities provided, along with 4 restaurants on campus. Woohoo!

Parting shot: Peek a boo! I see you.