Friday, November 17, 2017

In Which She Realizes the Holidays are Looming

Holidays are sneaky. Seems like it was Labor Day like 2 weeks ago and I had all the time in the world to get things done.  Father Time is messing with me again. I must have two days work of hemming to do on gifts and a few things still on Fiona the Wolf Pup.

 Time to engage rear into gear and since there is nothing in process in the sewing salon, I can thread up the machine for the various hemming jobs.

There were a couple of fun things that went from cloth to clothing. I am in love with the Style Arc Patricia Rose dress/tunic pattern. Many of the patterns are one size, so you need to carefully look over their sizing chart. I hit it correctly for once! I lengthened the bodice an inch for the blue tunic

 but cut that to a half inch with the green number.

It preserves the proportion better and once the bunnies are strapped into their hutch it is perfect.

I flirted with the looms, started threading on the Mac

and wound on the bumblebee warp and made a start on it.

I have to be honest, while for some things I like the built in raddle on the Louet looms, but mostly I still use my old loop raddle to wind on. It is smooth and allows for a little play with delicate  or grabby yarns like the unmercerized 8/2 cotton can be. Along with the warping valet and some weights on the warp bundles, I made fast work of the 8 yards Sunday morning.

Monday was beautification day, so I picked up my Mom and we went off to the hairdressers. Melinda hit me with another Mermaid Blue streak. Here it is, first thing in the morning.

 Those twizzlers of white and grey hair are making quite the halo!

Way back in September I ordered a Jonathan Seidel tape loom, the new Scandinavian style.

 It's a beauty and we are just getting to know each other. I was able to repurpose this bench to accommodate the loom

 since I sold the Baby Wolf. It can go back to being an adjustable bench easily and the loom can rest on a table too.

The Cedric floor inkle is soon to receive a new warp too.

 I'm going to weave myself a some "leashes" to hold my specs around my neck. The beaded ones break all too easily.

I'm offering up a Joni Mitchell song, appropriate given that this present gawd awful administration is going to open up the arctic to drilling, allowing elephant trophies into the country (thus effectively making the ivory trade stronger), and and finally, allowing the killing of bears & wolf pups while they hibernate or den in Alaska. Really? Mercy, Mercy Me.

Parting shots: Don't touch that!


LA said...

I should know better by now: never sip coffee while reading your blog! Bunnies in the hutch????? Bahahahaha!!! LOVE the new tape loom...and I think you'll enjoy it, too.

Martha said...

Great post! Now I must buy Patricia Rose. Did you print at home?

Peg Cherre said...

The bunny comment made me laugh, too. As did the parting shots of Mandy.

Tell me - what's a loop raddle?

Peg Cherre said...

Oh, yeah, and wasn't Joni's voice AMAZING when she was young? SOOOOOO high and sweet.

Anonymous said...

Bunnies in the hutch - I spewed coffee all over the computer screen! Mandy's little nest with HER bone in front is a sweet picture. The tape loom is just beautiful. Pets for the crew.

Susan said...

OMG. Bunnies in the hutch. I must remember that. Other than most of what you said about weaving sounded like a foreign language, it all sounds exciting! I do LOVE that blue streak. I may throw a chartreuse one in mine if things get too dull. Which they never do. Joni is my girl. I sing along with her, even when she's not on the stereo. I am clutching onto the hope that the current asshat imposters in office do not completely ruin the country, let alone the world. I knew who was under that blanket....

Mary said...

ha. bunnies...
Thanks for sharing your beeyoutiful tunics. Where did you get such great fabric? Happy gift making.

Leigh said...

I love seeing all those looms busy. The Scandanavian loom is a treat. Very pretty. I've pretty much pretended the holidays are still months off and now I'm stuck with a bunch to do this day before thanksgiving!