Friday, March 6, 2009

When the Poodle Hits the Pond

I got the Murphy scarf warped, threaded, woven and finished yesterday. It was a very fast 10" wide scarf with about 80 ends total. I wanted to try a multicolored yarn as weft this time and some Curious Creek Fiber's mohair and silk boucle had been trying to grab me every time I walked by it.  Yesterday was the day to ball it up and let it do it's thing. Hence the title of this post. I have to say, I much prefer vertical striping and when I use this again (and I will use it again), I will do so in the warp. However, the scarf feels wonderful, nubby and soft all at the same time with that silk sheen coming through on the mohair loops.
This will go into the humane society heap of scarves. Gene loves it but feels it might be too girlie for him to wear, plus as he said, he would wreck it catching the loops on stuff. I've seen what he does to hand knits . I know this to be true.
Yesterday mid morning I ran out of yarn for the saddle blankets. I had forgotten how weft faced saddle blankets and wool rugs are and bought nowhere near enough of 
the dark natural brown. The nice gals at the Websters have tucked into their magic holding closet 8 more skeins of the same dye lot for me to pick up when I get to town.
I had some problems with the selvage and there is a big old skip there in the blanket
which I fixed by hand weaving the last of my yarn into. I broke a couple of teeth on my
temple. When they say to remember to loosen the warp some before placing, they mean it. I really should have a
metal temple for this project with heavier teeth instead
of the finer one I have. We'll limp along until another can be procured. Thankfully all fixes are under where the saddle goes and none would cause any chaffing problems for
the horse. I am enjoying the weaving itself and have a few horsey friends I would like to gift with a saddle blanket. I think the next go round I'll use a heavy twine that Harrisville makes for the warp. I'm not in love with the 8/5 linen at all even though it is traditional. I used this for a tapestry I started on Barbara while I was refurbishing her fabric frames. It is nice to use, strong as all get out and doesn't have that loose twist that I find so annoying with the linen. The beauty of making anything yourself is you get to have it your way!


  1. The saddle blanket looks great! 8 skeins of extra yarn? It must have taken a lot of yarn - although I'm sure it has to be kind of thick.

    Love the scummy poodle scarf! You named it well. I really like the design element of having that stripe in the middle like that. Brilliant!

    You're getting a lot of weaving done this week. Hope that doesn't mean the weather has been bad the whole time!!


  2. Sue, the epi is only 6, so it is truly weft faced and you can really pack
    it in. What is completed so far represents 2 skeins. It's not terribly thick
    and should be just right once wet finished and the wool allowed to bloom.
    The weather has been awful, the weaving good!