Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Asked For It

In fact I taunted and begged and double dog dared Old Man Winter to muster up a little snow and that he did. He also decided to add a great deal of wind and oh what the heck, let's throw in some stinging freezing pellets too. Gene's comment as he got himself zippered into snow pants was, "This is YOUR fault." "Of course it is Dear, I am woman,I am all powerful. I control the universe." I even put on my very best maniacal laugh! It was impressive I thought. The door whooshed open and DH was gone in a swirl of white with a "Hummmphhh!" let hanging to the cold blast. Needless to say, he's out plowing and while I may control the weather, his driving of that plow in deep snow doesn't make me want to go out and stand in the driveway for pictures. Trust me, we have snow. Everything is well covered in white. It will be there when I decide to go get pics.

The upside is I've had a fair amount of time to do some thinking about the coming new year. Resolutions, no, but things I want to accomplish, sort of a fiber guideline for 2011, yes. There will also be another give-away in January. Books are pulled and yarn awaits culling. I know I want to get more riding in during the nice weather and hopefully can find a schedule that allows that to fall into place. I always do best if I have portions of my day planned out. Another item on my wish list is to try at least one new creative medium. Not to take up another hobby, but to bring a new perspective to the ones I already enjoy.

Come New Years Day, I'll do a yearly picture inventory of my fiber equipment. It helps me sort out what's working and what it isn't and combine it with what I'm hoping to produce this year. So, what's everyone else thinking, planning and dreaming of for 2011?

For parting shots: There were two in the bed

The little one said Roll over, roll over
So they both rolled over

and the little one said, Wake up, wake up! ;)


  1. Happy almost New Year Theresa! It's been wonderful keeping up with your blog. I'm really loving these photos of Roger and Stella.

    We had just a dusting of snow here on the valley floor, so imagine you got lots of white stuff way up there.

    Hmmm, fiber resolutions for me would have to be more (any!) weaving! I have ideas that I want to try out, and have started to dream about clothing shapes again. It's been a long time. Also to get more knitting patterns written, and use up a lot of my stash.

    Wishing you and all the gang a wonderful prosperous fibery New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! I too will be trying a new medium-watercolors! I can NOT find the bookmarked site of the quilted postcards that inspired me to try them on fabric, but try them I will. My mother gifted me with 30 different watercolor sticks for Christmas :)

    and I just might have to try painting with them too as she gave me ten sheets of the largest art paper I've ever seen! i thought she had bought us the mural I wanted for behind the sofa but no, this was watercolor paper that is at least 16 x 20".

    I am looking forward to trying them out and seeing if I can come up with anything but muddy looking colors.
    Happy New Year all!

  3. My kitty Charlie needs a Stella, someone to love and sleep with him.