Sunday, December 2, 2018

Just Like That, December!

And snow!

 We love snow and conveniently, it arrived Friday night AFTER the big move from one apartment to another for my Mom. It looks pretty good and I managed to comfortably fit everything in with the exception of five pieces, mostly small end tables. What I did love and she didn't want was the table I bought her for the old apartment. Sigh, I don't think she ever used it and now, she has tray service in residential living and will likely eat at her recliner. To that end we are getting her a swinging tray table much like they use in hospitals and over beds. Simple, and useful.

I finagled around and finally decided I wanted that sweet table where it will be used. A few pieces of furniture moved about or relegated elsewhere and this is what we now have!

 What do you think? I know it's kind of odd to have a table in a master but really, so convenient. I can drink coffee, work on small projects, spin and if I put a pillow on one of the chairs it makes it high enough to weave on. I still have the chest if I feel like dragging it over to the looms instead. Gene put felt pads on it so easy peasy to do.

Every year I treat myself to a special holiday book. This year two vied for that honor. I couldn't make up my mind so dang, I bought both.

 That Mr. Finch is a marvel and so inspirational.

The stories and facts in The Magpie and the Wardrobe are whimsical, fun and interesting. Both books are made for browsing.

Speaking of books, The Throne of Glass series of 7 books by Sarah Maas (YA fantasy and VERY good), are done. I mourn finishing them and may just have to re-listen to them again. To get over the book hangover I started in on a series of two books (so far) by Vivian Shaw. The first is "Strange Practice", where Greta is a doctor to the undead and such in modern day London. Mummies, banshees, ghouls etc. It was probably the most innovative mystery series start I've read in a very long time. There is a second book, "Dreadful Company" and that too was consumed and enjoyed. A third on its way. So my Audible account is as active as everything else in my life!

A simple pair of pants has made it out of the salon, a wee bit of weaving, some holiday decorating slowly happening and the frenzy of wrapping and mailing of gifts about to descend upon us. I won't make deadlines with most of my weaving for friends, but then again, I get the joy of surprising them with something as I do finish up. Works for me!

I'm leaving you with a favorite of mine to start the season. It's featured in my favorite holiday movie of all time, Love Actually.

Parting shot: Jack supervising the realm.


Theresa said...

Starting it off!

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Love the wonderful books you added to your bookcase. I love the idea of having a table and chair where it will work for you and add to your enjoyment.

Please give my sweet Jack a gentle but big hug!

Michelle said...

I think of masters as similar to hotel suites, which often have a table with chairs, so I think it's perfect!

LA said...

Great timing! I'm glad you've got a good start on the snow pack AND your Mom is settled in her new digs. Tables always come in'll enjoy having it in your bedroom.

beckster said...

Thanks for the song link! Time to watch Love Actually again; one of my favorite movies. I wish I had room for a table in my bedroom. I think it will be very convenient, but then again, I have never met a horizontal surface that I didn't like. If it works for you, who cares? Glad your mom got settled, and the snow is lovely. Happy December!

Theresa said...

Martha, Jack has been thoroughly hugged for you! The books are rather wonderful and even more so gracing that convenient table!

Michelle, It's been a good long while since I was in a hotel room, but you're right and it is working out pretty perfectly.

LA, We are hoping for a good snowpack this year. The fall rains were pretty sparse but all can be forgiven with a good plentiful snowpack to carry us well into spring.

Beckster, I've watched Love actually twice so far this season, although the cads have cut some from the original. The adult film couple! Sigh...At least I have a DVD of it.

Leigh said...

I love a small table and chairs in a bedroom. If there's room! It really makes for a convenient and cozy set up. Yours looks really good.

Janet W said...

That Mr. Finch book is so beautiful, both his work and the design of the book itself. I wrote to the graphic designer and she was so pleased. As a retired graphic designer, we never get comments on our work and this book's design was noticeably wonderful. Also, my children watch "Love, Actually " every Christmas Eve as they perform Santa duties fortheir children. Whata great tradition.

Theresa said...

Leigh, I am enjoying the table quite a bit. I am seeing what a useful arrangement this is.

Janet W. The Finch book is truly a work of art all in itself. Hats off to graphic designers everywhere! You should take a peek at the Magpie and the Wardrobe book if you ever see it in person. It too has a sewn in bookmark. I love that touch!