Saturday, December 29, 2018

Seeing Double

This was supposed to be the year we didn't exchange gifts. I donated heavily in Gene's name and he cheated but in such a good way. Years ago a local artist did a little portrait of Peter, not long after I had lost him at the ripe old age of 19.

I still miss my leggy little wonder. Anywho Gene snapped a few pics of a certain flippered furry eel while I was gone and the artist didn't like her first effort so did a second.

Mandy does indeed look this worried when I leave. I am told she waits by the door for me for hours.

 Gene took both and they are proudly hanging. They are very quiet, don't nip anyone and are thrifty on food and vet care....hmmmmmmmm......

The doubles don't stop there. I got sorely sick of making button down blouses. They aren't hard, but fussy in parts and time consuming even without sleeves.

This was a medium weight shot cotton I bought on the $5.00 table last fall. Not enough for sleeves but such a lovely dark raisin color I knew it would make the perfect multi season blouse.

 Looks great with a pale grey cardi I have and deep charcoal pants. Just saying.... There has been a need for simple woven type tee shirts but I didn't want a scoop neck. I modified a style arc pattern I had used quite a bit and liked the neckline.

The single sized pattern was graded down quite a bit, and by the second one I had gotten a bit of shaping. The white linen will get a lot of wear, at least until it gets a lot of stains. The flannel certainly will see action now.

In fact I yanked it off Rhonda after the pic and threw it on for this chilly Saturday around the house. Win win!

My good friends spoil me and this year the quilting maven outdid herself.

 FOXES are in the prints and such beautiful piecing it's hard not to fall in love with this quilt!

This lovely recycled lamp was also added upstairs. It started life as an art vase but it makes a beautiful soft light.

I am truly enjoying my little bedroom table BTW and can't imagine not having it now.

I'm leaving you with this gem to get you into 2019. A few of my favorite things..... ;-0
One of my wishes for next year is that I never ever have to look at a selfie of the Cheeto's junk. EEEEKKKKKK!

Parting shots: The holidays are an exhausting affair!


Theresa said...

Leaving comment one!

Michelle said...

The second portrait of Mandy does well with Peter's portrait, but the first one is lovely. Good for Gene!

Leigh said...

Pet portraits! What a great idea for Christmas gifts!

LA said...

Gene did a great job getting just the right gift...he knows you well! I had to look closely at your quilt...just lovely! Happy New Year!!!

beckster said...

This post is full of wonderful gems! I love your presents! I have a couple of pet portraits in my den, and I never tire of them. Your makes are terrific, and Randy Rainbow made my day, my week! Happy New Year and let's hope for better days in 2019.

Valerie said... the little twist to Peter's mouth, and the furrowed brow on the second Mandy portrait. Those capture their personalities.

Happy New Year, Theresa!

Peg Cherre said...

That quilt is truly wonderful. I watched the entire Rsndy Rainbow video with a smile on my face, so thanks for that bright spot.

Theresa said...

Michelle, The two are similar but she uses a different canvas now. I adore the larger full body one too.

Leigh, Yes! It is always winning strategy around here. We certainly don't lack for subjects. :-)

LA, the quilt really is special.

Beckster, Pet portraits rock don't they! You too have a wonderful New Year. Glad you enjoyed Randy Rainbow. He's had some good ones this year.

Peg, ALWAYS happy to spread a smile. That's one of my favorite things!

Valerie, Peter was just so. If you remember he had the crooked jaw from it being shattered as a puppy. Gosh I miss the little guy. And yes, both capture something of each dog beautifully.

Susan said...

What lovely portraits! I might see if I can prod myself into creating ones of my three characters. I've tried to start Scrappy's but I am not quite able to get through it without my heart breaking all over again. My goodness, you have been BUSY! I love the raisin color of that shirt and the quilt is just lovely. Here's hoping this is a year of upheaval (in the WH, as in impeachment) and more folks coming to their senses. xo