Saturday, December 30, 2017

The Utter Awfulness of the Law of 3's

Freezing fog in the valley

In my life bad things usually come in 3's and the end of 2017 into the beginning of 2018 is proving to be no exception to that. I might have to resort to writing country songs! Let's get the badness out right now so you all know if I am slow to post, there are reasons.

My mother was diagnosed with cancer the weekend before Christmas.

Smoochie has been diagnosed with cancer this week.

Juno the barn cat has been missing since Wednesday night.

I'm usually a pretty optimistic person, but I have to admit the news these past 10 days has really been crappy. There will be appointments in 2018 with the oncologist, we're trying an old cancer drug that has had good outcomes for oral tumors on Smoochie and I am hoping Juno comes sauntering out of the woods in all her beautiful cross-eyed glory. It's unlikely though. Miss Priss was late and upset on the evening call in on Weds. an unusual occurrence and then only one ran into the basement for feeding. Sigh damn.

Down into the fog.

The holiday was subdued, we did try on some cheer to bolster each other and it did have some fun moments. We'll be going out for New Years Eve for my Mom's birthday and I think she is looking forward to it. I hope so.

I'm keeping this short and informative. I find it best to get all the bad news out in one fell swoop. There have been some makes, there is quite the wadder that I have pics of and of course, flashing the fiber equipment/looms on New Years Day. Hopefully a happier post.

Parting shot: All snuggled in for a long winters nap
Mandy is actually tucked into the pillow!


  1. Oh, Theresa, my heart goes out to you. Sending positive thoughts and virtual hugs your way.

  2. Oh no, Smoochie and Juno added to the bad news mix - I'm so sorry. The start to 2018 is not going to be a good one. I hope there are good times mixed in with the bad........

  3. I am sorry for all your news
    Is Juno basically an outside kitty? Cause my two outside ones drive me mad. I try to make their life easier, but they are stubborn, and never make it easy. DWB, the white, deaf cat, has been gone about a month. I figure he met up with some bad news. Life is so hard sometimes.

  4. I am very sorry to hear the diagnosis for your Mother, cancer is such a scary thing to deal with. Not good news about Smoochie or Juno. I am sending warm healing wishes for good outcomes for all three. Hugs dear lady.

  5. Cyber hugs headed your way...

  6. This has been a difficult year but oh my goodness, you’ve been handed a serious deal from the deck. I’m so sorry, thinking of your mom’s diagnosis makes my heart heavy.

  7. You definitely have had some bad news lately. I will send positive vibes your way and hope that it lifts some of that fog in your life.

  8. Well, that is no way to head into the new year. I'm sorry - it just shouldn't be so hard. I shall send healthy thoughts your way, and cross my fingers for the kitty.

  9. Oh Theresa, I am so sorry for all this bad news. It *is* hard-no 2 ways about it. I will be sending you some strength and courage. Dear friend, be good to yourself.

  10. I havent been on my laptop in such a long time so I have only just seen your news. Im so sorry . Life throws some crap at us thats for sure. I cannot find enough words apart from I too feel your pain. Friends & family of mine are very sick at this time . My Mum is in hospital & very sick & I dont know if she is going to make it . I know some of what you will be going through. The stress ,the uncertainty . All you can do is love them & be there for them. Its so frustrating. I will add them to my