Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'll Have a Side of Snow with that Snow, Please.

I think snowbirds should take some of the snow with them. ;)

Every day brings us a bit more. Already we have much more snow than last year. A sleety day yesterday made it all rather greasy and took down some of the two plus feet we've received. But never fear, we have snow falling today... on Cedars and everything else too!

Our little plow Jeep has been in service daily. Always chained and ready to fire up.

While Gene's been plowing I've been sewing, weaving, cleaning or cooking. Gene got a pair of flannel boxers made and the woven pillowcase warp is moving along. I couldn't resist sewing up some new cotton pillow cases either. There are so many lovely fabrics out there, some I just couldn't resist.

The deer scene cotton I have had for ten plus years. I love it so much I have been loath to use it, but finally I did and I'm very happy with the cases.

The light blue is a pinwale cord that I had leftover from our old sofa slipcover and the hem is a historic pattern found in Deerfield, MA and was reproduced.

The flowery ones have rick-rack in hot pink and lime green and some lovely cotton lace for hem trim.

I've gotten reacquainted with flat felled seams. The pillowcases and the boxers both call for them.You can also see the next fabric set aside for cases. It may be snowing outside but on the inside I'm channeling my inner spring!

I'm just about done with holiday shopping, a few clicks on the mouse and I can wrap up 2010 gift wise. Of course there are the last minute things, and we sure need to get a wreath up and I think maybe a tree this year. I've been eyeing a little one on the property, but at this rate I might not FIND it.

Since the last post you got cheated out of a parting shot, I'll leave you with two.
Pasha Peter and Unlikely Bea-fellows.


  1. Still no snow over here in central Wisconsin! Your photos make me appreciate our 18* chilly weather w/o snow! I love all of the colorful pillow cases - they makE me want to go out and dig thru my stash of fabrics.

  2. Love the pillowcases - what a great idea - so much cheerier than the plain old ones from the store.
    Still raining pitchforks and shovels just a bit to the west of you - phew...

  3. WOW! You've got your winter wonderland early this year! The pups really have the best idea...just snuggle up!!! It looks like sewing fills the bill while you stay toasty warm!

  4. It might snow here on Sat. night! A dusting. But then again, maybe not.

    I LOVE those pillow cases! I think that is a great gift idea for 2 ladies I know! And the rick-rack plus lace is just the ticket to fancy them up. Of course I like the deer too but those flowers!

  5. LOTL, well, nice to see the white stuff spreading itself around instead of the monumental dumping we've been getting! Glad the cases gave you a good idea for gifts.

    I love the flower pillowcase fabric too. It was a sale fabric (1/2 price) at one of wonderful local quilt stores Fabric of Vision. In fact after making the cases I was so in love with the pattern I called and bought the rest of the bolt. There is enough for summer curtains! Woo Hoo!

    Cindie, It's just so hard to find good pretty sheets these days. I am loving the idea of cases made out of what I like. I may just watch the sales for white all cotton percale sheets and skip the cases all together.

    Dawn, My, you ARE chilly up there. Stay warm, get well and go check that fabric stash. I bet you've got some wonderful things just waiting to see the light of day!

    LA, the pups do know how to spend a wintery day. They play like mad and then come in and sack out for 2-3 hours and then do it all again.

  6. Contented pups - love it! And your pillow cases are awesome. It never occurred to me to make some. Yours are sharp. I also wouldn't have though to use flat-felled seams and it makes them look finished.

  7. The snow looks wonderful, specially from here! Nothing like a good storm to cozy up and sew, weave, spin, knit, cook, and, in my case, paint in the studio. I really need to get to some sewing. My clothes all fit in one suitcase and are looking a bit on the raggety side. You have inspired me!

  8. Love Stella's sleepy face.

    Theresa you have been so productive. I absolutely love the pillow cases. Such a great thing to do with such neat fabrics.

  9. What great photos of the snow in your area! Don't you just love it! There's something about the snow and cold weather that just brings a big smile to my face.

    I love the pillowcases that you've been sewing, especially the bright floral one. That fabric would make an awesome quilt! I don't remember what flat felled seams are, so I thought I'd look that one up.

    Thanks for sharing more great dog photos! Our pets add so much to our lives and I can tell you feel the same way.

    Have a great week Theresa!

  10. There's no snow down here of course, but hell if it's not really cold. I woke up to 38* today although it's laughable to you it's downright nippy here. I love the pics of the snow and the doggies all cuddled up.

    The pillow cases are a great idea to dress up the bed, love the flower one really brite and cheery.

  11. Your world there is beautiful! And the pups look so snuggled in...there is such a peace and beauty to winter. We are waiting for our white gift!