Saturday, March 21, 2009

Heavy Petting

Maybe it was the giant case of spring fever that hit yesterday, or all the spring buying going on at some great blogs I follow. Sometimes something grabs you and just won't let go. Yesterday while dutifully picking up more saddle blanket dark grey wool, I was simply enjoying all the yarny goodness Websters has to offer. One of the gals was ironing and modeling some beautiful shibori dyed silk clothing and while saying hello to favorite yarns and people alike, I happened to put my hands on the softest stuff I've ever felt. It's like touching a cloud without the damp or cotton candy without the stickiness!
It was cashmere and silk  spun together to make Filatura di Crosa's Superior yarn and
two lovely puddles of it made to my pile on the counter. To keep it company we threw in some nice complimentary Habu lightly variegated and hand dyed cashmere. These will be a couple of gift scarves. 
Looks like on the first day of spring I have gotten a jump on my holiday shopping. 
I also stumbled upon a little Schacht Mini Loom kit. I needed something like this to make sampling a bit easier than using cardboard and thought this a good buy
with all it's little accessories. I should have picked up an Ashland Sky bag to keep it in now that I'm thinking about it. Next trip.
When I pulled up the driveway, car full of yarn and groceries it truly looked like spring had come to the mountain. The bird population seems to have doubled, the mud is drying out a bit in places, squirrels of all varieties are sprinting from place to place, goats are roaming looking for spring browse and the horses putting on quite a show of running and mock fighting. The mock fights involve a lot of nipping, rearing and heart stopping (mine) kicking. The games usually end quietly, everyone breathing heavy, a little sweaty and with a long group drink at the water trough. In 20 minutes time everyone is buddied up, head over a back grooming or resting with head to tail mulling over their victories. So it was yesterday. 


  1. Cashmere silk? Oooh! I'm drooling over the very thought of something that lovely. I wish I could touch it! The computer screen doesn't feel nearly as nice as the real yarn would ;-)

    Good for you, getting a jump on that holiday shopping! I haven't even gotten on the ball yet and woven the wedding gifts I need this summer - let alone even thinking about Christmas yet!

  2. Ooooh - nice yarn purchase! There are some very lucky people on your gift list this year!

    It's cool to hear about your horses playing like that. My dog does it with any dogs he meets....but I never knew horses did that too!

    The mini loom looks cool. I look forward to hearing how well it works out for you. I've been getting weird yarn table yarn lately - and I'll definitely need some yarn-conserving ways to sample!!

    Our bird population is increasing too. Today I saw a pair of bluebirds!! My first of the year!

    Have fun!

  3. You are supporting your local yarn shop AND spurring on the economy!

    Shop on!

    Sue (AKA yarn enabler!)

  4. Sue and Reluctant Dragon, yes, the yarn is QUITE yummy and I hope the scarf giftees like them.
    Sue, my dogs play in a like fashion as the horses but the rules are different and thank you for all your enabler powers....