Thursday, December 23, 2010

Fast Away the Old Year Passes

Peace to all!


  1. Hi Theresa, Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a happy newyear.
    Love your dog, I love the way dogs can just lay there and sleep. so peacefull

  2. Peace and happiness to you and yours!

  3. Happy Christmas and New Year Theresa and family!

  4. I thought of you (and all my weaving blogpals) last night when we were at "Magic at the Mill" (photos on my blog to come). We watched a half-dozen weavers at various looms making beautiful fabric, and Brian got to try his hand on a small loom. Now he wants one!

  5. Hey Theresa. Wishing you and Gene, and all your 4-legged family a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

    It's been a joy seeing the growth and antics of Miss Stella.

    You've also got me looking forward to sewing and weaving again!

    See you soon

  6. This post of yours somewhat reflects what our house is like tonight. Howling wind and blowing snow outside. Peace, calm and comfort inside.

    With any luck, it will stay peaceful overnight. We're expected to get 12-18 inches of snow here, and so far we have about in the morning we're definitely in for a surprise!

    Hope your folks are hunkered down too. The storm started earlier in the day down that way, so they've probably got more snow already.