Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tempest Fugit

Sometimes it seems to go at warp speed. Saturday already! Southern Oregon had a breath of spring yesterday. Temps almost into the 70's in downtown Ashland and
up here in the mountains a modest and balmy 53 degrees. I opened all the windows
and the side door to the pen so the dogs could go in and out. They enjoyed lying on the deck in the sun. Little canine solar collectors.

My Harrisville Designs Shetland ordered arrived, 16 cones of it with two more on the way. One of the colors was backordered and won't be dyed up until the end of April, which is kind of a bummer, but there are plenty of projects lined up for the new loom,
which isn't even here yet. Gene says maybe the end of the month he can make the 800
mile trek(one way) to pick her up. It's all weather dependent. 

Closer to home a brand new yarn was discovered, the colors are soft and beachy feeling and I love the little bit of shine and texture. This is a hand dyed yarn from Chile, cotton and rayon. Ester Bitran is listed as the dyer and the line is Olmue. Great yardage too at 399 yds per skein.  Lots of different and pretty colors to chose from too.

Websters also had these neat little packets of gold silk cocoons from Habu that
couldn't be left behind. I have some ideas for these. So pretty, shiny and textural.
There were a lot of wonderful new things from Habu to try. Raw silk  in the same beautiful gold color as the cocoons and a yarn made from Pineapple plants are two that will be leaping into my basket on the next expedition. The colors on the pineapple fiber where amazing! Habu has such an unusual array of stuff. 

The first saddle blanket is waiting on the loom for me to start the 3 shuttle color pattern which signifies the last 6 inches of this blanket. There will be some plain brown afterwards for hem length and then onto the second blanket. I found another very pretty weft faced weave I can try on the same tie-up and threading. There will be some extra for sampling at the end of this warp.

On the barn front the mud continues. It's everywhere. What hasn't been seen is Bond the skunk. I'm kind of missing him. I was actually thinking that maybe Bond is a Ms. Bond. I don't know a lot about skunk biology but, it could be possible, Bond has denned up. It is March, foxes are denning so that by the time the cubs are ready to venture out, spring has arrived. Could be the same with skunks. I am hoping Bond doesn't decide to bring the family by in the future though and that nothing bad has happened.
Because I admire Bond's smarts and persistence I couldn't resist this gem I found in Ashland. It's still looking for a permanent home in the house, but it's almost as charming and certainly less pungent than the real deal.


  1. I'm a bit jealous hearing about your temperatures, but today I think it's supposed to be warm here. (52 or something). Good thing because yesterday I was outside a lot in a cold and windy 29.

    Mud season is approaching, but we've still got snow on the ground probably at least til the end of the weekend. (It might be wishful thinking on my part to think it will be gone by Monday....but a girl can dream, right?)

    Your new yarn is beautiful!! Can't wait to see what you come up with for it!

    And that is a bummer about those last colors of Harrisville yarn!! Late April sounds so far away....although it will probably arrive sooner than we expect - the way time flies!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sue,
    Winter is making a mini return here today and tonight with rain and wet snow. The rain will meltify the snow and it will meld and create yet more mud. It's like grease here, can't even think about riding the horses in it either it's so slippery.
    I knew from the get-go Harrisville might not have all the colors in, but it will be worth the wait.