Monday, March 2, 2009

Dazzling Duo

With the few good days of mostly sunny weather, I made it out for some pictures
of the troublesome twosome. That would be Nick and Imp. These two always remind me of the Brownies of Scots lore. Helpful and brilliant at times and at others, just plain
mischievous. Nick is green broke under saddle and quite an enjoyable ride. I am not
quite convinced that he is convinced I run the show though. I raised this guy from a 
little weaner of 4 months old or so, and I can trace the good and bad right back to me.
He loves trail riding and if something should startle him, instead of being spooked he
will trot right towards the source. I haven't decided if this boldness is a good thing or a bad one. He does believe he is super man though and at this point in his training has little sense of self preservation on the trail. Partly because he is a young horse at 5
and partly because he has been walked, ponied and exposed to just about anything I could come up. Nick is a full Curly horse that does not exhibit any of the curls ( like a paint with no spots!) but he has proven hypo-allergenic just like curly coated ones. Gene thinks in his winter coat he would make a great set of car seats and sometimes,when he is being the quintessential teenager of a horse, I am inclined to agree.
The last of the horses is Imp and the name fits. We refer to him as Impish here and while supremely lazy when it comes to work as this one still will throw a bit of tantrum
when asked to work a little harder. At almost 3 I figured the little squeal and buck of protest ( sort of a horsey finger) would have subsided and it has in large part, but there are still flashes of it. He is smart and sweet though, a little stubborn but with another
year of ground work and growing up I think he is going to be a fine sensible mount.
At least I hope so! He'd make one heck of a berber rug though....he's curly from his eyelashes to his hooves

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  1. I've never seen a horse with curly hair like that. Too cool!

    I should have known that the animals in your painting would be animals from your household!!