Monday, November 29, 2010

A Heartfelt Plea For ALL Dog Owners

Please, please, please don't let your dogs run loose. I don't care if you live in a rural area. I don't care if you say your dog always stays in his or her yard. It only takes a moments passing fancy, a bit of poor judgement and your friend could be lost to you forever.

Gene got a call this morning that someone had hit a dog right by our driveway. Actually it wasn't, but we did find the little tyke. Cute as bug, white and tan and dead. A little poodle mix and judging by his teeth, under 5. When I found him he was still warm and darn if I didn't think I felt the last flutter go out of him when I lifted him gently from the middle of the road. No collar, no name but someone had taken the effort to have him neutered. I wish I knew his name. Calls have been made to neighbors we know in that area, messages left. I may get the tale at some later date. It really doesn't matter one way or another now.

I'll be lighting a candle for this wee one, sending him on his way to some place safer.
I'll recall him as Buttons, because I know when there was light behind those eyes they would have sparkled with mischief, alert and bright.


  1. Oh so sad for poor Buttons......I agree with you, why can't folks keep their dogs in fenced areas safe & sound. I've never been one to let my dogs run loose. Not just because of the worry of what trouble they could get in to (not my dogs, but those that chase other critters and are a menace)but for me I'm an overprotective doggie mom and it would devastate me if anything ever happened to my pooch.

  2. What a sad waste of a little life!
    Hopefully Button will be laid to rest in a place at your property where dogs are respected and loved.

    I have *never* agreed with dogs running loose or roaming at will.
    Owning dogs are a responsibility 24/7

    I'm so sorry for you that this happened, but it was good for Button that it was you there for his last breath.


  3. That is terrible. And I really can't agree more with you. No matter how much you trust your dog, they're dogs! I always tell my husband that if a squirrel or deer were to come by that would be the last we would see of the dogs. They have instincts that tell them to chase and no matter how well trained, accidents can happen.

    We'll be lighting a candle for buttons too.

  4. Poor little Buttons :( I don't like when people let their dogs run loose (but I also don't believe in having them chained up in a yard 24/7). Our dog lives in our house, she's part of the family. When her time comes, it won't be in the middle of a road.

  5. In spite of spending %7500 to fence our dogs, sneaky Eddie managed to dig under and get hit twice before he grew too old and stiff and unable to dig out. I'm sure he'd be trying for his a third time, were he sill young enough to do it. He's our thousand dollar dog.

  6. Sharon,
    I know all about those escape artists. We've found thatthe mesh used for holding stucco to the sides of foundations and houses works very well with digging by the fence line. Fold it, put some big rocks on it to hold it down and our terriers can't sand to dig near it. We never leave the dogs out in the pen when we're not home. We waited a bit there to see if he had escaped and his owners had come looking. I mean how far can a 12 pound dog go in two feet of snow. He was bound to follow the road.
    Restless knitter, I can't agree more. If the only options one can come up with for managing a dog is chaining or running loose, those folks would be better off not getting a dog. In the days when I had no pen and a dog or two we managed quite nicely with the overhead runs. Of course they were used for specific times and reasons, other wise we walked and I was probably in the best shape I've ever been in then!
    Susan, It's not the first time and I always hope it will be the last. It is heart wrenching. I would have taken that little dog if the folks didn't care.
    Andrea, thank you for also lighting a candle for this little guy.

  7. I couldn't agree with you more. We have several dogs that are allowed to roam free and it scares me because of our chickens and cats. So sad the little one you found had such an unfortunate end.

  8. Oh that makes me want to swear strongly. Not that it would bring the poor pup back. I am with you Theresa, we never leave our dog in the yard by herself when we are not home. She is either with us or snuggled inside when we know we won't be gone for more than a couple of hours. Nor do I leave her in the car if the sun is shining, even in winter. Yeah, sometimes it is a hassle but she is worth it. Thanks for your compassion.

  9. What a sad thing all around-such a horrible ending for a dear little dog and such a hard thing for you to bear. We stopped one day while driving in Denver after seeing a loose lab get hit. We must have chased that dog for a mile or two before we were able to get him to stay while we got help for him. It was awful to see. It made me so mad at the owner as the poor guy was hurt so badly.

    Thanks for taking the time to find the owner.

  10. God bless Buttons had you there at the last. I am so sorry, no words can help.