Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally an Empty Loom

Yes, as promised, here is the Delta, free of her 9 month burden of the 20/2 pillow case warp. Fraternal twins! I could not torture myself longer and just cut them off without any additional hem weaving.

I am very happy with the results though and the cases are soft, drapey and I can hardly wait to change sheets this week and put them on!

The diamond pattern shrunk as expected and made a soft crepe like fabric. I wish you could all feel the hand on these. I only did a very light pressing. I suppose I could have gone hot with steam and starch for photos but it seemed silly. These are not meant to either look or feel like a cotton percale case.

Now, I would make changes. As I have said before, 20/2 and I just aren't going to meet again for a while and certainly not in something that is 25 inches wide. Next round I will use a 10/2 or 12/2 unmercerized cotton for warp. The second thing I think I will do is NOT weave the hems. I rather like the idea of the woven body of the case with a pretty commercial cotton fabric hem. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is the hand woven fabric doubled is rather heavy and the other is, I just love some of the prints I could go with. I also think this arrangement could extend the life of the case itself. Most cases wear at the hem folds. If the fabric gets worn I can easily replace it and save the woven pillow body.

Now pretty much sewing, weaving and knitting is at a standstill. This is one of the worst colds I think I have ever had. Slow moving too. I had made a Dr.s appointment before the holidays for next Tuesday and Boy, am I glad I did. I should be a stunning patient dragging my red eyes and snotty nose in for a check up with a new to me physician. :)

Parting shot: Please, please, PLEASE Pick Me Up!


  1. Congrats on finishing pillowcases!!! They look fantastic!! So beautiful.

    I still have that pillowcase warp dyed and in a box in my studio. Hopefully 2011 will be the year for them!

    Sorry that your cold is dragging on. I often ring in the new year with a cold, but this year I've been lucky. Jim has not been so lucky. He got a cold that isn't bad but comes with 7 days of laryngitis. He's on day 3. It's quiet, too quiet, around here!

    Feel better!!


  2. Stella will do her best to help you feel better! I know you are glad the pillowcases are off the loom...and they sure look nice!!!!

  3. Wonderful looking pillow slips! You sure are quick with getting the finishing done and the pieces into use! Love the cuteness factor photo. ;)

  4. The pillow cases were worth the wait! Fantastic...
    They look so soft and inviting.

    Speaking of inviting... that's quite the face! Stella really knows how to ''work it' :)

    Hope you are feeling better soon. We suddenly realized that we had forgotten to get our annual flu shots so just got that done! I think a cold or flu on top of back pain right now would kill me!

    Susan (who's reading up on the wiley ways of puppies and how they train you :)

  5. Just adding my echoes of enthusiasm for the pillowcases! They look so soft and cuddly. Just right for a head full of cold to rest upon.

  6. I do love those pillowcases, though I loved the ones you sewed just as much. I see several pair in my future and I never would have thought to make any had you not done it. Thanks for planting that seed. Now I just need some energy to go with.

    Hope you're on the mend soon. This seems to have been an especially difficult year for virus.

  7. Sue, Hope your hubby is on the mend soon and I hope the pillow case warp sees the light of day too this year.

    LA, no one has ever been as good as Nurse Fat Sam, but Stella is helping. She's turning into a pretty good napper, that's after she gets finished jumping on my head. ;)
    Evelyn, I machined the hems. Easier quicker and frankly much better than my hand sewing. The selvages are just french seamed into the body, the hems folded and top stitched.
    Stella always adds some cute to my blog doesn't she. And she sure puts a smile on our faces daily.
    Susan, thank you for the compliment! I'm pretty darn happy with them. So, what are you reading to get you prepared for the oh to cute invasion of the puppy?
    Cally, Thank you! I can now attest that yes indeed they are perfect for making pillows a little more inviting when you're under the weather. I napped happily for two hours on them today and enjoyed every minute of it!
    Sharon, glad to be of service. I love pillowcases in any shape form or structure too. I do have to say though that these on cold chapped skin feel much better than regular cotton percale. More like flannel without the nap, just very soft.
    I hope I'm on the mend soon too. I hate dragging around the farm like a sad sack. Cooper has been worried and mad a point of walking away from his meal to come and stand with me for a bit. We both needed a little attention I guess. It was a fair exchange, I rubbed his ears and he nuzzled my tummy. :)

  8. Beautiful pillow cases! Hope you are feeling better soon. Hot ginger tea, hot lemon with honey and whiskey (or without if you don't want the alcohol), are always soothing. Take care!

  9. The pillow cases are just wonderful, the diamond pattern is so subtle-I love it. I am new to weaving and wondered if I might ask a question? I have been making baby blankets with cotton yarns but wanted to know what this group thinks of using bamboo, is it nice fiber choice for baby blankets..i.e., soft, washable? Ease of use for weaving? Thanks for all your insights and experience and really helps. Sue

  10. SeabeeMom,
    Hi and thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!.
    You know, I've only used bamboo myself for a runner a long time ago. One of my first projects. Basically bamboo is rayon, be it made from bamboo or other trees/plants. It is soft,has good drape and some pretty shine. MY personal preference is cotton for baby stuff simply because sometimes you just gotta wash in hot water and I don't think rayon/bamboo likes that too much. Hopefully some others will chime in!
    Cindie over at Eweniquely Ewe ( link on the right in the blogs I follow) is well versed in the ins and outs of bamboo. You might mosey over there and if she doesn't answer here, contact her directly through her blog.
    Hope we all get to see your baby blankets inany fiber! And again, nice to see you!

  11. Those pillowcases were definitely worth the work and wait!

    Sorry about your cold. It is somehow gratifying though to prove to a doc that you are sick enough to take an appointment.

  12. absolutely stunning Theresa! I'm so proud of you for sticking with them. I'd never last 9 months for a warp, but then I only have one loom

    feel better SOON!

  13. Nine months on your loom? Wow-that's determination! I bet you were one happy weaver when you cut them off your loom. The pillowcases are just lovely and I like the borders that you put on them. What a treat for when you go to bed each night!

    Sorry to hear that you're still sick. My family's fighting the flu as well and this is one tough bug. Red noses and chapped lips all around :-(

    Take care of yourself,

  14. Aw. Stella is so cute!

    The pillowcases turned out beautifully. The fabric looks soft, inviting, and much nicer than any commercial fabric that might be used!

    I'm glad you're going to get that cold looked in to. Hopefully the Dr can do something to perk you up and help you feel better.