Thursday, April 20, 2017

Snowing, Just Another Word for Nothin' There but Mud.

You can think that title humming to the tune of "Me and Bobby McGee" if you like. If my pics don't dazzle at least I can give you an ear worm huh? ;-)

Just when it gets both warm and somewhat dry in the garden, it either pours or snows. of last weeks drives to town,

 and today the damp solid is again gracing us. Last night the horses needed fly masks this morning I'll have to yank them off, if they haven't done so already on their the mud...somewhere...out there.

But if garden endeavors are stalled, inside at least is productive and entertaining.
Pillow case warp, finally in progress

 and looky there, the evil color and weave warp is done, choke tied and ready for warping on Fiona.

 I see lots of shuttle throwing in my future. Both these warps are pretty long. I may jump the tracks doing a 7 yard color and weave project but we'll see.

The start of a very pretty lilac linen towel on the Nick, the Macomber.

It may be soggy and gloomy outside, but inside we have SPRING, this top proves it.

 I loved this fabric so much I went back and reordered 4 more yards. I'm seeing some retro pillowcases or maybe an apron. Both and then some!

This Mississippi Ave tunic only carries the Spring theme along.

 Sleeveless and with pink trim, it got an outing on Easter. Who needs bunnies when you have raccoons in bows?

I also freed this beautiful, magical book from the shelves.

 For those that have ever gotten the catalogue from The Webster's you are familiar with the artwork of Mari Gayatri Stein because it has graced their covers for as long as I can remember. Fitting too, because Mari passed away earlier this year, either on my birthday or the day before.

Our own strange moon last week. Spooky times at the five in the morning farm feeding.

Have I mentioned I love my new Joy 2 wheel Amelia?

I started spinning some long treasured fiber on her, a 50/50 baby camel and merino blend and it is spinning like butter. A little tricky but this is the first wheel I have been able to get it all together to give this fiber a go. And that brings us to the 216 yards of worsted/dk weight hand spun and plied BFL yarn
that I finished spinning this week.

 Free for charity knitting or give it to someone you know who charity knits, first come, first served, just let me know in the comments section.

Did That Just Happen?

Oh god, where to start. Let's start with the two most dangerous moves the orange asshat has made in the last week or so. Bluffing on boats and then backtracking. Is there nothing he won't lie about?
And let's saber rattle over the Iran nuclear deal, because lord knows no one is going to be happy unless we are marching to war with at least 3 or is 4 countries and pissing off many more in the process. He just can't wait to bomb the sh*t out of someone for something as soon as possible.

And look here, Exxon is asking for sanctions to be removed so they can go ahead and with the 500 billion dollar deal with Russian state owned (Putin) oil giant Rosneft. Wasn't this Vlad's plan all along?

But there is a plenty to scare us here at home, never fear. I find this one of the scariest things. Let's all let big business bury whatever they don't like. Didn't the tobacco companies do that so many years ago?

Parting shot: After a day at the spa.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

It's All Addition and Subtraction

These days when something migrates in, I try to move what it replaced, out. This of course does not work with animals or stash items, but for many other things it does.  So it was with a fiber tool I had not been enjoying. My folks gave me a Schacht Sidekick for Christmas 2015. Quality product, uses bobbins I already have with my Matchless, a known quality and a beautiful wheel. Trouble was, I never found my groove with it, so it sat, and sat and sat. It may have sat for another year or two, but I stopped in the garden of yarnly delights, the Webster's on a Saturday morning right before a spinning class. The Ashford Joy wheel was down in the classroom ready to go when people showed up. I asked if I could sneak a spin on it. HOW STUPID WAS THAT? I could have sat there spinning the whole day. Instead I ordered one and went home and listed the Schacht Sidekick. The Joy 2 arrived last Thursday and I have been thoroughly enjoying spinning on her.

The Sidekick is heading out to her new home today.
So meet Amelia Joy.

I also thought about why I don't spin more because I do find it relaxing and rewarding. The problem has always been what to do with the yarn. I will never be able to use all I would like to spin. It's the spinning I like not necessarily the knitting or weaving with the handspun. So I've decided to give away the handspun to charity knitters locally and on the blog. That has freed me up to put spinning in the daily category. Whew! And little Amelia Joy is going to love the deck I just know it!

The sewing salon has seen its usual activities, linen summer wear is making a more steady appearance.
I decided to make a maxi dress with some linen I had gotten and wasn't as fond of the color as I thought I might be.

 Besides being long this Kiota top ( Lotta Jansdotter's book Everyday Style)has added pleats in back which has also been modified to an almost racer back and nice roomy patch pockets.

I love the feel of the fabric and I know it will be a nice garment for hot summer days. As will this crossweave linen Indygo Junction Urban Tunic.

I raised the neck line but everything else is the same. Such a pretty color.

I have purged a lot of patterns over the last year or so and few have replaced those numbers, but these two have made the cut.

I love the travel dress and the jumpsuit pattern looks like it could be a fun make.

I see more and more jumpsuit patterns but I liked the unfussy style of this one by Victoria Jones.

I have also started a quilt top. I saw it in a book and fell in love.

 There is a lot going on here, the cut strips are hanging on the Baby Wolf breast beam, which BTW is one half threaded. Molasses ain't got nothing on me!

And the color and weave placemat warp for Fiona the wolf pup is moving along....slowly.

Patterns is from "Simple Weaves" book. A favorite for sure.

Which brings us to:
Did That Just Happen?

Now I've said on numerous times I believe that asshat in office is going to get us all killed. I'm only half kidding. Just what North Korea needs to push them over the edge,  is a huge military show of force. Their leader is more nuts than ours (maybe?), but really, I never thought I would say let the cooler heads of China have time to rein this regime in for right now.

Good-bye Bill, the world sees you for the hypocrite you've always been. Gosh, can we get Rush off the airwaves too? Hannity??

Everyone has an opinion on the bombing of Syria. For me, if you are so moved by the death of these people it shouldn't matter the means and we should be ramping up our refugee program or championing a safe zone. You can't have it both ways. And there are few things crueler than offering these people false hope. Congress, why didn't you allow Obama to do something in 2013 when it was still Russia free in Syria? Talk about spine-less wimps, too worried about re-elections. DO YOUR JOB and that means taking back power from a dangerous WH right now!

But speaking to hope, small things reaffirm our humanity and goodness. It's been a good long while since a Pope has been a true symbol of anything good and charitable, but this one is I think.

Parting shot: Yin and Yang. Brother and Sister. Peace and Love.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Apartment

Take your pick of movies by the same name, French 1996 film or American 1960, but I figured I'd share some pics of my Mom's new 10th floor digs. Good pics are hard due to the contrast but you get the gist.

Even managed to find room for Dad's big ass tv

 She loves living there and I love knowing she has 3 provided meals daily (there are four different restaurants) along with as much social contact as she could want. And OMG, the view......

Threading continues slowly on the pillowcase warp. I have been enjoying the band loom way too much and although I am slow, the band moves along at a steady pace.  I have a warp slowly taking shape on the board for Fiona. It's a color and weave effect, slow measuring and likely slow weaving, but that isn't a bad thing. Spring is coming and watching the wonders unfold again after winter is entertainment in itself.

Stella had her 7th birthday last week and Robin has his 6th this week!

Where did the time go? Puppyhood is far too short.

I sat on that Asymmetrical tunic pattern forever and now I don't know why. I love the pattern and I love the fit. What I didn't love was that it was sleeveless.

 I make and wear sleeveless but to extend the value of the pattern, sleeves were really required, so I drafted the armsye to take a known nice fitting sleeve and couldn't be happier.

back detail
 I really want to play with some color blocked versions of this and you can be sure I have some great scraps and limited yardage to pick from.

These two pieces were both odd fabrics I had purchased, years apart and in some weird color way they work together.

 I probably won't wear them together but the pants have already had an outing or two. See above with grey tunic. Note to self to grab that top and a brown ( or grey blue!), sweater and embrace the funky.

Did That Just Happen?

Oh boy, that EPA roll back and climate denying. It's a flipping mess. It's me, looking at all the beautiful places there are around us and wondering if anything will survive the onslaught. I cry over it.

Really, the ties with Putin and Russia run very deep and the trickle is turning into a steady drip but you might have missed this one.

And speaking of Russia, why is not our President and the head of the State Department at least raising diplomatic alarms at this clear violation of human rights. Makes me wonder if this administration is simply taking notes on procedure.

Parting shot: Happiness is, a good afternoon nap!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Mudness

Yep, let the wet and wild windy weather of March fall down upon us, melting snow pack, seasonal streams bubbling up and slick as snot boot sucking mud cover the landscape. What's not to love?

Just like I stupidly bought a new car in January, I decided to replace comfy chairs in March, also a month famous for mud hooks. That would be the condition of the front paws on most of the dogs. Terriers gotta dig and apparently mud is like ambrosia after a long white frozen winter. A doltish decision, but check out that chair and a half for the new comfy chair. We have two new chairs because the first one, electric and supremely comfortable for a human was only a 3 dog chair.

It was just too pitiful looking at the two dogs that use to be able to snuggle in the old chair, sitting on the floor longingly and also too uncomfortable when they tried to make the 3 dogger a 5 dogger chair. Hence this half price 1.5 butt recliner in light beige!

Yikes. Let me tell you the places that sell recliner slipcovers are abysmally slow.

In other news around the mountain, Cindie and I got together for a little Kitchen Store shopping last Thursday. Mostly I picked stuff up for my Mom's new place. We branched out and had some fun at a few other stores too. As always, it's a treat to go out and visit a good (and creative!), friend.

I have been threading for pillowcases. I'm treating Shrek the Baby Wolf like a Macomber, removing the front beam and dropping the beater.

 It's tight, but with an itty bitty stool I can thread pretty easily.
Of course that didn't stop me from making a grave error on heddle spread and had to pull all ten inches
of threading out to start again. We are back to nine inches right now.

Sewing for the most part was more summer than of the season. Just what do you sew for mud season I wonder, yellow rubber?

These two sleeveless makes will do summer beautifully and of course, add a sweater for now.

Leftover 1.25yards of cotton

Voile Mississippi Ave top. Snow yesterday
I just had to get the hedgehog fabric made up into a fun tunic. Cotton linen blends have a bit more body but are not terribly heavy fabrics. This should take me into summer and come out again in the fall.

The trim on the pocket is a band I wove BTW. And a little hanging tab on the back.


Russia, Russia, Russia! So many orange threads lead to the Kremlin.

And it appears if you disagree with Putin at all, your life is at risk.

But if you are sick of Russia, you can skip on over to Cyprus! Do a little banking.

Lastly not news, but a really well done commercial with a conscience. Trust me, it's good. There's a dog. ;-)

Parting shot: What dogs in chairs wasn't enough??!
Miss Marigold at 14.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Goody Procurement Department

Over the last year I've had to find different sources for my fabric habit. While Fabric of Vision has had some awesome little pop up sales of some special and unusual fabrics, they are not the bread and butter of my sewing.

Coral leather and some very special gauzy linen
 Cotton and linen remain the mainstay, with some wools thrown in when needed. Natural fibers. I ran into a FOV alumni last week in the grocery store. She didn't really like the fabric stores she found online and wanted to know where I had been buying my fabrics. Etsy! I have plumbed Etsy and found some wonderful sellers. She was going to go home and give it all whirl. I hope she did!

For those reading, here is a list of my go to sellers.

Spindle and Rose. Alexa is a lovely seller to deal with, and who doesn't appreciate a beautiful thank you card with their sweetly wrapped order.

FABRIKSHOP. Not the largest collection but some really fun Japanese fabrics. I got my lovely flannel raccoon fabric here. It's been a favorite tunic this winter season.

Fabric Supply. Mostly, if not all Japanese fabrics. I like her index too. I've bought a fair amount of fabric here through the year.

Pink Door Fabrics. This is one of my newer discoveries. She sells new fabric coming out on pre-sale and I like that. Some pretty cute quilt patterns I might add and some good sale fabrics too!

JAQS Fabrics. They carry a huge inventory and offer free shipping over $50.00

For linen I have one source and it is Fabrics-Store.Com  I have used just about every weight and color of linen offered. Their IL019 line of mid-weight linen is the staple pant/jacket weight for me. Their finally woven IC64 makes the best tunics and the heavier 4C22 line makes great towels and bedding along with heavier garments. I've ordered a lot of yardage from them and have never been disappointed.

So there you have it, you have been enabled!
And here is some eye candy of recently curated fabrics.

The foxes are a linen cotton blend and the moths, a cotton lawn.

Check out those raccoons. The fabric is called "Snacks"!
And let's whiplash into ...

Did That Just Happen?
Rep King, I think you have America all wrong or maybe you are what is wrong with America.

For the life of me, I can't understand why we wouldn't want everyone covered under a single payer system, but barring that, why not just fix the ACA instead of this?

I wonder just how we will explain how we turned our backs on this in the coming years.

And little tempest Stella gets her own perfect storm. My Northeast friends, stay warm and safe.

Parting shot: Happiness is....