Monday, February 11, 2019

Hiding Out in Elan and the Grishaverse

What can I say, dead of winter and there are so many good books to listen to.

A couple of afternoons have even found me with the pot of soup already made and knitting in the comfy chair on an adventure with Hadrian and Royce. While sewing up some goodies, Alina and Mal have escaped across the Fold. For those that feel a mid winter armchair adventure might be in order, let me highly recommend any of the Riyria series by Michael J. Sullivan. You can start with either the Riyria Revelations or the Riyria Chronicles. For a first rate YA trilogy try Leigh Bardugo's Grishaverse series that starts with Shadow and Bone. Either series is time well spent, but out of the two, The Riyria books are going to be read and re-read.

So now that I am sort of up to speed on the new computer, let me share some pics. Here is a new batch of towels for Justone the LeClerc in process on the warping board. Using up some not so pretty 8/2 yarn from my Dad's old stash.

A wee bit of sewing has been going on.

 I made a second Wiksten kimono pattern, lengthened this one quite a bit. It might still get some embellishment. Haven't decided. The blue side is Brussels Washer, a linen rayon blend with lovely drape, and the lining is a cotton I got direct from India.. I am very pleased with it.

A little patterned denim skirt was made from 1.5 yards of fabric from the $5.00 sale table on one of my forays to Top Stitch in Medford. The shirt is the latest button down in process.

Little Mandy received a lovely green blanket from her Auntie Susan. She shares, a little.

 Jack also likes it. Speaking of Susan over at Little Lucky Farm, I also received a book I had actually won at a her blog drawing. It broke a long standing non winning streak and what a beautiful book to boot!

A couple of other titles have made it into the fiber library this winter too.

Dandy seems right as rain and it's a good thing. We are in the throes of a true winter weather pattern.

A foot of snow over the weekend and another foot or so expected between today and Wednesday. It is sorely needed too. Before the storms we were about at 60% for moisture this season. We need the snow pack.

I'm leaving you with a Jackson Browne song, just seems appropriate for the times right now.

Parting shot:Turn off the light....please!


Theresa said...

First up!

Susan said...

Mandy! Those little sausages really love their blankets, don't they? LOVE the kimono! We are bracing for more snow tomorrow. I have stopped listening to the dire predictions, as they are usually way off base. I just lube up the shovels. Also love the last photo - they are so darn cute.

LA said...

What a lovely winter landscape...and all that wonderful snow pack! I know you're glad to see that this year. Perfect reading & weaving weather!

Michelle said...

So glad to see a post; I was getting a titch worried about you!

Leigh said...

SOOOOO jealous of your snow. I'd dearly love to be snowed in to my studio. Instead, we have rain rain rain here in Portlandia. Thanks for the book ideas. I'll see if I can get them from my library!

beckster said...

Well, as usual, you have been busy! No snow here, just deluges of rain. It's dark and tiresome. Your snow is lovely! I had a dachshund who dearly loved his hand crocheted afghan, and this picture brought back wonderful memories. Thanks for that!

Theresa said...

Susan, They all love their blankies! But Mandy looks stunning in her lovely and lovingly made green one.

LA, looks like wonderful weaving and spinning weather too!

Michelle, I know I haven't been keeping up with the blog as well as in the past. But going forward I'm hoping for at least a weekly post!

Leigh, Go for the Michael J. Sullivan books and then we can compare literary crushes on Hadrian and Royce! ;-)

Beckster, Did you see a dachshund won the hound group at Westminster last night. Mandy is smitten. Glad I could shake some fine memories up to the top

Peg Cherre said...

Those soft eared babies are so cute! I've never had a dog that liked blankets, so it's always fun to see yours. Today's an ice-on-top-of-snow day here in Rochester, NY. Going to a Weavers' Guild meeting, then back home to knit/sew/plan a warp - not sure which. Maybe all 3. ;-)

Theresa said...

Peg, And I've only had two dogs that didn't like their binkies, Dennett and Angel. Today is a snow day. It was almost knee deep in fresh stuff when I went out to feed this morning. Enjoy whatever fiber pursuit you tackle. Drive safe!

Mary said...

Look at all the snow! How beautiful and yes, much needed. I love the towels you have on and of course, I love all your clothing makes. Your last photo of the doggies is so cute. Nick says Hi-he has been 95% good :-)