Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Practice Does Make Perfect

We all know that. We all know that when creating something be it on the loom, the canvas, the blank page, the knitting needles, from the saddle or the sewing machine, that the more we do something the better we get. So it was for the second time around on the Sewing Workshop pants pattern for me. This pair, perfect. I thought about all the changes I needed and wanted to make.

Did a little reading on obtaining good fit from commercial patterns, went down a size, dropped the baggy large pockets and got creative making my own smaller pockets, ones I could actually reach without bending down.

Now this fabric was wonderful to work with. Yes, it's heavy. I finally remembered that it was advertised as Carhartt fabric. Good heavy long wearing canvas type fabric. Getting crisp seams, pleats and good top stitching was a dream with it. Pinning/cutting it out was as not so easy, but I took my time and my sharpest scissors, put a new needle on the machine and set to work. 4 hours =1 pair of finished pants.

I'll have many years of wearing these to death and a good quick working pattern. I have three fabrics ready to go for additional pairs of this easy to wear style and then it's on to a fly front pattern to see if I can perfect a second style to cover all the bases.

Now, I haven't been neglectful of my weaving either. Towel three is in progress and I'm doing it in a single ply 10/2 linen. Looks beautiful. Crisp both in look and feel. I have two other colors of this linen and I might just have to do one of each. I am using a temple, which will leave marks along the selvage, but they come out in finishing.

I took time Sunday, (while watching in horror as the Patriots threw their Super bowl opportunity away to the Jets..sob) to study those three pinwheel drafts. Two are actually identical, one slants the pinwheel in the opposite direction, so is a mirror of the other two. Mystery solved. I'll go with the one out of 60 Scarves for 60 Years since it is printed larger than the other two!

Before the game, while I was still hopeful, I managed to whip up a pair of pillow cases.

In fact I striped the bed and refused to remake it until I had a new pair to go on it. I was happy for the cheerful pattern when I finally got up there at the end of a very long day.

I wasn't the only one tired at the end of the day. Gene (who could care less about football) had a rare day of lots of free time and Stella and crew got a lot of Dad time.

Parting shot: Intensity, Terrier Style


  1. A wonderful mix of projects going on at your house. LOVE the pants!!! And, as always, LOVE that Stella!

  2. Tom Brady looked absolutely depressed and stunned. Sorry.

    I am not the only one with multicraftual ADD I guess! It must be January, I think that brings mine on.

  3. Boy did you get alot done! Looks like I need to step it up some!

  4. great pants! It makes me think I should be sewing my clothes again too, I used to ages ago.
    love the weaving and the doggie ofcouse

  5. The pockets look so fine on those pants.It is so good to get a nice working pattern.

  6. I love the pants. I want them for my own. My question - do you sleep??

  7. LA, there does seem to be a lot of projects going on.
    Thank you, thank you.

    LOTL, The whole dang team looked qute off their game from start to almost finish. Seems they found themselves right before the 4th's 2 minute warning. Fat lot of good THAT did. Must be January. Cute phrase.:)

    Oh do Julie, you always have something wonderful to show for your efforts.

    Thank you Cindie!

    Gjeani, It is fun to make your own clothes. For me off the rack clothes are rarely flattering, so nice o be able to sew the styles I like and look good in fabrics I love.

    tinsel, Thank you. I'm pretty proud of those pockets!

    Sharon, so you'd steal the pants right off my butt huh? ;) I can send you details on the pattern. I sleep very little, last night I'm sad to say a scant 4 hours. I like at least 5.

  8. Nice job on those pants! I've given up on trying to sew pants as they *never* fit me. Congratulations on perservering and figuring out how to fix that problem. I really like the pockets that you created-functional, but yet sleek so they don't stick out. Nice!

    What a lovely towel! The linen and weave structure are a great pairing. Who's the lucky recipient?

    Do you have more hours in your day? You're always so productive, I feel like a slug :-)

    Have a great day Theresa,

  9. I am thirding or fourthing the how many hours do you have in a day question?! It's the early bird principle! When I was in high school I made all my clothes. I was guaranteed to have just what I wanted for weekend dances! And sooo much cheaper. Good work. Lovely towel (TIP).
    So what is Stella headed for? Intense is right!

  10. Love, love those pants! And the linen towels and the dog!

  11. I'm exhausted reading this post, wow you are like a tornado crafter!! I love the pillow cases they look great. BTW I was happy the Jets won, I was raise in NJ/NY. What exactly is Stella hunting down?

  12. Oh no DEOTL, rooting for the Jets! I root for the Giants assuming they aren't playing the Pat's but the Jets...NOOOOOOOO. ;)
    Care for a small wager on the Steelers/Jets match-up?
    A skein of yarn maybe? LOL!
    For those that asked, Stella is intent on fetching one of the Timmy's. Red Timmy, her favorite.

    Nancy, I just get up early, really really early. Of course I fizzle come late afternoon/early evening.

    Thank you Evelyn, I'm pretty proud of the pants and we all know I'm quite smitten with the dog. That's for sure.

  13. I am sooo impressed with those pants! Better than store bought! You're really been busy, and productive.