Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 It's Not Just for Looms

In fact, I would bet all the weavers have other fiber pursuits besides weaving, like spinning, knitting, crochet or sewing! I know I do. So weight in, what other fibery pursuits do you have or want to have in the new year?

Here is my inventory of fiber tool goodness (madness?) going into 2011.

Four working sewing machines, three of which are Singer's. The 401A, the new little Featherweight and a give-away, a vintage 1970's Genie complete with mod flower decals. Who didn't want one of these as a teenager in the early 70's?
The last is my Bernina, the go to machine for fine or knit fabrics and fun decorative stitches. I have renewed my love affair with this machine after the slip cover sewing incident. The Morse 4400 Fotomatic is not pictured here because it is not in working condition. The foot pedal is downright scary electrically and a new one needs to be ordered before that baby can be up and running.

A most useful White serger. Those stickies identifying the thread number and path have been a godsend. My Dad put them on when he adjusted it and I've kept them in place.

The spinning wheels are a herd of two, the little Schacht Ladybug

and the Timbertops Leicester wheel.

Both wonderful spinners, although there may be changes in the line-up in 2011.

In farm news, the snow has been pushed aside and while we have a lot of it, getting around the farm has improved. Good thing too since Bob the Tractor is laid up in the barn waiting on a new water pump. Gene has been staging two bales by the gate every day for me with his pick-up. The water pump can't get here fast enough!
Other than that it's been pretty low key. I would like to say I have been a whirlwind on the fiber front but the truth is we both have been sick with flu and colds. Gene is feeling a bit better but the head cold that came to me also brought a case of pink eye and it's been downright miserable.
Since I haven't been taking any pics the last few days, I'll leave you with this parting shot: Jack, waiting for the "helper" to finish up so he can get weaving.


  1. Very nice inventory of the machinery for your fibery pursuits Theresa. I'm sorry Bob the tractor is waiting his transplant, but i'm very happy you ordered 1/2 bales this season. I believe I'm remembering correctly.

    Get well soon,all three of you! You, dh and bob of course.

  2. Oh Denise, what a good memory you have! Yes, we went with 2 string 60# bales this year instead of those awful 125 pounders. I can carry the whole bale through the gate and cut the ties inside to dole it out.
    I hope by next week all three of us will be up and at 100%. Thank you!

  3. You're right, Theresa! WE Fiber Folk usually have other equipment waiting in the wings for their turn to help out and create more fiber projects! I'm so glad you have Jack to help out at the loom!

  4. Do you think your Dad would adjust my serger too??? It's a brother, inexpensive one I bought over 20 years ago at Costco - worked great until a couple years ago when I finally decided maybe I should take it in for a cleaning and maintenance, haven't been able to get what used to be perfect tension to work right again - guess I shouldn't have taken it in, it was working just fine. (Now my Berina regular machine goes in every year, too much to go wrong with that)

  5. such perfect little helpers you have! That is quite a line-up of sewing machines.

  6. I always laugh when someone asks for advice on buying a loom or a wheel...usually tell them that no matter what they purchase, there will likely be a second one coming along afterward. And for most of us a third tends to show up.

    Love Jack's pose...he certainly does look like he's in a weaving workshop waiting for the instructor's help.

  7. I'm learning to spin next weekend . . . and I've resolved to keep productivity a priority on my loom! Hopefully NOT buy anymore equipment though!

  8. Theresa, you're amazing. What fiber artist could ask for anything more?

  9. I can't think of anything worse. You have so much and can't enjoy it. I hope that changes soon. Happy New Year - soon!

  10. I love the vintage Genie sewing machine!! It just makes me smile to look at it. Nice lineup of sewing machines you have there. I need to figure out what's wrong with my serger, as something's up with the tension. I tried to troubleshoot it for a couple of hours, but gave up in frustration :-( When you feel like lauching the machine out your front door you know it's time to quit....

    Future projects? I want to make Max, my Corgi, a woven or knitted dog coat/sweater. I have wanted to weave curtains for my kitchen and dining room, so that's coming up. I added some colorful Fiestaware dishes to my collection, so I'm thinking very bright curtains are just the ticket. There's so many projects to dream about!!

    I hope you both feel better soon.

    Take care,

  11. Great line up of tools! Glad they're not left out of the New Year's parade.

    I'm sure you could do a great line up of scissors, shuttles, dogs, etc....the list goes on!

    Sorry you guys are sick. Jim is a little under the weather, but hoping it doesn't bloom into an actual illness. (I'm secretly trying to stay away from him hoping not to catch it!)

    Feel better soon!