Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Feast of Inspiration in Multiple Courses

No text necessary.


  1. have a lot of inspiration!

  2. very nice! does the picture with the red and white quilt mean you are going to quilt again too? hint hint :) enjoy your inspiration and thank you for sharing it. I wonder which you'll choose to work on next.

  3. Aren't those quilts amazing. I hope Judy stops over to take a peek at that. No, I don't think I could or would ever try to tackle something like that, at least not in a large size...
    I did set aside some awesome white on white drafts.
    And of course that handsome gifted mohair and some spring/summer clothes for my trip. LOL, I better work on the manufacture of additional hours in the day!

  4. Great photos. My two favs are the doggie shirt photos and the trees with the moon.

  5. So much inspiration! Great stuff!!

    Dog & tree photos are always fun to see.

    When you get that "more hours in the day" thing figured out, let us all know!!


  6. Wow, what is that top photo going to be? I love the colors.

    Quilts are amazing. I am satisfied doing something simple these days.

  7. Something is afoot - the creative juices are getting stirred up. Inspiring and stimulating images~

  8. You do have a lot of inspiration! Dreaming about projects is as much fun as making them a reality, isn't it?

    Your little guy looks quite happy running along :-)

  9. post is looming. In fact more than one. Thanks for reminding me as I recover from shoveling and raking roofs! Tomorrow perhaps!