Monday, March 9, 2009

Mischief in the Making

I'll bet you wonder who REALLY writes this blog. Well, I do, but in case I ever drop off the face of the earth. I have a sub. He may have figured out the Carolyn table loom too for all I know. Jack may not have a lot going for him in the beauty category, but he sure is one busy inquisitive pup. If the chair was closer he'd be giving the desk top the once over. While I was keeping the seat warm he was supposedly fast asleep in the blanket on the floor. 

On the weaving front, some progress was made on the saddle blankets. There is about 10 more inches of the single color to go before I get into the 3 color pattern to the end
of the first blanket.  I am slowly gearing up to put another curtain warp on the Murphy loom. I'm thinking natural 10/2 cotton with a small monks belt band in rose or, as I did previously, a canvas weave also with a band woven in. I have 20/2 here but I'm saving that to try a pillow case pattern I came across in an older Handwoven. It was shown in a feature for summer weaving projects. I was going through my older Handwoven's yesterday when I came to the much slammed pet issue one. Low and behold it did have one redeeming pattern, another saddle blanket draft which is quite pretty. I'll have to give it a go on the next round of them. Well, off to start that pesky cleaning.

1 comment:

  1. Too cute!!! Dogs are smarter than we think!!

    Glad to hear the weaving is progressing!

    Cleaning....we just postponed our "cleaning date" til later in the week. (We clean together for one hour every 2 weeks....and then decide that's clean enough for us!)

    Love that dog picture! Dogs are awesome!