Thursday, November 23, 2017

Forget About Frost on the Pumpkin

We've got a new one..... Snow on the Gnome!

That was last Friday morning in the wee feeding hours. We got a good 5 inches. Low rider Mandy was not a very happy camper but I have practiced my dog out the door shoving techniques for years with Pogo (and he growls), so she was a piece of snausage to slide out in her little coat. It did sound rather pitiful for a bit though and then she was off playing and sniffing with her BFF's. Just wait until the big snows come....

Friday was also the start of the annual Clayfolk show.

This show is just awesome with potters from everywhere Oregon, mostly southern but some from Eugene and parts out that way. This year was particularly good with some unusual pieces and surprisingly affordable. There is such talent in this area and not just in this medium! I spent too much but found items I loved, each and every one of them.

 I often keep my purchases to wall items since they are less likely to get broken.

Julia Janeaway

This is the assortment this year. The Insectology piece was a one of and could possibly be my all time favorite Clayfolk find.

Bigify to see the googlie eyes

It is by Carole Paquin from Central Point.

The two table top items are a small dogwood bowl to add to my little collection of dogwood items from Faith Rahill Pottery.

Her stuff is so unique and so beautifully glazed.

Speaking of glazes, the green on this beehive water/beverage cooler is so rich in depth and feel.

You can't resist touching it and it works perfectly of course.

Jack, photo bombing, of course!
 I'm thinking Arnold Palmer's for summer! It was the last thing to settle into my overloaded basket and was created by Don Clarke. This was also a  girls night out and after we all paid up for our goodies it was out to dinner at a newish place in Talent called the Pump House. They served up one of the best Philly Cheese steak sandwiches I've had in a long time.

I haven't sewn a flipping thing. I've been cutting out new patterns and planning what I want to do next, what fabrics to use etc.

I did get a band started on the Cendrel for the eyeglass leash but still haven't investigated findings for it. This weekend will be time enough.

Gene and I are taking my Mom out for turkey dinner today and over the weekend I'll roast a bird and throw a couple of casseroles full of stuffing together. We'll have the leftovers we actually eat with none of the fuss of a big multi dish meal. Works for me! I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving
full of blessings and joy. We could all use a yummy meal and some kindness.

And that brings me to the song of the day, one that is close to my heart with sweet memories of home in Massachusetts. A James Taylor classic. Enjoy

Parting shot: Stranger Things.


Michelle said...

Happy, happy Thanksgiving, Theresa!

Cindie said...

Happy Turkey Day!
Love your Clayfolk finds - I am so glad I didn't go this year as my credit card would have burned up and I just don't have any empty space in this house.

Valerie said...

Love that parting shot! Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.

Mary said...

Those are terrific ceramic pieces...I know they will be much loved in your home. Enjoy the snow and frost both while inside and out.

Peg Cherre said...

Although I've been on a Bonnie Raitt kick lately, I can listen to James Taylor for hours on end.

What did I miss about the Arnold Palmer reference?

Love the B&W photo. Pets to all.

Leigh said...

Love all your pottery finds! Corgis aren't big fans of wet snow, though mine love the fluffy dry stuff. Your parting shot is so cute.

Susan said...

I love that insectology piece! Love it! I had to laugh at your description of getting Mandy out the door. PB has no say in the matter, since I have to tote him everywhere. But he freezes (in every sense of the word) as soon as I place him on the ground on these frosty mornings. That JT song brings back so many memories. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!