Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Day in the Life of Looms 2011

This is a wonderful tradition started by Meg.

Here is my clutch of looms, taken about seven this morning.

The Louet Hollandia (Hannah) 8 shafts/14 treadles has on a towel warp in 8/2 cotton that was just started yesterday.

The Louet Delta (Hey Baby!) 8 shafts/10 treadles has on the last of the endless pillowcase warp in 20/2 cotton. Just finished and waiting for cut off.

I have some warp left over so I'm thinking about weaving just a little more for decorative hems for more pillowcases. Haven't decided if I want to torture myself longer or not.

The Glimakra Julia (Julia surprise,surprise) 4/6 CM set-up has the start of more Prayer Flags.

The little Schacht inkle loom is collecting dust, but I really want to get it out and do some little bands for towel tabs.

That about covers my loom herd for this year. Anyone with a loom can join in and flash their looms! Sue at Life Looms Large has her looms up here.

Miss Bea is the loom room snooperviser today. Happy New Year!


  1. Looms and dogs....what could be better! (I guess I shot my photos too early to interest Bailey....hard to tear him away from guarding the bird feeders from squirrels!)

    Happy 2011!


  2. As my sister says, HNY2U. Is it OK to include you in my loop?

  3. You've got some great projects going there! I'm glad you included Ms. Bea in the inventory!

  4. Hey Miss Bea! Thanks for sharing the photos of your looms. Very nice, especially that Delta loom!!! There's a beauty to looms that comes from the blending of technology, machinery and real wood. Awesome!