Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Slowly Easing into the Bat Salon

A birthday gift from a good friend just had to be installed at the entrance to the "bat" cave, otherwise known as the sewing salon and in another life, the master bedroom walk in closet.
I also received two other wonderful gifts from friends and each has been sported about multiple times. Thank you ladies!

Some new stained glass pieces made an arrival also. You can find more by this lovely artist here.

The salon itself has been cleaned up, organized and seen some recent makes. I chose a new pattern to break fast so to speak. Something kind of classic, simple and missing from my wardrobe for the most part. Long sleeves, high neck and nicely loose and comfy. I like that it's short in length but was concerned about the drop sleeve. Not my favorite type but fabric choice is what makes it work.

All of these are made in a fine 5 oz. linen. Not super sheer but tightly woven in very fine threads and with drape and body. The pattern is a Paper Theory pattern and I had to tape the thing together.

 If this pattern didn't appeal to me so much and have so few pieces I would have passed it by. I abhor printing and taping patterns.

I also made up another Sewing Workshop Quincy top.

 I got the one I made my mom a number of years ago, back. She didn't wear it and since I've lost some weight it fit me perfectly, so I made another one! The fabric is a double gauze type linen, it acts like a waffle weave with texture and some stretch. A bit heavier but very comfortable. I can use it as a light jacket or a top.

The new warp is just in the starting stages of being spread through the raddle in prep for winding it on. No rush. A little blanket weaving has gone on and some mental planning for future projects. It has been almost spring like here, lots of snow melt and a few sunny days. I'm eyeing Buttercup the walking loom in the back room. Maybe I can get in there and do a little weaving on her soon. I have a broken thread I need to fix too.

So life has been pretty unexciting. Gosh, I just love it that way! My new best serial read is the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. There are 10 books in the series, I'm on 4. I have always loved books in series rather than stand alone's and am quite likely to plow through all of them in a row. I can't help myself.

As the world spins out of control feeding on hatred, I'm leaving you with this beautiful rendition of a Sam Cooke song. Bring on the love folks. Hold it close, be kind.

Parting shot: Group speak.



Theresa said...

Just starting.

Michelle said...

Good friends and animal friends make it easier to bring on the love, hold it close, and be kind. Do you think the haters have animals? Are they good to them? Kind of hard to believe they do and are.

LA said...

OMG....I haven't heard that song in ages! Thanks for sharing. LOVE all the new tops. It makes me want to get back to my sewing machine. I'm not surprised to see a fox in one of your new stained glass pieces. (BTW, the look on the pups' faces mirror the one my cat gave me as I sang along with YouTube! LOL)

beckster said...

Thanks for the auditory love, Theresa! I love all of Sam Cooke's stuff. Yes, everyday life without strife is the best! I love all of your tops, but I am interested in linen in love sleeves and high necks? I would not have thought to do that. Nice birthday presents, and happy birthday. I hope life stays kind for a while in your nest, and I am trying to avoid the haters, but they are so pervasive it is hard to know their number. You made my day better, and for that, I thank you.

Peg Cherre said...

That second photo is a vest? And the third - that fabric looks GREAT! Sheer with leaves - just think about all the great options you have for it.

Wishing you continued drama-free life - it IS the best.

Theresa said...

Peg, No, I just put pockets on it and tucked the sleeves in. Might try in seam pockets on one down the road.

Beckster, Street musicians are the best huh? Sometimes the hate just swirls around these days. Makes me feel dirty, like even a long hot shower can't wash away all that nastiness.

LA, So much good old music huh? You know I can't pass by a pretty fox. I have one coming from Russia.

Michelle, I couldn't get through a day without the furkids.

Susan said...

I love that high-necked, long-sleeved top. As a shortwaisted person, it's hard to find something that doesn't make me look like the missing piece of a set of Matryoshka dolls. May spring be truly upon all of us - I think we really need it this year. The music is perfect, as are the pups.

Moosiemoose said...

Thank you so much for the link to Roger Ridley. I saw him on PBS when Playing for Change was being featured. What a great voice. I listened 3 times and now I am going to go listen to the CDs. I enjoy your blog so much and the links to the music are a sweet ending. Jean

Leigh said...

So glad you're enjoying Patricia Briggs. She a favorite for sure. You might also like -
Faith Hunter if you haven't already read her. She's got two slightly interconnected series - vampires and assundry magical beings, urban fantasy.
Mike Carey who does urban fantasy mysteries of the supernatural variety set in England. 3 or 4 books in his series.
Ben Aaronovitch has his Rivers Of London series, police procedurals a la supernatural. Love that dry English humour.
Benedict Jacka who does wizards/urban fantasy set in England at least 8 of those. He's really good. The books very much build on each other, so best to start at the beginning with him.
Jim Butcher is up to like 12 or more of his Harry Dresden, Wizard books. He's magic, urban fantasy, film noir set in Chicago, mostly. His also mostly build on each other.
I just finished 5 from Gail Carriger. Her Parasol Protectorate series is a hoot. "A novel of Vampires, Werewolves and teapots." Sounds ridiculous, but she writes an excellent fantasy/drama/comedy of manners/steampunk story. I would never have picked them up but my friend insisted and I was glad he did. She has another series I haven't started yet.
Alex Bledsoe also has an interesting series incorporating the fae and music.

I do actually read other things besides urban fantasy, but they are my choice for entertaining stories. If you haven't picked up Spider Woman's Children, try to get it from the library. It's all bios and history of Navajo weavers. I really enjoyed it. Enough to be almost through a history of the area and Canyon de Chelly (d'shay) in particular.

Your furkids are adorable as always.

Theresa said...

Harry Dresden is an awesome series and I have the Alex Verus series on my wishlist. I'll have to add a few of those to my list! Thank you. Have you seen the Kate Daniels series?

Moosiemoose, Thank you! Glad you are enjoying my blog. :-)

Michelle said...

Worried about you, friend!

Leigh said...

Checking in. Hope your mom is doing okay and that you're off making things.