Friday, December 31, 2010

Night, Day, Old, New

I am not big on resolutions, but I have no problem with intentions and completions.
For 2011 I have decided to devote a loom to nothing but white and naturals this year.

Concentrate on structure and techniques. The loom of choice for that is the Hollandia with her 14 treadles. The Julia will stay with Prayer flags of which I have more requests coming in. Mostly Rainbow Bridge Flags. I would fall on my knees in thanks if someone requested a New Companion or some other happier flag although I am blessed to be able to offer the RB flags to so don't not ask. You all know what I mean no doubt.

The Delta loom will be the playtime loom. Short warps, color experiments etc. In fact I have a new warp planned for when the pillowcase warp comes off. Only 9" to go. Next time you see them, they'll be on the pillows!

It's time to refine my sewing skills. While years spent quilting, little time was spent on tailoring techniques and pattern fitting. A local quilt store is having a multiple Saturday pattern fitting course, but the final class takes place when I'll be on my New England visit. Might take it anyway.

More riding, more riding, more riding! Also as much time with my inside crew as possible. Dennett turns 18 this year (Jan) and Peter 16, Bea is getting up into the mid teens too.

For completions, no new knitting projects until I can get a handle on the ones started, same goes for spinning. The kitchen will be done and that pesky upstairs hallway painted. I need to clean out a closet and tackle the numerous "junk" drawers that seem to have multiplied in the last couple of years. I want to pare down to beautiful essentials. Mostly at the end of each day, I want to have a sense of accomplishment.

The pictures of night and day through this post were taken yesterday, feeding time (4:30a.m.) and just after sunrise, a little before eight a.m.

Happy New Year everyone, I wish you all the best in 2011, heath, happiness and lots of laughter.
And Mom, Happy Birthday!


  1. Gorgeous night snow photos! You certainly have alot of the white stuff! All the best for the New Year and may you achieve all your goals!

  2. May your wishes for the new year be filled with the same abundance for the snow was filled!!

    I like the idea of dedicating looms to purposes. Was thinking of selling off my 4 harness loom when the new one comes. Now, we'll see...

    Lovely post of the snow over the day. Thanks!

  3. Exciting plans and dreams for 2011! Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

    And you got your snow!! Happy New Year!


  4. Gorgeous photos!

    I love the idea of dedicating your looms. I really should have added a weaving goal to my list of 2011 goals. Seems like it's hard to sit down and relax though, when we continually have to wade through piles of stuff for whatever remodeling project is in progress. My loom bench is very handy for that. ;)

    Happy New Year, Theresa!

  5. What gorgeous photos! I used to work night shift in the hospital and 4am-sunrise was the only good thing about it, looking out the break room window at the sunrise.

    Going to work on my pattern fitting too. I wish I had a class!

  6. Sure looks beautiful with all the snow up there. I just bet the hills all around Ashland are breathtakingly beautiful about now, and cold!
    Happy New Year!