Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So, Does the Red Make Weaving Faster?

YES, it does! It's just plain cheery working on a fire engine red loom, even when the weather is dreary. And let's be clear, no matter what the forecast says about partly sunny, it's been dreary. The weaving has not been. The flags are woven and ready to be cut off and finished today.

I have scads more warp for smaller flags and will retie it all on back later in the week.

I repurposed this little wire shelf pocket thingy from the old armoire. It fits perfectly on Julia and holds my serene little musical lamb safely along with my shuttle and anything else I happen to stick up there.

I had two of these, I gave one to Gene.

Part of Sunday was spent listening to the football games on TV and sewing on the work frock. It's all done except for buttons and hemming.

I'm pleased with it. It will get a lot of use while I work on my fiber pursuits. The directions for this pattern weren't the greatest, but I muddled through. Had to redo the first pocket 3 times. A cross between being mentally challenged and scant instructions. But finally, through trial, error and rereading for the umpteenth time, it was sewn in correctly. Pocket two was a cinch. The sleeves on this garment also provided a little challenge with the addition of a gusset. I think the last time I did a sleeve gusset was on an old Folkwear pattern a lot of years ago. It was fun actually and while I should have just set up the free arm Bernina to do the sleeve cuffs, I stayed on the flat bed Singer and it just took a little more time and effort.

Hey Baby Delta has had a little weaving done on the endless pillowcase warp. It grows, slowly as you all know.I will have to find a narrower use for all this 20/2 cotton because I sure am not going to do pillowcases again in it. The 10/2 would have sailed along by comparison. I can only imagine doing something like a tartan in an even finer thread. And that's just what I will do. Imagine it. ;)

Parting shots: Quiet company


  1. Cute top! Wow, you have been busy.
    What, no help from Stella?

    Isn't it amazing how much more fiberwork we get done when the weather changes?

  2. so how do you really like the red loom?

  3. I think you just enjoy weaving on that loom because it works WITH you!!! Each loom is different! I like having the "help" around when I'm working!!!

  4. Maybe I should paint my loom red.

    Work smocks are so convenient. When I was a hospital nurse I would never have been able to accomplish anything without all of the pockets to hold supplies. Definitely a step saver. Yours is so much cuter though!

  5. Hilary,
    I sent this to you privately but decided others might also like the run down. Here's a copy.

    Well, comparing to my old and much loved Murphy CB loom, I don't like it as much, BUT the trade off in space and the really even high tension I get from it, I do enjoy. I dislike jack looms, so there weren't many options for me out there Things I love about it:
    ease of warping, tying up and treadling
    height ( breast beam)
    quiet operation
    great tension
    overhead adjustable beater

    Things I dislike
    harnesses tend to go uneven. This is common with swedish looms of this style in CB. My fix is to change it over to a CM system
    you have to get up to advance the warp. If I were taller, maybe not.
    no foot bar to rest your non working foot.
    Small weaving table. That's unfair really, it's a very small loom.
    All in all I am quite happy with it. It does a great job on what I use it for. I love the construction of it and I do love that it comes in a color.
    Would I buy it again. Yes unless of course Louet ever comes out with a truly small CM loom. Nothing, and I mean nothing compares to my Delta.

    LOTL, yes, work smocks are simply wonderful. Around here esp. if I don't protect my clothing it can et stained and ruined quite easily. I love white, but have had to give it up completely except in turtlenecks.

    LA, well that color also wakes you right up. As long as Rodger doesn't insist on being on the work table I'm happy to have him.

    I try to limit the dogs up there simply because I worry about pins and such dropping on the floor. Stella helps in many other aspects of my fiber pursuits never fear. She looked awfully cute making off with a full bobbin of pearl cotton yesterday for example! :)

  6. I caught that cute little wire basket in the first picture and wondered if it came with the loom - how convenient that your wire basket just happened to be red!

  7. I remember an old loom with "horses" and it always annoyed me that the shafts looked wonky, but it didn't seem to make a difference to the weaving! BTW - I see you have the beater with the shuttle race to the back?

  8. So a red Delta would be just perfect, I guess - perhaps we should tell Louet? I like the idea of brightly coloured looms, but I think for it to be truly effective you would need to have several for different moods and different weather... or perhaps a kind of chameleon paint which changed to become brighter as the temperature drops or the ambient light is reduced? Hmmm, a lot of possibilities there.

  9. Cally, a tiny painted Delta would be lovely. The Julia is a 26" weaving width +-. It's all under a yarn square.
    I LOVE the idea of changing paint, kind of like those mood rings from the 70's! I suspect Louet will do what they please. I think Glimakra still sells more of the unpainted version of the Julia than the red one or maybe like all things electronic, they'll start going to "skins"!

  10. I like how you have your Julia set up! I bet that it is a great work horse for you.

    Your tunic turned out great and it will be gratifying every time you wear it to think that you made it! That's such a great feeling.

    Your kitty looks quite content :-)

    Enjoy your week!

  11. Love the lamb in the hanging wire rack. And the cat holding down the pile. Love the sneak peek at the flags too! You have been so productive. I've envious of that.

  12. Oh gosh Leigh, compared to you, I feel like I am a lady of leisure! Canning, fermenting, saving seeds, tilling, planting and remodeling. The list goes on!
    Yes, the little lamb is darn cute as is old Rodger. I took up the good wool, but he has an old sweatshirt nest down there right now. Sometimes he talks to me, he can be quite the motor mouth. :)
    Yes, Julia is a little workhorse. She can do so much more than what I do do with her.
    Thank you on the tunic. I managed to find some fun buttons and will get it all finished up and in use.

  13. Maybe I should paint the Macomber red that way I'd get to weaving LOL.. I love the idea of the basket, especially since you always have extras the you need. Where's Stella, was she not supervising the weaving or sewing?

  14. I'm so excited that I'm not the only one returning to sewing. Your tunic is awesome. I need to think about one for me.

    And I've thought much about your loom hunting offer and have decided to live with the looms I have. I don't seem to devote enough time to weaving to warrant the hunt for a replacement. I really do appreciate your offer - thanks!!