Friday, December 21, 2018

A Waste of Time and Fabric

Rarely do I pan a pattern as badly as I'm going to pan the hood/Cosplay pattern from McCalls, but it was a colossal waste of time and fabric.

The hood was my main interest but I figured I had enough fabric to make the vest too, so I cut both out from a linen I had languishing in my collection. A two sided affair, gauzy and thankfully bought on sale. The hood is positively weird! Ginormous head and tight at the back of the neck. With such an ample front you want to be able to adjust it back a bit. No go. The vest, if possible, worse. They must think we wear bras to make us look like pointy busted mannequins from the 50's! I was so disgusted with this pattern, it and the fabric is sitting in the to burn bin. If you want a nice hood pattern use a tried and true favorite of mine from Jamie Christina. It is much easier to work with and thriftier on fabric.

Well, now that I got THAT out of my system, lets get to the good makes! Two lovely shirts came out of the salon, one the almost flannel yarn dye fabric

 and the other a supply lightweight cotton canvas in such a fun UK travel print.

 I have another piece of this fabric that is Paris inspired cut and waiting attention. There is actually a lot of stuff cut and waiting but sewing has been rolling out slowly this past month or so.

So, last I left you we had gotten my mother's apartment moved, then she refused to move out of the health center even though she hadn't needed the 24 hour care for at least a month. It was a week of hell, she was impossible and finally the administrator had to step up and convince her she needed to leave their particular area of the facility. She is one floor up and can come down and hang anytime, but doesn't need the constant nursing care the health center offers. Put into dollars and cents we finally got her moved up last Monday. Of course now that she is up there, she loves it. Sigh. After the first of the year I am giving myself a much needed break from my parent.

A little decorating has gone on this year, mostly done before Mother Mule had her week of tantrums.

I rather like my plain little table top tree I went with this year. It is just enough.

 The old reindeer and sleight from my Grandmothers Christmas box

 also made an appearance but then everything is overshadowed by my Dad's loom. I hated to leave her out in the cold back room so I folded her up and installed her in front of the fireplace.

 I have places I'm able to move her to weave or if we want to use the fireplace. In spring she'll go back to sharing with Buttercup!

So, raise your hand if you are feeling like OMG, exactly how out of control and crooked this so called president needs to become before we remove him from office? I am horrified at the actions of the past several days.

But today I'm going to concentrate on a good book on Audible, some weaving and look forward to the full moon tonight, meteor shower and solstice! A trifecta!! I'm leaving you with my favorite moon song. Years ago I knew the complete bass line. YEARS ago.....

To everyone, have a Merry one. I'll likely catch up with you all before the New Year.

Parting shot: Pillow Pals


Theresa said...

First up...

Michelle said...

Oh, Theresa.... If I look around my "circle," it appears that if you don't have children/grandchildren weighing heavily on your soul, it is a parent/parents. No escaping the stress, worry, and heartbreak that family brings. I guess it's much like our animals; we have to remind ourselves that the love/relationship is worth the pain/heartbreak. You DO need a parental break; so glad she is in a safe place so you can do that! "Keep your chin up." :-D


Valerie said...

When you hadn't posted for awhile, I wondered about your Mom. Dementia seems to bring on its very own brand of stubborn.

Sorry about the waste on the hooded vest pattern. Love the yarn dyed flannel shirt. As a weaver, I have been contemplating what exactly defines flannel as answers yet.

LA said...

My niece had some trouble with the cosplay pattern she made. Not only were the directions confusing, the pattern pieces were weird. Guess that's why it belongs in the fantasy world!!! Love those JRs!!!

Hilary said...

First of all, that's one of my FAVE songs ever.....I love Van.
Secondly, yes, that is my hood pattern too...Jamie Christina.....very
Thirdly, my hand is raised.........I can' get it any higher.

I love that first blouse.

Barbara said...

Love the Santa and sleigh. My Grandmother had a similar one that must have been lost in a move. Seeing yours gave me such sweet memories. It almost made me forget for a moment about the idiot in charge. He is making me miserable.

Leigh said...

All of your decorations are really nice.
I really like the raspberry plaid shirt.
The hood looks odd, so I'm impressed you attempted it.
Merry, merry back at 'ya!

Theresa said...

Michelle, Chin up eyes forward and showing total exasperation at the present ongoings in government!

Valerie! Good to hear from you. For me flannel means brushed, a surface treatment as opposed to a weave structure....

LA, I didn't even want to get into the instructions. I think for me the worst sin was the amount of cloth required to end up with such an inferior garment.

Hilary, That Jamie Christina pattern is such fun! Have you made the kitten version? I'm tempted to make my ears a bit bigger and dub it a fox hood! If only raising our hands could fix the literal world of hurt we have unleashed with the orange Mussolini.....

Barbara, The plastics back then are so much more delicate than the ones we have now but every year when I pull those out I too am reminded of holidays long past, glass ornaments, strings of glass beads and furry tinsel in a rainbow of color. There is magic in those old reindeer and that Santa brings bagfuls of it with the memories eh?

Leigh, I rather like my spare decorations this year. Next year I might be ready for a larger cut tree. The dogs will be over the moon with that....on second thought. ;-)

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

First of all, Merry Merry right back at you. Sorry your Mule headed Mom is causing you heart aches. We went through plenty of those types of woes with my Mother. All I can say is hang tough - it will be okay.

Love the Santa and his reindeer - what a great tradition to keep alive at your house. Your tree is perfect, I need to find one of those little guys.

Enjoy the sewing salon, looking forward as always to seeing what you create.

Hugs for the pups!

Peg Cherre said...

That plaid shirt is a stunner! I'd wear that till it fell apart. I love that little table top tree. I agree that it's just right, especially when the holiday is stressing you out for other reasons. Sorry to hear about your mom, and I'm sending you hugs along with everyone else.

A hot bath, a glass of mulled wine, a good book...all 3 together is a winner for sure!