Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Now if that title doesn't give you an earworm, you're probably younger than me! I've been humming it for two days. And cold it is. I complained long and loud last winter about the temps always hovering on the freezing line and the resulting mud and slush. Someone actually listened ( no, it wasn't DH. Now that would have been a true miracle.), and delivered, with a vengeance. Single digits, high winds, measurable wind chill and yes, lots and lots of snow. 16 inches of the powdery white stuff has fallen so far. While others close up their gardens, we are working on the one thing that grows well here this time of year. Icicles!

Gene got the plow and the generator running, one we needed, one just in case. I staged two bales of hay outside the paddock in case Bob didn't start this morning (he did). Old diesel tractors sitting in cold barns can be downright fussy. Things start getting cranky around 20F and go into full out stubbornness below 10F. It is what it is and I worship Bob no matter how cantankerous he can be.

I have a new warp started and am finally making use of the Harrisville warping wheel I bought.

It took a bit for me to figure out the best way to work the cross, but once I did things went along smoothly.

I'm glad I sprung for it. There is about 7 yards of 8/2 natural cotton on there for towels. One chain is done, the other in progress. I finally decided on a pattern. I am going to use Triple Draught Bird's Eye (Murphy) out of Davison's book. For those that have it, page 21, top pattern. 17 inches, 22 epi.

16 small prayer flags have been cut, sewn, and are being knotted. The pillowcase warp hasn't been neglected either. Some sewing has been going on and of course, lots playing with the dogs. Someone needs to go out and cut paths in the dog pen for the little ankle biters. Dennett at 17 is no longer up to the task but still enjoys the cold and snow as much as he ever did, which is a lot!

Stella, well Stella is simply way too small as an effective dog path snowplow, but she does try!

So off I go, with a string of 4 or 5 in tow on my heels as I break new ground for them. A Pied Piper of sorts. Then it's their turn to play. Can't decide if the game is follow the leader or tag!

The turkey is bought and all the fixin's. Prep work will begin today for tomorrow's feast. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday; safe, snug, warm, with those near and dear, in just the manner you wish.

Parting shot: Baby, it's cozy in here!


  1. Wow! It's early to be that cold.

    Looks like a lot of cozy weaving ahead.

  2. Wow! I saw the storm on the news this morning, but your pictures are much better. Great snow play pictures!!!! Have a warm & wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! That is alot of snow all at once! Those lucky pups have the best of both worlds! We seem to be in a small pocket that missed both the snow and wind this time round, but the temps really dropped last night to -20C. Your warp looks exactly like the one I made yesterday even to the yardage - but mine is white cottolin.

  4. I was going to e you this morning to see how much snow you got - glad you're safe & warm. We are pretty cold just a bit to the west of you but only a dusting of snow yesterday, it stayed just a bit higher in elevation.

  5. Oh Brrrr! I have to admit, I don't miss the bitter cold there but it isn't much warmer here! We had a light dusting of snow and I was able to take a picture of the kelp on the beach in a mini drift of snow! I have a feeling it is going to be a cold one this year.
    Love the picture of the pups.
    Have a lovely warm holiday

  6. Our second big dump of snow is coming tonight! Its the icing on the cake after battling frozen pipes yesterday.... grrr!

    Our Connor loved the snow and we miss seeing him make snow tunnels and hide his ball. Some would be still there come the melt or spring!

  7. I saw the news of the storm in your area...seems so early! At least around here. We are a bit cold this morning at 20 degrees. But we have a warm day on tap inside for the feast with family and friends. Wishing you a lovely day of all the good things as you say "in just the manner you wish"!

  8. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

    You do have serious snow and icicles already!! We've got a grey rainy day today....perfect for relaxing, making soup, and eating the leftover pie!!

    Glad you like your warping wheel! I have local weaving friends who swear by them.....their shoulders in particular appreciate the warping wheel from what I hear.

    Stay warm!

  9. I'm with Valeria - it's early to be this cold. And this snowy! I never realized Ashland got so much snow. Now that my grandson goes to OSU (and was the national football freshman of the week in their league two weeks ago), I'll have to ask him about it. Like how I snuck that grandma bragging right in on your comment??? :)

  10. Oh my - I guess you do have snow! We had a dusting last week but it was gone before I even had to shovel. Now I won't complain when some snow really decides to stay. Thanks for the reality check!

  11. Wow, that's alot of snow!! It sounds like winter has hit you hard.

    It sounds like all of your projects are coming along. Your pillowcases will be incredible to use when you finish them. They will be a daily reminder of how wonderful it is to be a weaver!

    Great photos of your dog buddies!

  12. Wow the icicles are amazingly early this year. Lot the doggie shots playing in the snow looks like they have as much fun as kids do. Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Great photo story and the last pic is the topper. :) You certainly do have winter!