Sunday, March 29, 2009

Double Weave, Snow & Awards

Nothing catchy about that title. I've been so busy it seems like everything is going hyper speed.  Gene has headed off to Salem and Eugene to do his annual training with
the State Fire Marshall. All the  emergency communications people meet, brush up on skills, get to play with new equipment and go to yummy sounding dinners at night. This is a chance for all the teams to get together before there is the emergency that can send them out region wide. Even though it is now snowing here (again) fire season for the west is just around the corner. Their purpose is to coordinate resources at a disaster and supply communications and directions etc to folks who may not be able to communicate to each other. Some of our fire lines are huge consisting of resources from both private and government sectors and the emergency communications people supply a central command if you will of who is where. Kind of like the air traffic controllers of emergencies!
Anyway, getting Gene out the door is always a frenetic event. It requires a lot of search and rescue because, simply put, he isn't near as organized as I am.
I did manage to get down into Jacksonville for a very eye opening class on Double Weave given by our guilds VP and expert weaver Nadine Purcell. I didn't weave a very good sample but I got to digest what I needed and wanted to know about doing double cloth. Throwing a shuttle doesn't always do that for me, but visualizing the set -up and the whys does. I still use the "technique" if you will when riding. I can try to do something a million times over on the horse and end up exhausting both of us to very little gain. BUT, if I walk away from it and spend time doing my corrections in my head
the next time I get up on, usually I can accomplish and correct easily. It works for me at least.
Lastly, I was awarded an award! Cindie at Eweniquely ewe  and Reluctant Dragon each sent this over to me. Woohoo! Thank you both very much. I haven't been blogging more than 2 months and it has certainly made my day!

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  1. I'll be interested to see what doubleweave concoctions you'll be brewing up!!

    It is funny how it can take effort getting some one else out the door sometimes!!! As the designated "finder" in our house, I know what you mean!


  2. LOL! Sue, by the time he hits the road it's just about the time I'm ready to have him do so.
    I feel like an oracle for missing items.

  3. I know what you mean in regards to letting the information brew for a little while. Though I've noticed this more strongly in my music than my weaving. I could practice on something for hours, but not notice a big difference until I come back the next day and it all seems to fall in place. It always amazed me.

    LOL I'm afraid I'd be more like Gene - the one running around searching for the missing items. I wish I had a missing item oracle around ;-)

  4. Thanks Teresa for your note and the award...I too am very new at this blog effort.Thanks for the encouragement!
    Sarah in Maine