Saturday, December 11, 2010

She Wore Red Velvet

Years ago I had a request to make a Little Red Riding Hood cape from a dear friend for her young daughter. I think Susan paid for the fabric and I made up the cape. Susan's daughter is now looking at colleges if you need a time frame.

Well, yesterday while checking the old fabric stash for any more boxer yardage ( hard to find in quilters stash of fat quarters),

I found that large leftover piece of red cotton velvet and what to my mind did spring? Why visions of stockings all hung by fire. One for Peter and Pogo and Dennett and Bea.

For Stella and Smoochie and Charlotte and Jack.

One even for Rodger,

the black and white cat.

I set to creating in my little workshop, something different for each and I did not stop, until the ninth was finished, and sitting on top. The pile complete we slogged out for the greenery.

Then ornaments and yarn to make up the holiday scenery.

So along with cookies and milk for Santa Claus, we'll need biscuits and cheese for Old Santa Paws!


  1. I know that Santa will leave a little treat for all your loved ones!!! I love the stockings!

  2. Love the holiday poetry and projects. All our pets both past and present have their own stockings too but I never had so many to make as you.
    Your house is looking festive!

  3. What a delightful post from a creative wonder!

  4. Your hearth is wonderful - I'm impressed at your stockings! We have two :( How do you keep them from being singed. I've done that, doncha know.