Sunday, March 8, 2009

I Want To Take You Higher

I am always enchanted with my drive up and back to the Greensprings except in the case of dire emergency. Then it's just a long white knuckle ride to get someone to the vet.
Yesterday I took my camera to record some of my drive up and back. The going down is hard, the corners are tighter and blinder and there are very few places to pull over safely next to the side of the mountain. The going up I just drove and held the camera!
37 years of New England winters did a fine job of preparing me for winter in the mountains but it never could have prepared me for the rugged and breathtaking beauty
of the Cascade-Siskiyou Mountains. Any time of year the ride is simply lovely. At night you feel like you are driving right to the stars. In the summer the raptors ride the thermals right up by your car on the drop off side. In spring you come down out of the sunlit mountains into the waiting clouds over the valley floor. There is always something of interest to see. The pines and firs give way to acres of oaks and many many woodpeckers of all types flit about. We also have some very cool Magpies. These pictures don't even begin to cover the 17 mile drive but it may give you at least a little taste of this unique part of Oregon. I have a hard time getting pictures into blogger well, so I will just upload them in order from valley to top and beyond the summit where we live nestled among peaks. If you look closely in some you can see the road cut into the side of the mountain and one was taken on the sunnier ride down. They can speak for themselves. I ran out memory in the camera before we reached the home stretch. Another day another blog.


  1. What beautiful views you have! I have never been to your part of the country - it looks like it's definately a must see!

  2. That's a beautiful drive!! Thanks for photographing it for us!!

    Last spring, we rented a place near Asheville, NC and our drive wasn't as high - but the road was very narrow and scary for this New Englander....I kept feeling like we were about to go over the edge!

    Your road looks wide enough that it would be enjoyable, not scary!