Tuesday, January 15, 2019

2019 Fiber Tools Flash- Late Edition

I meant to get to this on the 1st, then the 3rd, then by the weekend, then, you get the idea! The looms stash changed and despite selling some things, grew.

For right now, we have Sheila and Justine back to back in the studio.

 Justine has been emptied of her towel warp and they await finishing.

Mongo is taking up the space by the window in the studio

 and Buttercup is staying out in the back room.

She is warped and it is in process, but the space is unheated at present, so no weaving going on out there. The little Piccolo loom is folded out there too.

Upstairs, the Louet David (Ziva) and the little Wolf Pup Fiona wait patiently.

The Ashford Joy wheel is still well loved although not used as much as I would like.

I have been spinning a wee bit every other day or so. The Ashford Electric wheel comes out when it's time to ply.

A little sewing has gone on, this button down in my favorite shirt pattern took days to finish, mostly because I was caught up in a couple of books. More on THAT further down.

We have had some beautiful sunrises. This caught my eye last week. Inside

 and out.

Okay, back to books. I discovered Audible in 2018 and consumed a ton of books on it. My favorites of course were the Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss, but a surprising try of the Grace Draven books set in the world of the Wraith Kings captured my heart. Radiance and Eidolon where warm satisfying reads that I will visit again and again. There is a third in the series due out this year. Right now I'm eating up Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid series. OMG, laugh out loud funny, set in modern day Arizona. This urban fantasy wasn't really in my wheelhouse but there was a sale, and the reviews were compelling. I'm so glad I gave it try. The nice thing about Audible is, if you don't like the book at any point, you can return it so trying out genres and books is an easy thing.

I'm feeling pretty bubbly today, so I'm going to leave you with this wonderful video. I guarantee it will make your toes tap and your heart sing!

Parting shots: This happens every night when we head up to bed. This too makes my heart sing.


Theresa said...

Step right up!

Hilary said...

Can you email me some closer pics of Buttercups treadle system? It looks like exactly what I want to do to my Union Custom.......I am assuming you stand to weave on this.

Thistle Rose Weaving said...

Theresa, I think a few looms snuck by me last year. Did not realize you had 7 looms, how cool is that! Your studio spaces look wonderful. Glad to see that Mandy has a warm place to sleep with the crew.

LA said...

I know you've shown your fox stained glass before, but that is truly a beautiful piece! Thanks for sharing again. The pups have got it right: pile on and snuggle up!!!!

Theresa said...

Hilary, Done!

Martha, Yep two looms snuck in, the Fanny and the Rio Grande and only one snuck out. The 40" Macomber. Mandy races to get that pillow place before Stella. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn't.

LA, That pattern was custom from a drawing and done by a friend when I worked at Texas A&M. It is treasured.

Peg Cherre said...

I am amazed at your looms and your productivity. I think I'm too OCD for more than the looms I have. I always have a mental need to finish what's on a loom before I wind the next warp. It's a rare exception when I don't, and likely the result of a loom issue I have to order a part - or get an expert - to fix. So 2 floor looms is all I need or want. And in fact sometimes I think about selling my 4H counterbalance as my 8H Mac will do everything the 4H does. But the 4H was my first, so it stays.

Theresa said...

Peg, I am hardly productive! But it is fun when all the looms are warped. The trick is getting the warps woven. The NY resolution such as it is, shorter warps. The mega blanket warp will go on forever.....

beckster said...

You have a lot of looms, Theresa! I hope that means that your maker happiness is multiplied many times. Thank you _so much_ for that video! It did make my heart sing. If only we remembered our collective joy as a race rather than our differences. My dogs do the same thing, and are often in bed before we are. They're no dummies.

Susan said...

Do you clone yourself on weekends? That is a whole herd of looms! Or is it a flock? Plethora? Murder? Honestly, Theresa, I just want to scoop up that bundle of puppy darling-ness and never let go!

Theresa said...

Susan it should probably be a tangle of looms!

Beckster so glad someone else enjoyed that video. The dogs are first rate pillow warmers.

Mary said...

7 looms! Good lord-you will need an addition to your beautiful home soon. Thanks for the tip on Audible...that convinces me to give it a try. I am now reading Unsheltered by Barbara Kingsolver. It is great so far.

Sherry said...

When I began weaving eight years ago I met a woman at a weaving workshop who told me that she had seven looms. I was amazed, and couldn't quite believe it, to be honest. But now, of course, I know how easy it is to acquire more, and use them well. Two were old well-loved Norwood looms, one a sixteen inch workshop loom that is as adorable as it is functional. I love how you have worked your looms into your household, and how you know when it is time to let one go if it no longer works for you. I need to learn how to do that; hanging onto an old loom for sentimental reasons is a waste of a loom, and space!

Is the shirt button down another Hey June Cheyenne? I've been looking for a good button down pattern.

Thank you for your very enjoyable blog!

Sarah T said...

I wish I could listen to books, but I have to read them. The public library here in Colorado Springs has an app that allows downloads of e-books and audible books. You should check out your library.

Love the pup pics, my 98 lb furbaby sleeps under the covers!