Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Every Failure A Success

And blogging about good stuff is much more fun than not so good stuff. I am rarely put off by a sewing,weaving or other creative endeavor failure. Are they even failures really? But that's another more philosophical post all together.

Please forgive the somber face, it was 6:30 in the morning and my mind was already on the changes I wanted to make...

I did a first run through of the Petite Plus Pattern Yoked Blouse and I am so impressed with the fit right out of the box so to speak. Body, shoulders and length are all spot on.
When the pattern says it is written for someone 5'2" with ample proportions they aren't fooling. The pattern itself is fairly easy to understand but it does use some techniques that are different from many patterns. The first challenge is the yoke construction itself.
To get it finished inside and out, you roll the shirt into it, much like some recent pillowcase tutorials. I struggled with this and getting it pucker free. The second and most frustrating portion was surprisingly the sleeve inset. It's a two part sleeve. A pretty shape but line up into the armhole of the garment, not so straight forward. The pattern has you make tailors clip ( little cuts) into the fabric where a diamond would be on most patterns. I like this, but all the clips and seams coupled with my one pet peeve made for a tough time, resetting three times and finally calling it good enough for a first run through. The pet peeve, not using the same nomenclature on the pattern as the directions. In one part the pattern asks you to line a particular sleeve clip with the shoulder seam. What shoulder seam, the front or back shoulder seam of the yoke? So, you see my confusion and since this is a nice company with a really nice lady at the helm, I'll just e-mail for clarification. Easy peasy!

Now, I will make alterations to suit. No cuff. I might do a little band with a pretty button, but no cuff. The collar needs to be sized down for me and the points softened. In fact I have a lovely rounded collar from another of her patterns that will be a better look for me, or no collar at all. I have just enough fabric still of this nice shirting to make a second one and it's already cut out. I know I need about 3 times through a pattern to get it right and feel comfortable with all the techniques and changes. One as nice and flattering as this will easily become a go to pattern.

Now, here is the 5th towel at the start.

It's actually about done and I'm already thinking about number 6. I had a busy day yesterday and never got to the loom or the silk warp.

Stella got to go to town and make the rounds though, in fact I saved some errands just so I could get her out. Her breeder works at the local Grange and I wanted Colby to see how sweet and pretty she has become. She certainly knew him. She also got to play with an adorable Westie pup mix and a cute little long haired Chihuahua named Max. I think Max fell in love with her. I thought Max pretty darn sweet and offered to take him home for an extended play date. His owner wasn't buying it. :)

Parting Shot: Trudging Across the Tundra


  1. I can hardly believe that that cute girly top is modeled by the same woman as in the last post. What's not to like? I'd have gone for more color, but don't mind me - I have no taste and shop at Goodwill. I love it!!

  2. Ok, I want to see this top in person, and the next one with changes. Looks like it fits nicely.

  3. That is a great top - i like the cuffs though,they seem to add some balance to the collar.

  4. Looks great! And your weaving is beautiful. I really wish you lived closer to me so I could get a lesson.

  5. Great job on the top! It looks so comfy! You're right...the first time through a new pattern is always a learning experience. I can't wait to see the changes you make.

  6. Why I don't sew? I'm am never happy with the results but I think your blouse is great. I like the length of sleeves and unless I'm missing something looks nice and roomy.

  7. I love the top (and the weaving, and the doggies, not the snow)! It appears to fit great from here.

    I think the vest will be a pass for me as well. Not so sure I would get around to it even if you went to the trouble to mail it!

    Happy Weekend!

  8. I agree, no failures. I like the top too. Looks like it would soon be a favorite. Actually you've got me thinking that I need to get my sewing machine fixed.

  9. I like the blouse! It has great details with the yoke, the cuffs and the nifty collar. Plus to have it fit so well, that must have been frosting on the cake! I agree with you, even when projects don't turn out as expected, they are still a learning experience.

    Another great photo of your animal family. Your kitty looks like she's ready to play :-)

    Your kitchen towel, well, all I have to say is wow. How do I get on your gift list? That will be wonderful to use and to see in your kitchen.

    Have a great week, Theresa!

  10. Ooo I love the woven pattern, and lovely colours too.