Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dead in the Driveway

Which is where my car sat yesterday. Oh, she started up just fine and then flung the
whole arm to her windshield wiper off. Drivers side of course. Coupled with a freezing rain sort of snow I decided yarn or no, I wasn't going to town. Gene did get out and fix
it for me, but by the time he was able to drop his work it wasn't worth going down the
mountain to run just half my errands and be back in time for feeding. 

Today we'll get all the errands done, grange for feed, parts store for a new hitch for the
trailer, yarn store, lunch with hubby, bookstore, liquor store and finish off at the 
market to be home by 2:30.
It wasn't a waste though, got some quality knitting time in on a sweater out of "A Fine Fleece", the October Frost cardigan. The yarn is Natures Palette Green Sheep Columbia Worsted in the Indian Paintbrush colorway. I love this
pattern and I love using this yarn. This is the second sweater I've made out of it but not of this pattern.
Your eyes are not deceiving you, one skein is from a different dye lot and I took it on purpose. I wanted ribbing, button bands, cuffs and collar the lighter shade.

The project on the Woolhouse Carolyn also got some much deserved attention. Another 4 inches was accomplished on her scarf warp. I so enjoyed spending time upstairs weaving under the skylight. The dogs all came up and sacked out on the bed
while I wove. I got up for another cup of coffee and when I returned Jack was sitting
in my chair contemplating the warp. I wish I had had the camera in hand instead of a coffee.  The picture of the scarf is at the beginning of the project. Hopefully, I will get it off the loom this month. 


  1. When I saw the title of your post, I was afraid to open it. What large and gross, or cute and dearly beloved animal would be in your driveway? Phew! Just a car......

    Even though I know that's not how it feels when I have a car problem!

    Love the sweater color!!! It's amazing that there's so much difference in dye lots.....spoken like an ocassional dyer, eh?

    This latest weaving looks really cool. So interesting that the structure and colors are combining so well. Looking forward to seeing more! (No pressure from me though!!)


  2. Oh HEAVENS I never even thought about it indicating an animal.
    That would have been awful, even if it was Bond!
    That poor Carolyn bamboo warp has been on since mid November.
    Almost dog on the loom material. I have got to finish it as I have some
    other weaving I want to put on her and use those 12 beautiful shafts!