Monday, December 20, 2010

Some of This, Some of That

Today will be spent cleaning (UGH) for the holidays, but I treated myself to a very fibery weekend all in all. Let's start with the sewing. I was just itching to get into my sewing closet and start on some pants.

I decided not to go with the Marcie Tilton pattern and instead went with a Sewing Workshop pattern that is almost exactly the same but not cut so full.

I loved the pattern and the instructions were first rate and made assembly quite easy, at least until it came time to get elastic in the waist. Boy, do I hate threading elastic through anything and this was no exception. There has got to be a better way.
Anyway, this was my very first pair of pants ever and while next time I will go down a size( or 2) on the pattern and do different pockets, I like the way these went together.
They really are too large, but elastic helps and they are terribly comfortable if not as fashionable as I would have liked. I wouldn't hesitate to run to town with them on and a nice top.

I also liked the way this pattern has you do a fair amount of finishing on the pieces while they are flat.

It makes it so much easier when the finishing is well thought out.

Hannah Hollandia did indeed get her warp wound. It was an easy warp to get on really. 8/2 cotton rarely needs to be tamed into submission like say, mohair!

I need to get threading on this. I do want to mention the one thing I don't think Louet improved between the Hollandia and the Delta and that is the warp beam. I love Hannah's large linen covered beam compared to the Delta's smaller plain wood and metal beam. I wonder if the Hollandia beam is still available and if it would even fit on a Delta?

Out of all the little single prayer Prayer flags, this is the only one left.

All have been gifted which is as it should be. The Julia got her warp retied this weekend also so I can start weaving on her again this week. I'd like to get a new set of small flags ready to go out on our property. Some of the older ones are looking a little battered now and while I won't replace them, I like to add newer ones. Some fresh prayers for a fresh new year fast approaching.

I decided not to cut the little tree I had earmarked. Between the decorated mantle, the big wreath on the door, holiday music, Christmas books and cookies baking, I have plenty of the spirit of the season without cutting that little tree. Maybe instead I'll drape it in a cranberry and popcorn garland for the birds. :)

Parting Shots: Toad in the Hole & Do You See What I See.


  1. Being tucked away in your sewing nook during this winter weather seems like a good idea! And it looks like Stella thought so, too!

  2. That dog bed is brilliant. Mine loves to be under blankets, and this would be like sleeping in a burrito!

  3. Love the one ear down, one up photo. Those pants look great - what is the fabric?

  4. great pants! ok, so is your sewing closet always that neat looking??? That Stella sure is a camera hound!

  5. LA, Stella still thinks it s a high honor to be allowed in the sewing room, although she had my little piece of fabric I use for under the presser foot when I'm not sewing. She gave it back willingly...mostly. ;)
    Jabberwarpy, the bed is actually a ...(now don't tell the
    S girl), c*t bed.
    Cindie, ah, well, yes, pretty much except for whatever
    project I have going on, but since space is tight, it is kept neat. The ongoing concern to have every pin and needle accounted for also plays into that. Thanks for the kudos on the pants and you too Evelyn. That isn't the greatest pic of them. The fabric is a light/medium weight stretch denim, just 2 or 3% lycra. I don't know what happened with Stella's ears, they should both have a neat little tuck down and be pert triangles. Instead, she has one that barely folds and one that stands up. When she runs she tucks both to the back, making her more aerodynamic. HA!
    Stella, a camera hound...Naaaaaaahhhhh! ;)

  6. Oh, but don't you love a clean house! My grandfather used to tell my grandmother though, that she ought to wait until after the company left to clean because that's when the house really needed it. ;)

  7. Stella's ears are adorably expressive. Wouldn't be the same if they had tucks down the middle. Oh wait! Got the dog ears and sewing confused. Your sewing pictures are getting me inspired. I was supposed to get to mine today but the clothes dryer had a meltdown and I had to take it apart to see if I could fix it, then holiday making contributed its share to keeping me away from sewing. I will get there as I really don't have much choice if I want to have something nice to wear! Thanks for the lovely post. I have an image of you now amidst a cozy happy holiday (complete with clean house!).

  8. As always, Stella gives me a chuckle. And I think the choice of feeding the birds while decorating the tree is capitol.

    My mother was addicted to those pants. She admired the pants of a Paki woman in a store, who offered to cut Mother a pattern. She must have made a dozen pairs. The advantage to making pants is that they are long enough. I can't ever purchase the correct length!

  9. Sharon, I have the same problem with length in reverse.
    Always too long unless I can find a short pair. Why they don't size and sell women's pants like men's I'll never know.
    The birds did get cranberries, but alas no popcorn.
    Renee, hope your holiday is equally as cozy and warm.
    What a beautiful spot you've landed in!
    Leigh, I do always feel better after cleaning. Problem is, it would seem everyone and things goal here is to mess it all up again!
    I've thought about tucking those ears too, would just take a moment...;)