Thursday, January 20, 2011

Farewell To Yarns

It's just plain sad when a yarn you loved is discontinued, even sadder when a whole line is. Especially one as beautiful and lovely to use as Nature's Palette yarns. Their organic worsted Columbia wool was some of my favorite. I have a sweater on the needles using it and one completed. I have loved knitting with it. I've used both their Merino fingering and Lace weight silk/wool in weaving with great results. There isn't a color they produced through natural plant dyes that I didn't like. I was stunned to find them on the sale bin when I went to use my Christmas GC from DH. I snatched up what I knew I could use and left the rest for other lovers of this yarn. I salute this great yarn, mourn it's passing and will use up my stash of it with love and care.

Of course, there are new yarns too, some quite nice, some that made it to my house. ;)
Welcome Nirvana, a new entry from Filatura Di Crosa.

This is part of their Golden Line, which had the wonderful light cashmere yarn I used last year for scarves for my Mom and Dad. This yarn is super fine Merino and talk about soft and lofty. It's as light as goose down, comes in a ton of colors and is $7.50 for 392 yards. I'm so tempted to do yardage in this and make myself a robe or kimono. Heck it's soft enough for undergarments or PJ's.

I would also be terribly remiss if I didn't show you this wonderful late holiday gift from some truly special people. Bundled up and beautiful, just waiting for me to get it on the loom.

The balls are silk and maybe a bit of wool and have an amazing shine.I was able to match up some Nature's Palette with it You can't hep but dream up something good with these materials to work with. Oh and those two itty bitty balls, samples. More later on those.

This last yarn is by Twisted Sisters, Petite Voodoo Limited Edition 50/50 silk and wool in Green Teas(e).

I am thinking about trying an almost Ikat scarf with it. Still in contemplation stage.

Parting shot: Pick up the ball. Pick up the ball.


  1. You might like Marr Haven's yarn as a substitute for the discontinued Columbia. Clara Parkes reviews it here:

    I think Barbara's sheep are Columbia. I have some Columbia roving which came from Marr Haven and love it for a nice multipurpose yarn.

  2. Stella is using her terrier mind-control techniques (note her tail is adjusting those waves to just the right wave length) to get you to pick up the ball and throw it!

  3. What a fantastic selection of yarn - so many projects to look forward to! It's a wonder you have time to do anything else but throw balls!

  4. Valerie,
    Thank you for the link. It's not Columbia but looks like fantastic wool none the less!

    Martha, Yes, Terriers are world class mind controllers.
    I can feel them staring at me through closed doors even. I never knew it was the tail that honed in the thought waves though. Useful piece of information to be sure.

    Evelyn, We do seem to spend a lot of time ball throwing, and then of course, keep away. Timmy is very tired by the end of the day let me tell you.

  5. I love your green yarn! I'm sure it will weave up beautifully. I often wonder who decides to change up a yarn line. I suppose they just don't have as much call for it and need to go with something new.

    I love the pictures of your dogs!

  6. Such yummy yarn!! Can't wait to see what you'll cook up next with it!


  7. Oh that Stella....I just love those shots of her in true JR form! And, that yarn just makes me swoon (and I don't even knit!) But, I know you'll do lots of fun things with it.

  8. bspinner, Nature's Palette is not a line but a company onto itself. It is basically closing it's doors. It was one of the first "green" yarns. There are many more now, but none that use the Columbia wool that I know of.

    Sue, I can't wait to see what you're cooking up on your looms!

    LA, Some of the new yarn makes me swoon too. I just can't help loving JR traits I see in Stella too, and she really isn't a hyper jack, just focused. There's a difference. Jack, my mix is very hyper and busy.

  9. I can see why you would be disappointed about the discontinuation of your favorite yarn. It looks incredibly soft and it must be wonderful to knit with!

    Great photo of Stella :-)

  10. Oh the yarn! I would love to get some Columbia. I have a friend who loves it too, she says there is nothing like it.