Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Silver Lining

This isn't the post I planned to write the day after Christmas, but then again, blessings come when they come and in all forms.

This post is for a very dear friend of many many years, who on his holiday morning woke up to find his much loved Scottish Terrier Lorna had crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. Lorna was old by Scottie standards, 14 and a half. Although I am sure she was huffing and chuffing as only a Scottie can do, she hadn't been feeling well. Every pet owner dreads the time when they have to make that decision to euthanize an ailing companion. Believe me, I know how we wrestle with this one.
Instead, while it's hard to imagine, he was saved from that final act by Lorna, passing along, in familiar surroundings, near her loved human and in her sleep. It's what we would all wish for. Not all Christmases can be merry, and in this one, bereft of joy there was still a blessing and a gift.

I lit a candle for Lorna, she's got good company waiting. While you left us in tears, you've also left many many good memories and they will bring a smile to us in all the days to come.


  1. I hope mine go so easily when they go, they so seldom do. That said, it isn't ever easy for us. My sorrow for those left behind.

  2. I keep thinking that Lorna gave her human a wonderful gift this Christmas....not just the good memories, but she made that "final" decision for her. And, believe me, that is a GIFT. I'll send a little prayer on the wind....

  3. Such eloquent words about Lorna's passing. She did indeed give her human a gift, as well as many gifts throughout her life I'm sure.

    Blessings do come in many forms.

  4. I have no doubts that our terrier Connor is one of the first to greet Lorna on the other side. He was never known for being shy!

    Our heart felt condolences to Lorna's owner. In time the tears are replaced with memories..

    Susan and Bruce

  5. Lorna can also be greeted by Sylvia and April, my friends over the bridge!

  6. I still miss my beloved pets who have crossed over. As you said, the silver lining is that Lorna went in her own time. My condolences to Lorna's person. Thanks for the sweet but sad post.

  7. DS Josh and family were here for Thanksgiving, along with Shasta, their 13-year-old dog. Shasta is a great dog and enjoyed greeting everyone, but Josh warned us that she was visibly failing. They got Shasta before they were married, before being homeowners or parents, and two weeks ago Shasta passed away in her sleep. It's hard to understand how a dog can leave such a huge hole, but Lorna is in good company.

  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words. I know that they have been read and appreciated.
    Sharon, please pass on condolences to Josh and his family.

  9. My pit bull Eddie, who thinks he is a lap dog, btw, is 13 and a half. He can't hear, his sight is compromised, and he is not as agile as he once was. But so far, he is doing OK.
    I pray for that kind of an outcome, selfishly, to spare me from the decision I know would be mine, and my responsibility.
    You go, Lorna.

  10. I am so sorry for this sad loss for your friend. It's small, but a comfort nonetheless that Lorna crossed the Bridge peacefully in her sleep. And there's always the thought that our beloved pets are no longer suffering. That's been another small comfort for us.

  11. You are right that the gift Lorna gave was to pass over on her own. I held my sheltie when she passed on her own in 2008, only the second time I have had a pet go on their own, after more than 15 companions.
    I know a few of mine were there to welcome Lorna on the bridge.
    Thank you for sharing.