Sunday, March 3, 2019

The February of Nesting

And boy, have I nested! Some home improvements have gone on, a lot of reading and book listening
and just about zero creating. For those that have asked, my Mother is doing well, still holding in remission as far as we know. Tests start again in April. She has been enjoying the senior social scene in residential living. I've been keeping her and the other seniors in jigsaw puzzles and allowed myself a month of not sweating it. She gets 3 squares a day, someone monitors and doles out her meds. A nurse stops in once a week to take vitals and for right now things are humming along just fine. Vacay time for Theresa!

I'd offer up the titles of the latest reads but honestly, there has been a lot of space opera, light werewolf romance and urban fantasy. I'm not a book snob, I'll read almost any genre right down to my Mom's much loved cozy mysteries. My Dad was a book snob and I would have to sneak guilty pleasures in like a little stash of Swedish fish hiding in the night stand. Molly Harper's Mystic Bayou series of books read by Amanda Ronconi and Jonathan Davis are laugh out loud funny. It's been years since I smiled and giggled my way through a book and both of them had my stomach sore. I've finished up in the Grishaverse  (Leigh Bardugo), and am slow walking the last books of the Riyria Revelations by Michael J. Sullivan. I will be weeping when it comes time to finish Hadrian's and Royce's stories.

And there has been snow.

Lots of snow. It is so nice to get a decent snow pack this late in the winter and hopefully it will be a godsend come fire season.

Robin and Stella got dentals a week or so ago. Small dogs may live a good long time but man, dental care for those little crowded mouths is costly. Robin insists on stealing my hot chocolate dregs.

The little thief. His sister made off with a hunk of cheese one day from my lunch plate. Obviously we have a plate protocol problem in terrier land. ;-)

Since there are no great makes to show, I'll share the two new test rugs. I liked the idea of washable "skins" offered by a company called Ruggable and ordered a runner for the upstairs hall and a small area rug for the living room.

I've included a link so you can look at the site yourself. The rugs themselves are practical and pretty.

Not cheap, but then again, they are washable and with a house full of pets and muddy boots, they offer something no other company does. I might order a few more if these wash up like advertised.

I've finally gotten to adding blinds to the master bedroom.

Only took 19 years....

And the studio got a couple of practical storage items.

 These are actually made as preschool furniture.

 Cubbies for kids and such. Frankly, they are beautifully made with birch plywood, sturdy and versatile. Better made than Ikea stuff. AND they have wheels! I love stuff with wheels. :-)

I think that about catches everyone up on my very low key February. I'm slowly easing back into the studio and the sewing salon... very slowly.

Song for today is originally by Simon and Garfunkel, but I'm in a Bangles kind of mood.

Parting shots. Balls and beds and obviously too many romance stories eh?

Stella and Blue Timmy


Michelle said...

So glad to learn that your quiet February (blog) is because you had a nice, quiet February (life)!

Theresa said...

Yes! And it has been rather decadent not having to do anything if I didn't want to.

LA said...

That storm front has packed a wallop! I just hope it all stays north of me!!! LOL! Good books and snuggles with the pups are a great way to spend some time.

beckster said...

Nesting sounds fabulous, and I am jealous. No nesting here, but maybe soon. Glad to hear your mom is doing well without you for the time being. I had a dog that always liked to get into my wine. I had to watch her closely or she would sneak a drink. Love that link to the rugs. I just bought a second hand oriental because of my dogs. I may have to order a ruggable next time. I bet your creating will be full of new energy when you get back to it. Happy March!

Theresa said...

LA, It looks like some massive storms down your way in the south. I'm not saying the books are good, but very entertaining! ;-)

Beckster, Here's to getting some good quality nesting time yourself.I have some nice rugs passed from my Dad and they are all in one room, safe from the 7 dwarves. I'm happy with the Ruggables and the hallway one looks very nicely done like a traditional oriental runner.

Retired Knitter said...

I think February is a hibernation month for a lot of people. Love those doggies!!

Peg Cherre said...

Jack likes to finish my coffee if I’m sitting on the floor with him. Or to simply take a sip when the cup isn’t even close to empty but the temp is right. He’d also eat virtually anything, but fortunately can’t jump so can never steal stuff from my plate. Glad your mom is stable and happy.

Unknown said...

Please report back on the washability of those rugs. We have four dogs and finally gave up on any area rugs. They only made it a short time before having to go to the dump.

Love your book recommendations. I enjoy Bardugo's books and about to start the new one. I haven't read Michael Sullivan, I'll take a look.

I love seeing your dogs, thanks for posting on them.


Mary said...

Oh, I miss chatting over a hot drink with you! I am so glad you are nesting and reading and decorating. I love the idea of Ruggables-thanks for the link.

Nick and I are having lovely rides as we build up heat tolerance again. Sunday he was a wonderful big brother for a hysterical mare on the trail. He waited until she could move forward and then led her quietly through the brush down to the wash. He did not show any concern but only calm attentiveness to getting everyone home safely. What a star!

Theresa said...

Mary,Nick has turned out so well under your care! Give the goober a hug and a carrot for me will ya.

Nancy, I'll be sure to post how the ruggable washes up.I liked Bardugo's books, but I love Sullivans. Bardugo's protagonist always felt a bit whiney. That YA teen angst. Sullivan's characters are fully fleshed,adult and damn interesting.

Peg, Glad to hear Jack is doing well! He is such a sweet little soul isn't he?

Retired Knitter, Thanks for stopping by. March might just have to have a bit of hybernating too I think. ;-)

Susan said...

As much as I really, really missed your blog through February, I am so glad that you took some 'you' time. And thanks for the rug review. I had looked at them with interest but wondered if they were too good to be true? I might have to invest in a couple, once we are out of the frozen tundra and into mud season. My goD, I love those terriers... :) xo

Theresa said...

Washed up the larger of the two rug following instructions. Came out perfect.
I can arrange for you to have your own 6 pack of terrier....LOL! There is little difference between them and the tube steak....

Sharon said...

Dental care on large dogs is expensive too! We paid a grand to have two infected teeth removed as well as the resulting cyst, but until the cyst popped up, we had no idea she was suffering from two bad teeth. She had continued to scarf down her food like always - she’s a Lab so she’s always hungry. After the surgery she stopped being grouchy with the cat. Poor girl. We had no idea she was in pain :-( We too are stil buried in snow. They’re calling it snowmageddon and many homes and businesses are experiencing leaks due to the ice dams.